AppMakr to bring WP7 development to the common man

San Francisco based startup AppMakr announced today at CES that it will be bringing its application-building platform to wannabe WP7 developers in the near future. AppMakr, which is currently only available for iOS, "enables anyone to build rich content based apps using a point and click solution," regardless of programming experience or know-how. The company also revealed that they will be launching Android support at the time as the Windows Phone version in February, boasting the "industry’s first 'No Coding Required' mobile application platform for multiple mobile OS."

AppMakr co-founder, Daniel Odio, expressed cautious optimism at the quick success of WP7: “We’re definitely making a little bit of a bet here, but we see it paying off early.” The company also extended the opportunity to beta test to anyone who wishes to sign up at:

Here's to bringing geekdom to the people. And probably more fart apps, flashlights and tip calculators. Come on people! Enough already!

Source: AppMakr; via: BizJournals

Seth Brodeur
  • expression blend does this already, pretty much. sure you have to know a little bit of code, but it has a pretty nice GUI for building silverlight apps for the desktop, web, and wp7.
  • I just tried this out by making an iPhone app for an old blog of mine. It's a nice interface and very easy to use, but as far as I can tell you're pretty much limited to only making apps for websites or rss feeds. I couldn't find any other options to make a more complex app, so I'm pretty disappointed if the WP7 version turns out to be the same thing.
  • That was my impression (just web and social apps), looking at their catalog of apps built with the thing. That would be disappointing.