Argentinian retailer Fravega starts using Microsoft branding to sell Nokia Lumia phones

Retailers in Argentina are starting to sell Nokia Lumia smartphones using Microsoft branding now. At least one retailer, Fravega, in the area is now selling Nokia's Windows Phones through the use of store signs and displays that bear Microsoft's name and logo. Though the phones themselves have not switched over to the Microsoft Mobile branding, it looks like changes are starting to happen with retail banners.

The change to Microsoft Lumia phones on the devices themselves isn't expected until next year.

What do you think of the transition from Nokia to Microsoft? Are you excited for the next chapter for Lumia?

Thanks to Bruno for the tip.

Chuong Nguyen

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  • Should use Lumia.
  • Should come with new phones...
  • Should be faster.
  • While I personally love microsoft, I do suspect that may take a toll on consumer choice
  • Should have some faith
  • I agree. I bought my Lumia because of Nokia. Most people that I know recognize the Nokia brands, and some heard about Lumia phones. But non knew that Nokia/Lumia a are part of MS now. The Best would have been to keep the Nokia brand. But this was not possible so I believe they should push the Lumia brand, and not Microsoft as the major brand.
  • This all the way. Besides, Lumia just sounds better.
  • Nice! At least Argentina is first in sometime!
  • Cuantas copas tenes
  • Not really.. MSFT's been airing new Lumia branding commercials in Poland for the past two weeks at least..
  • And in the US TV ads since the spring, if not longer.
  • because there is an local Nokia office  now Microsoft Mobile
  • I wish Lumia 830/735 was released with the new branding name now i have to wait until next year for the new phones
  • I'm glad I got a piece of Nokia manufactured phone L730. Now I can remember L730 and L830 are the last line of production by Nokia with Nokia Label.
  • It should read "Lumia" really large follow by "by Microsoft" smaller underneath.
  • Ooooh...I like that idea!
  • It just makes perfect sense.. It still gets MS's name out there to show consumers they are in the smartphone market, but showcases Lumia as a brand... It's perfection.. But, leave it to MS...
  • +520
  • Xbox & Surface are managed perfect... So, why, when it comes to WP, does nothing ever go right? Why is it always an undesirable decision on MS's part?.... The only thing I can think of is that MS secretly wants WP to fail so that shareholders insist that they scrap it... It's like they don't really like having to deal with WP, so they do things internally to sabotage it.... I'm serious❗
    Do you see how "Galaxy" is emphasized more than Samsung on this ad? Now, I understand that this ad was made by this specific carrier, but if you don't think it was influenced by MS then I feel for you.
  • That's not how retail works at all. Microsoft is the 4th largest consumer brand in the world. People wouldn't know what a Lumia is. Sorry, rodneyej, but that's a terrible idea. You don't hear of the "Galaxy" or "i" section of Bestbuy, you hear of the Apple section or the Samsung experience. You don't see them called the "Inspiron" or "XPS" section, they're "the Dell computers". I think you have this backwards.
  • But it does sound classy...
    Lumia by Microsoft
  • It does sound very classy, which is why it's weird that out of all the decision makers at MS nobody thought that... And, this always happens with WP... IDKW.
    "Lumia by Microsoft" is perfect, and right now that is the absolute best name MS, and carriers, can use..
  • No, no, no, no NO❗ ..... LUMIA is the brand! MS should have their name there but Lumia should be what's marketed to the consumer because that's what the consumer should be getting used to.. If not, then we're looking at yet another name change in the future, which is getting annoying.....
    I'm sorry, but when people ask you what kind of phone you have you say iPhone, or Galaxy S3, not Samsung, or Apple....
    Like on this ad MS should have their name there, but smaller than Lumia.. People will still know it's by MS, so the brand recognition will be there.... I guess you think MS is better at marketing than Samsung too?... Lol! I'm not buying it, dude...
  • Yes yes YES YES this is how it works. Go into your local store and see how they organize their phones. If they're not by OS, they're by OEM. Or go to Best Buy, you'll see the Dell section, or the HP section, or the Lenovo section. You wont see an "Inspiron" section or "ThinkPad" section. You've got it backwards.
    IPhone being the exception, most people I know call it a Samsung Galaxy and usually forget the number. Or they'll call it an LG or HTC, not a "G3" or a "One"
    That marketing shows the Samsung name twice, while only showing Note once, so Samsung is more prominent. It's also the one on the phone. Even then, when you go into stores (which is where this is found) you'll never see "Galaxy by Samsung" you'll either find it under a Samsung label or in the Android section.
