Are Microsoft's services better on iOS or Android?

Understandably, we're still preferential to Windows Mobile in these parts, but if you're thinking of jumping ship there's homework to be done. If you're invested in Microsoft's apps and services, researching the other platforms from a Microsoft perspective may be a big part of choosing your next phone.

Unlike the old days, there are now only two alternatives: iOS or Android. So if you like your services Microsoft-flavored, which way is the better way to go? Both have great support, with Microsoft's full mobile core suite available on each of them. But which is the better all-around experience for you?

Which operating system is better when using Microsoft services extensively? I have no point of reference as I have never owned an Apple or Android product (and not that anxious too either) but I'm leaning towards one of them for my next phone. I'm just tired of feeling like I'm making due with what windows10 mobile offers me. I've only been a windows phone user for about a year now (Palm and...


There's a related discussion going on in the Windows Central forums right now. If you find yourself in a similar situation, head on over and share your wisdom with the community.

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