ARK: Survival Evolved swoops down as the latest Xbox One Preview

ARK: Survival Evolved is part of an ever-expanding genre of games. While there are a number of open-world, survival-type titles already available on PC, the team behind ARK have brought the game across to the Xbox One. It's now available on the Xbox One Preview program for $34.99. Should you be a fan of ARK on PC or would like to have a go at surviving in a harsh, yet highly rewarding multiplayer experience, this is your chance to get started.

The world is your oyster, quite literally. In ARK, the early days are dedicated to simply surviving the rather harsh environment. In later stages you'll be comfortable enough to begin friending some dinosaurs and tame other beasts to better defend your territory or take out your rivals. It's reported that you'll be able to host your own server on an Xbox One, which should be good to host more than 50 people. (Depending on your connection, of course!)

There's also a bunch of Xbox One-exclusive content too, including a bionic "Tek" T-Rex skin, ARK Founder's Hat skin, and ARK Founder's Trophy. Ready to get started? Download the title from the Xbox One Preview for $34.99.

$34.99 on the Xbox One Store (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • So tempted to get this.
  • I'm buying this today! To bad I have to work all day before I get to play it. Oh well, it's a hard knock life for us.
  • how was the new ANNIE?  As good as the original:) But on the game note, may just have to try this:)
  • How long is the trial? One hour?
  • Lol why do you say $34 when the screenshot is in £££
  • Because he's in the UK. And people get all annoyed at not knowing the price in $$$
  • Two birds with one stone then I guess!
  • I really dislike this early access trend. "Pay us money for a game that isn't finished yet."
  • Then dislike it and don't get it. Its like Kickstarter in a sense, but you are guranteed gameplay. Whereas Kickstarter you can donate and possibly never touch the game. This is Xbox's 4th game preview game. Ive got all of them and they've all be fantastic games. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You don't have to pay anything. You get to play it for free on its early stage. If you like it, buy it. If not, leave it.
  • You don't get to play for free ...
  • 1 hour trial usually is free.
  • Have you tried it?
  • Yeah, since Ubisoft started that trend with Unity it escalated quickly.
  • Its been out for a while on PC, so you can watch plenty of videos on it to make your decision... The money goes toward funding the game. RUST is one I play similar to ark, and its half that price, but also in alpha... Still a blast, and constantly changing. Dont rule it out just because it's not done. I bought Minecraft in alpha, looks like it made it, only cost me $9.99 for lifetime license.
  • Downloaded this before I went to bed last night and I can't wait to chase down or more likely get chased down by some dinosaurs. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is this available for preview members only or just everyone? My group is interested but I'm the only preview member from my group.
  • Game Preview games can be bought by everyone.
  • Look in the game store at the very bottom of the page.
  • I spent all night looking for some early access program you sir have made my day!
  • So, I'm not entirely sure how the preview program works. Do we essentially get the game for $35 in exchange for testing it out? Or do we have to pay more once the game is in final release?
  • You do not pay any more after the $35. You're buying the game at a discount because it's incomplete. You're getting the discount in exchange for beta testing the software. The final release game should retail for $60.
  • Awesome! That is what I thought was the case, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't just paying $35 for early access and then another $60 later.
  • Being an indie game I doubt it will be $60 at release.
  • it also costs 35 on Steam. i dont think it will cost 60. we arent getting a discount
  • Can't find it in the store neither on the console or on the web. :/
  • It's at the very bottom of the store below the demos
  • "Recommended for you" :( Edit: If I search for "preview" I only get The Long Dark, Layers of Fear and Sheltered. :(
  • I take it the XB1 version cannot be played with someone on the PC version? I hope they cross-platform these games if they dont already because it would be so fun to play with friends on a different platform...
  • Have this game from the first day of release on PC very addictive and fun too play.
    Hoping xbox users enjoy it too Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So I played the 60 minutes. Then I bought it. Now I can't play so what do I do?
  • Could some one explain the purchasing on xbox one its like 27 quid for a preview if i buy the preview will i have to re buy it and how much would it be :)