  • No! I already told you I'm not buying it.. This ad says nothing about Lumia, which is what kind of device it is... That does nothing for brand recognition.... And, it doesn't sound hip.. "A Microsoft phone".... No❕ You can say how marketing works all day long but I'm sticking to my original idea, which is not a new thought for me... Thanks for you opinion, but I'm not changing mine... I understand what you're trying to say, but I don't think it's a good idea in MS's situation.. Sorry if that offends you.. Nevertheless, you have plenty of others to convince, so good luck.
  • What ad are you talking about? This is a display section at a store. If this were an ad I could see what you were saying, but a display in a store ALWAYS has the OEM, minus Apple.
  • I don't care what it is... This is not a display section for a bunch of different MS products.. Only Lumia phones... There should be some mention of the line of devices.. It should be right up there with Microsoft... You can keep trying, but NO❗ ......
    They should emphasize the brand!
    I'm not asking you to agree with me.
  • Jas is right, Rod. Phones ARE always organized by OEM. And Samsung phones, although the "Galaxy" is clearly displayed, it's normally in a section that has "SAMSUNG" in lit white letters on the blue oval background.   Also, I get your point about getting the brand recognition...but in this case it's irrelevant. Average consumers do NOT refer to phones as just "a Lumia". They say "a Nokia". Or if anything "a Nokia Lumia". So it's not weird that Microsoft is downplaying the "Lumia" part of the branding. They have to make a cut so that people who are used to associate the word "Lumia" with Nokia stop doing it. Now, "Lumia by Microsoft" WOULD be a good option to boost both brands and give a bigger awareness that Lumias are no longer Nokia phones. But there's no way Microsoft will downplay its brand. If anything, you will see the Lumias next to the rest of the Microsoft products which are normally all grouped in stores under the Windows logo. When Windows 10 comes out, although you'll still have the Microsoft branding on the phones, you'll probably not see these kinds of ads anymore and you'll just see those illuminated glass windows with the name "Lumia" in them, just like they have with "Surface", "Tablets" and "Windows" at the Microsoft stores.
  • It's not just about this particular case... The fact is that you, and I, both know that Microsoft is going to jack everything up from now on with bad marketing❗ That's the point❗
    When I see this store display, and it says Microsoft really big, and no sign of Lumia, that's my precursor.... And, bad precursors with MS are always true.....
    I don't give a damn, about this dude, and what he's trying to defend, and I never will.. What bothers me is what I've already seen, as far as rebadging, and what I see MS, and carriers such as this one, already doing wrong.... MS in a constant state of change, and I can already see them setting themselves up for it again in the not too distant future.... SMH.
    Show the brand!
  • I agree! Lumia is actually became a buzzword, at least in my area. Many people actually aware about Lumia smartphones while some of them know it's from Nokia while the rest thinks it's a new brand. I think they really should advertise the brand Lumia, just like Surface and especially Xbox which became a household name for console alternative to PlayStation and Wii.
    Having Microsoft brand isn't bad, but I find it Lumia is more consumer friendly name so I think it should emphasize first. On the other note, so Nokia stores looks like will really be converted into sort of Microsoft Stores, except it only sells phones. I hope they will sell all Microsoft hardwares/devices in the future. Surface, Band, Xbox, Microsoft PC peripherals, Lumia, and all Microsoft devices will come. Man, I can't wait till that day comes.
  • It just makes more sense..
  • Hahahaha
  • Looks pretty good! Like a Microsoft Kiosk
  • Yes, that's noteworthy
  • No. They should be showing the Lumia brand❗
  • I think the Microsoft branding should be seen more often.  I'd even like to see it on the back of my surface.
  • As in you want both? I could see having either Surface or Microsoft, but having two logos on the back of a premium product seems like a bit much IMHO
  • My country here? Lol so weird
  • Ha, mine also!
  • No matter whichever the branding is ..... I expect 40$ difference in price from one phone to another... So that we will have 13 devices from price of 120$ to 600$
  • I said above because I can't compromise with Lumia 1320 processor bcoz its now snapdragon 400 Gen . Lumia 730 has no physical camera button , whereas I use 90% of time camera button . And Lumia 830 is 150$ or 9000 indian rupee more than my investment amount. so still dying with Lumia 720 .... I need a perfect lumias to be placed with 40$ of price difference
