AppTripper Travel Guide, a mood based travel companion, is this week's myAppFree Deal

AppTripper Travel Guide is a rather unique travel guide for our Windows Phones that covers a small collection of European cities. What makes the app unique is that it recommends travel sites based on your mood.

If you happen to wake up in Napoli a little melancholy, AppTripper will suggest places to visit that will match how you feel. As your day progresses and your mood changes, you can always adjust your destinations accordingly.

AppTripper Travel Guide is normally $2.99 in the Windows Phone Store but through the myAppFree campaign, you can pick the app up for free.

AppTripper Travel Guide's city collection is somewhat limited with a little over two dozen European cities featured. While the list includes such cities as Napoli, Rome, Milano and Paris many of the cities are listed as unavailable for download.

AppTripper Travel Guide

For those city guides that are available for download, you can find information on historic landmarks, gardens, art galleries, green spaces and more. The attractions will be based on the emoticons you choose that includes moods such as ecstasy, anger, surprise, love and joy.

In tinkering with AppTripper Travel Guide, it comes across as a handy travel app but a little restrictive in the number of cities it covers. Again, the app normally runs $2.99 and through the myAppFree deal you can pick AppTripper Travel Guide up for free. If you are planning a trip to Europe, now would be the time to give the app a look.

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