Ask WMExperts: Where's Live Mesh?

Chris Barnes asks us on Twitter "I'm wondering why the Live Mesh app isn't in the Marketplace. Patience, I know."

Good question, Chris. Actually, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley beat you to the punch. She was on hand this week at PDC and asked Microsoft's Ray Ozzie the same question. The answer? Well, um, sort of ...

“We’re pushing the Live platform stuff to Mix. Or I shouldn’t actually say Mix, in terms of that, it is going to be spring….The Live stuff and phone stuff basically is out in that time frame.

Ohhhhh. OK. Mary Jo was less than impressed by that answer, and so are we (for what that's worth). If Microsoft has its stuff together, maybe we'll see Live Mesh and other Live services all rolled in with Windows Mobile 7. Or maybe we won't.

Phil Nickinson

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