Israeli army taps Microsoft HoloLens for augmented battlefield training

The Israeli army's C2 Systems Department has bought two of the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headsets. The plan is to put them in active duty within months to help with battlefield strategy and training.

Bloomberg that Major Rotem Bashi, the commander of programing for the army's C2 Systems Department, already has some interesting ways the HoloLens could be used at war:

At the army base outside Tel Aviv, a handful of developers in Bashi's team created a software program in less than a month that allows commanders to manipulate military terrain models and intelligence data to monitor troop positioning from enemy vantage points. Battlefield maps are superimposed on top of the real terrain, streamed in via satellite, to create a blend that can be interacted with via sight, voice and hand gestures.

The HoloLens could also help medics to operate on soldiers directly on the battlefield by having instructions placed in their field of vision by trained surgeons. The same principle could be used to help soldiers repair equipment.

Bashi's team is continuing to develop new ways to use the HoloLens platform. Ideas range from streamlining security checks at roadblocks by installing face recognition software, to controlling robots and even drones through gesture.

Officially, Microsoft will not comment on how the HoloLens could be used by military departments.

  • Ugh
  • Ugh what?  You have issues with saving soldiers on a battelfield?
  • Ugh meaning we dont support apartheid states
  • Just one of the many ludicrous views of M4BL.
  • We who? The country Israel is one of the allies of the USA.
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  • Israel is the best ally the US has!
  • Soon to be Russia if trump wins. /s
  • I suppose you support the creation of terrorist states as the alternative?
  • What? What does this have to do with terrorists?
  • The USA and Israel are terrorist states. The drone program is the pinnacle of terror strategies.
  • The creation of Israel is directly linked to all of this strife in the Middle East.
  • I don't speak for the original poster, but perhaps he meant: "ugh! Here we have this really cool piece of tech with huge potential that hasn't even hit the market yet and people are already finding ways to use it to murder each other". News of hololens military applications isn't really unexpected, just disappointing.
  • You know, I read somewhere (I think it was on Future timeline website) that inventions and innovative procedures start with the militerty, then progress to the medical industry and only later come to the consumers industry. the example they gave was the microwave...   so you see, it is a good sign that the militery is into augmented reality, it means that it will stay here for long
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  • Chill out man the man only say ugh, no need to turn it into a political fight. Anyway I thought they were buying several when I saw two I told myself WTF. I believe there're developers who buy two of those things I assume a government will go for at least a hundred.
    Someone must be scamming their government into buying "Christmas" gift for close relatives.
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  • Come to your brother, kill him with your gun, leave him lying in his uniform, dying in the sun. War! Never been so much fun!
  • If anyone around these parts is a MechCommander Fan, how cool would it be to play an updated MechCommander RTS using Halo Lens.
  • I want to play halo on HoloLens!
  • Augmented reality is the next bend of computing, and Microsoft is leading the pack
  • Good on MS for benefiting it's home country's allies.
  • Wouldn't be surprised if they use this for intelligence training as well. Good to see this tech being adopted.
  • Battlefield with Hololens, one day.
  • Comment redacted haha
  • They have systems better than hololens already covering all the main inputs required costing $400,000 each...
  • Ah yes. The F-35 Lightning II helmet. I realized this right after I posted my comment.
  • Microsoft is leading the way.....its next big thing....not only battlefield situations hololens can help medical students like us to understand physiology and anatomy better thus helping in better diagnosis and better treatment......i would like to see a wide variety of usage of holo lens in the real world.....hopefully they launch it at an affordable price.....
  • Now their army can kill Palestian kids in virtual reality too.
  • Civilized nations are sometimes required to make hard decisions to protect their citizens.
  • Hard decision, like perpetuating war endlessly, vs just ended it overnight? Yea, tough call...
  • If Israel laid down their weapons that would be the end of Israel... If the Palestinians laid down their weapons THAT would be the end of the war.
  • No, it really wouldn't. Zionism is a poison that makes ISIS look tame.
  • Throwing gays off roofs, boiling in tar and acid and beheading their own kind who don't want to commit murder, sending their mentally unstable abroad as suicide bombers are all quite tame.
  • Genocide of Palestinians must also be tame? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
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  • Basically what these murderous swine are good for. Bombing schools and breaching more UN resolutions than Iran or NK ever will.
  • Bombing hospitals and weddings with drones. Oops my bad says Obama.
  • Now they can kill Palestine civilians easily.. Sigh
  • Microsoft aiding the apartheid state of Israel. Saddening to see the company help perpetuate the military industrial complex that Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about at the beginning of the 1960's.
  • MS is masterful at avoiding paying their tax bill by playing "global tax dodge", they know which side of their bread is buttered so to speak
  • Great... another American tool that helps Israel commit genocide against Palestinians... Microsoft should be so proud.
  • Every other group in the region would commit genocide against the Jews given the means and opportunity.
  • Of course they would. You would too if they took over your land, killed your people and took over your house and culture, now wouldn't you?
  • If I recall correctly, there was a UN resolution which clearly stated the foundation of 2 states  - One Jewish and the other Palastinian. Not only does the Palastinian side has NEVER accepted that INTERNATIONAL UN DECISITION, it has tried, and still tries to wipe israel of the map. Once israel actualy retreted and gave them FULL AUTONOMY on the gaza strip ,they have, under the UN's supevition allected a terrorist organization that destroyed the opposition and started not one but 4 wars with israel scince 2006. As an Israeli you wouldnt let them kill the few people who bravely stood against Hamas, take over the Palastinian autonomy and start wars 9 times a week, now wouldnt you ?
