'Arizona Sunshine' VR developer Vertigo Games acquires SpringboardVR, a VR arcade platform

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What you need to know

  • Vertigo Games announced today that it has acquired SpringboardVR.
  • Vertigo Games is a multi-platform VR developer most-known for their game 'Arizona Sunshine.'
  • SpringboardVR is a VR arcade platform in charge of headset management, content distribution, and more for arcades and other VR establishments.
  • Vertigo Games already has a large presence in VR arcades, and this move will help them expand even further.

In today's VR-related news, VR developer Vertigo Games has acquired VR arcade platform SpringboardVR. The announcement heralds the combination of two prominent VR companies and paints a bright picture for the future of Vertigo Games. Moving forward, most of SpringboardVR's staff will move to Vertigo Games, while key members and founders are moving to found an entirely new company called ArborXR.

If you weren't aware, Vertigo Games is a large multi-platform VR developer most well-known for their zombie-slaying hit Arizona Sunshine. Vertigo Games has since released a ton of great VR games both for consumer-grade VR headsets and for VR arcades worldwide. Vertigo Games has VR experiences in over 700 VR arcades, theme parks, family entertainment centers, and other LBE (location-based entertainment).

SpringboardVR, on the other hand, is one of the world's largest VR arcade platforms, and is the company behind the scenes in charge of headset management, content distribution, licensing, and more. Over 500 companies around the world use SpringboardVR's services, and now Vertigo Games can use their knowledge and position to expand their own services.

This acquisition affects VR arcades and other locations a lot more than consumer VR headsets at home, but it can still mean big things for the future of VR in general. If you're looking for an excellent VR headset you can use at home, you should consider the Oculus Quest 2, a fully standalone headset from Oculus and Facebook. The Oculus Quest 2 feels and plays great and is solidly on our list of Best VR Headsets.

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