  • Do not, I repeat, do NOT expect 13 different devices from Microsoft. In the future, if you get 5 different devices you're already lucky. Microsoft is not interested in releasing a ton of devices. They're more interested in releasing one "hero" device in each category to serve as an incentive to their other OEM partners to develop their hardware. You should expect future Lumia products to follow in the same guidelines of the Surface and now the Microsoft Band.
  • You can bear the price tag dude.... Your carrier benefits are like that . Only if you use At&t or Verizon or something like that . Many Indians are looking for their exact price tags and don't even care if they leave their loved brands or Platforms...... I am really waiting to see HTC desire 816 to be in family of Windowsphone with Microsoft labelled Lumia phone for my personal consumption. Android O.S have plenty of options to go for with many brands ... They have lot more devices to choose as per their requirements of screen size or camera or battery or Brand. But am now really in need of a phone which to be placed between Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 probably sibling of Lumia 1320
  • Rod, DJCBS, I think one takeaway here is that there actually is a display at this location with more than one phone. Very different than any U.S. store I've been in.
  • Yeah, it's true, but what a shame that we only have the Lumia 630 as a 2014 Nokia/MS Lumia phone... All others, are from last year: 920/925/720/620/520/1020 and the Lumia 1320/1520 never got here. We are still waiting to see if we get the 930/830/730, but who knows...? Just for the record, benefits of being a third world country with almost no imports...   Cheers.
  • Thats because of Nokia policy. Samsung's phones arrives allways with 2 or 3 moths of delay, same with LG, some Motorola's divices arrives first to argentina than europe for example. The only ones who have long delays are Sony and Nokia.
  • It's funny because I'm from Argentina and the slogan the use is"primeros, siempre" which means"always first"
  • It says Microsoft but when you get closer you see tha small ads that say Lumia 630 or whichever model it is in display. People recognize Lumia very well because it doesn't have android. So most people won't buy it, sadly..
  • Lumia 520, 630, 925 and 1020.
    And Lumia sell pretty good in my country. :)
  • Nokia's store are doing that too here.
  • All of them know that nokia mobile divisions are under the control of Microsoft. Instead of changing the brand nokia .Microsoft can concentrate on the improvement what they can put on nokia devices and wp os.I will not buy a phone with the name of Microsoft.
  • The store just want to showcase a launch by MS but unfortunately all the phones currently in the market have Nokia labels. Perhaps with curiosity you would go and try the demo phone when you see MS and they see Nokia on it and the sales rep will explain it to the customer if they don't know about the acquisition.
  • Honestly, I actually do see it as a smart move. I could see someone walking into their carrier store and seeing the Microsoft name and being intrigued enough to take a look (they obviously would know the Microsoft name), more so than the current Nokia phones.
    Only people this doesn't seem so great is the people that already know what Nokia Windows Phones are, and either currently have one or not. So I can see this pulling in a lot more looks from people to see what the devices are ("Oh hey, Microsoft makes Windows on my computer....").
  • I don't really have much of an opinion on this issue. I need to wait and see what Microsoft does with the next generation.
  • You're welcome. Nice to see news based on my tip. :)
  • Are you asked to end every article in at least two questions? ;-) :P
  • I saw Lumia phones under a Microsoft brand in a Virgin Megastore here in Dubai a couple of months ago.
  • Well, MS is TV advertising Lumia 930 in Poland without Nokia branding at all.
  • Seems very orange...
  • That is smart move. Also I notice WhatsApp on the edge. That is realy smart because users doesn't know if WP could use whatsapp or maybe doesn't know that Nokia is Microsoft's brand.
  • I don't know if this is a smart choice here in Italy. Nokia is a really strong brand here and I believe that the windows phone success in this country is caused by the Nokia Branding.
  • Too bad those handling HTC in Argentina have zero marketing idea to make production to meet demand
  • Hey, Chuong H Nguyen, here in Argentina "MercadoLibre" (the leader e-shop in latam associated exclusively with ebay) has launched the official store of "Microsoft Lumia" on the Argentinian site. They have official stores within MercadoLibre and the Microsoft Lumia official store is online since a few days in the eshop.
  • Living and working in Buenos Aires, it's very common to see WP's in the subtes and buses, or hear the notification sound going off standing in line at the grocery store. The government has some of its official apps on WP, too. Mostly it's going to be a 520 or 620, but I see lots of 925's, 920's and a few 1020's, too. I do hear the same complaints though about lack of apps. Still cool to see something of a better marketing strategy and the beginnings of a genuine competition.