  • Well there was a Arab league summit that talks about normalize Arab countries relations with Israel and the simple condition is acknowledge the Palestine state by israel and the the capital city is the eastern Jerusalem .living peacefully with Israel as the Palestinian president abas said
  • People are weird these days I swear! You call them terrorist organizations just because they don't have planes and tanks and well-trained individuals - and your media does as well. Guess what, they are the army of the Gaza strip. Calling them terrorist organizations won't make them any more different than the Israeli army. In the same logic all the armies of the world are terrorist organizations. Now getting back to the UN garbage you were speaking about, this land was occupied in 1948 by the Israeli militias. They even took more land in 1967, where was the UN from all this? What does the UN have to do with the logic of some army occupying your country? If you weren't a Jewish, would you stand still and wait for the UN to make a decision that the US would make a Vito on? Or would you fight back if someone took over your house and murdered you? Be honest.
  • I didn't think this kind of information would be made public....nor should it.
  • Why not? As long as the Israeli military hasn't declared it a secret project, the media is free to write about it.
  • In brightest day, in blackest night, not a thing can escape my sight. Let those who wear it right, beware the AR... Hololens' light!
    Jk ^_^
  • Shame !!
  • I think some of you need to unplug for a few days. Because your reading into this thread way more than you need to.
  • Good to see the advancement, but sad to see that happening at Israeli army bases. they have already done enough damage. removed Palestine from the MAP already.
  • There was never such country. Most of the so called 'Palesinians' were citizens of other nations in the region. So, when Israel declared independancy and arab countries wanted to attack, they told 'Palestinians' to run and return after Isarel's defeat. But Israel won this (and every other) war. So, tough luck ;)
  • You may need to update your knowledge ...
    From the words of Nelson Mandela : " We too know that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of Palestine. "
    It's not about religion.. It's not about colour.. It's not about the country.. It's just humanitarian feelings for the people who are suffering.. God didn't created borders and countries.. It was us.. End of the day let it be your god or my god.. We are all created by one power and we will be accountable to our deeds.. And I don't think any religion supports killing of innocents.. May peace be upon them who are suffering..
  • Give me one mention of a country named 'Palestine'. Not a region on a map, but an independant country. Before Israel's independance was declared 'Palestine' region was under British mandate.
  • Google maps already has.
  • the Battlefield Simulation like the one in COD AW.
  • To kill Palestinians?
  • NutmegState You don't understand? Ugh because they are Israel soldiers and they shouldn't be saved.
  • Most likely getting paid for by the United States' annual $3.1 billion in aid. Just disgusting. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • yeah, with money that's going straight back to US ;)
  • How so?
  • Because the these funds can be used only to buy military equipment and some other stuff from the US. Israel can't just spend it ok whatever it wants..
  • You deleted my post but none of those calling to wipe Israel. Thanks
  • Huh? Kindly point out a comment in this article in which a call to "wipe Israel" was left intact.
  • Good work by MS and USA. Any tool required to fight the terrorist group Hamas and the terrorist supporters of Palestine should be provided to the Israelis.
    And the Israel haters here, remember Israel will not get wiped out without taking your whole area out, never forget the 'Samson option'.
  • Oh excellent. HoloLens being used as a tool by the single biggest genocidal oppressors since the ****'s. Good job Microsoft. Let's all support Israel in their continued war crimes.
  • Oh great, who's next, ISIS? :(
  • day, I'll be surprised when these armies on the battlefield have Master Chief helmet with hololens tech inside it...hahaha
  • Terror state Israel
  • do you know how many children died this year's by the Israeli army ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Israel is not agressor, they are just defending themselves. If Hamas stopped spreading hate, palestininans could live happily in peace.
  • So you take the homes of the people and then u call them terrorists!! F*** media !!!
  • Don't launch rockets from schools. Don't essentially use children as human shields.
  • Don't steal land
  • Israel calls the others like anti semitic under US greedy lobby. But the Israel was created basically like a MILITARY country by the forces of the Vatican and German SS ****. By the years expanding and showing big intolerance to others. Hitler he was call them... Race
  • Both Israeli and Palestinian leaders are disgusting people and deserves each other. It's an endless war, and the ones that gets hurt the most are just normal Israeli and Palestinian citizens. To the point, I hope that this product will be used to do positive things than negative ones.
  • Will enable them to better support their Al-Nusra friends in Syria.
  • hey great another tool we give to israel to kill innocent people
  • Virtual training to buldoze stolen land and homes, like they need any more practice at being evil.
  • israel is not even a country.. They just stay in Palestine while killing innocent people and admitting that Palestine is their country..
  • The rise of the darkness
  • Murdering machine
  • Great, anything that helps Israel survive is a great benefit for the future of humanity and not only in the middle east.
  • The lowest of the low. Scums/filth of humanity.
  • I did not accept Israel as a state so i condemned attack on innocent Phalisteeen...... I still love my ex lumia 520
  • Not impressed that they use it for military purposes, but it tells you one thing. This is not a toy, you can do some serious work with it. And that Israeli Major Major had some great ideas, satellite here, maps there, as a help for emergency surgeries, repairs, etc. With that I am impressed.
  • This is the force that killed 500 kids in gaza in 50 days. Maybe HoloLens will make murder more efficient?
  • Now that a terror force is using it, we should hope hololens sucks - for the sanctity of children.
  • This isn't exactly good publicity Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian