Arizona Sunshine 'Old Mine' update hits Oculus Quest

Arizona Sunshine

Source: Vertigo Games (Image credit: Source: Vertigo Games)

What you need to know

  • Arizona Sunshine is a popular game on Oculus Quest and other platforms.
  • It just got another update on Oculus Quest called "Old Mine."
  • Old Mine adds a new horde mode map to the game.
  • You can purchase Arizona Sunshine for $36 at the Oculus Store.

Vertigo Games is the team behind excellent games like Arizona Sunshine and Skyworld. Today, the developer released another free update for Arizona Sunshine on Oculus Quest which adds the "Old Mine" map for horde mode.

The press release Windows Central received stated the following.

Well-known for being one of the most terrifying parts of the game, the Old Mine horde mode map confines up to four players underground in the terrifying depths of the Old Dutchman Mine, where the key to survival is to keep moving. Scourge the dimly lit environment for vital supplies and use the verticality of the map to create new strategies for survival, but be on your guard as Fred may have found new ways to get to you.

Do you play Arizona Sunshine? Have you tried it on Oculus Quest? Let us know.

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