ARK: Survival Evolved swoops down as the latest Xbox One Preview

ARK: Survival Evolved is part of an ever-expanding genre of games. While there are a number of open-world, survival-type titles already available on PC, the team behind ARK have brought the game across to the Xbox One. It's now available on the Xbox One Preview program for $34.99. Should you be a fan of ARK on PC or would like to have a go at surviving in a harsh, yet highly rewarding multiplayer experience, this is your chance to get started.

The world is your oyster, quite literally. In ARK, the early days are dedicated to simply surviving the rather harsh environment. In later stages you'll be comfortable enough to begin friending some dinosaurs and tame other beasts to better defend your territory or take out your rivals. It's reported that you'll be able to host your own server on an Xbox One, which should be good to host more than 50 people. (Depending on your connection, of course!)

There's also a bunch of Xbox One-exclusive content too, including a bionic "Tek" T-Rex skin, ARK Founder's Hat skin, and ARK Founder's Trophy. Ready to get started? Download the title from the Xbox One Preview for $34.99.

$34.99 on the Xbox One Store

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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