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UK supermarket Asda leaves Vodafone and chooses EE for MVNO deal

Asda and EE have today announced a partnership for Asda Mobile, an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) running on the EE network (previously with Vodafone since 2007). This new deal builds on an existing partnership, which includes in-store Wi-Fi and provision of mobile services. Asda Mobile customers will have access to EE's network, taking advantage of wider coverage and faster connection speeds.

EE already provides white labelled in-store Wi-Fi across the supermarket's retail estate in the UK, offering public access in over 568 Asda stores. The service has attracted almost half a million sign-ups and was launched to make the shopping experience more convenient for those who spend a fair amount of time running up and down isles.

Mark Ibbotson, Retail Director at Asda, had the following to comment on the MVNO deal with EE:

"EE already provides excellent service to our customers and colleagues by providing free WiFi in store, and through our business to business contract. So this mobile partnership felt like the next logical step. Our decision to take our MVNO business to EE was driven by our ambition to further improve the experience for Asda Mobile customers, by taking advantage of a bigger and faster network, with first class network coverage – and offering even better value."

Not only will EE provide public Wi-Fi for Asda superstores, as well as the MVNO capabilities and framework for the supermarket chain, but the mobile operator also provides hardware and services for employees and the stores in general. It's quite the exclusive partnership. Reasons behind the move from Vodafone to EE range from the Asda being dissatisfied with Vodafone to vice versa. EE will also offer contracted deals through Asda Mobile (potentially including Windows Phone hardware).

Further details on the MVNO deal between Asda and EE will be published soon.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • If you live in Wales EE network on 2+3G is shocking. Although apparently there is 4G in the Rhyl, Kimnel Bay area.
  • So bad news for Asda customers. Although all signal is shocking in Wales!
  • Means much better 3G coverage, but far worse 2G as EEs 1800Mhz doesn't go as far into buildings as Vodafones 900Mhz. I get a lot more SOS on my Virgin Mobile S4 than on my Voda Lumia 925.
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  • When I left UK in 2006 I had been using Vodafone for years and never had an issue with signal so don't see why people keep winging about Vodafone. Don't know EE but heard alot of bad press about them. People winged about Vodafone in Australia but I run a company with service techs going around Sydney using Vodafone with out issues.
  • So your survey of one, is now the experience of everyone in the market? VodaFones network is shocking these days, I can't wait to get off it. Drops on trains like theres no tomorrow. Drops inddors. Poor throughput. No set date/time automatically on their network. No visual voicemail servers. VodaFone has good customer service, but their network has been poor for a while now.
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