On this episode of #AskDanWindows I talk about the future (if any) for Windows 10 Mobile, should phone fans give up hope, and what should your next phone be if not a Windows one?

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Audience questions for Episode #25

  • Has the Windows Store a future in PC gaming when cross-play between Windows Store and Steam is not available? @enemememuh_kuh

  • Is Project Scorpio a console or a PC? Do you agree with Zac or Jez? @win10fan

  • When should devoted Windows Phone fans like me give up hope? If nothing is said at BUILD? Is that a reasonable last straw? @johnnie7467766

  • Do you think OEMs like Samsung and HTC will come back to the idea of Windows Phone, be it Windows 10 Mobile or whatever is next? @damnedtotech

  • Why is the Edge Browser not updated through the store and not available on iOS and Android? Both seem necessary. @chris_kez

  • Will Microsoft expand retina login display to other types of devices? I have Surface Pro 4 and retina is flawless @Sailordude9980

  • Is Windows 10 Mobile now in maintenance mode? @toshdellapenna

  • I love my 950XL but feel the Windows Phone platform dying. What should my next device be? @MrThomasRayner

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