Aria, the Siri-like personal assistant for Windows Phone, is free for a day on Windows Phone Store in India. 

The app is different from other similar apps for Windows Phone since it uses the native Windows Phone Speech Recognition for commands instead of processing on online servers. This way the app doesn’t hit your mobile data usage much and also tends to works faster. Also, apart from the obvious US and UK English language support, the app works well for Indian accent as well.

As yet though, the app offers limited functionality and misses out on some common email and calendar scenarios. However, the app allows you to call a contact by name or look up the contact’s email address, translate English to other languages, lookup weather, open common settings, and say random things to you if you are in mood for a conversation. 

You can download the Windows Phone 8 app from here free till 7:30 PM IST (2:00 PM GMT) tomorrow. The app goes for $0.99 usually.

Which is your favorite personal assistant app for Windows Phone? Tell us in the comments!

QR: aria