For the last few weeks, we have been moving to our new office, setting up equipment and then IFA happened. As a result, our #AskDanWindows series had been on hiatus, but this week we return with a vengeance.

As I usually do in these cases, I try to make up for it by dishing up a few more questions and answers over the normal lot. So for this week, we have a solid nine questions to tackle. Let's get to it!

AskDanWindows Episode 7 Questions of the Week

  • With so many OEMs struggling to make a profit on Android, why haven't more attempted to make high-end phones for WM/WP? @ltjordan24
  • How well the leaked specs & designs of upcoming Lumia flagships stand when comparing it with iPhone & Samsung Note/S series @YashHarf
  • Will MS remove its beta apps (Gestures, Instagram..) or later re-release its stable version after w10 phone? @Aman_Singh14
  • Earlier rumours mentioned a metallic band rather than fully polycarbonate, is this a Nokia pipeline remnant? @Strider_BZ
  • What's your take on non-Microsoft flagship windows phones coming into the market and what does it mean for us and MS? @nwoodby
  • Should I wait for Windows Mobile 10 to get a Windows Mobile device, or can I shoot for 640 XL right now? @preisteichon
  • What are your thoughts on Skype Messaging Preview? @GoodThings2Life
  • Do you think Facebook will release a universal app for Windows 10? @loft_james1984
  • Consider the negative opinion to the leak 950/XL render, do you think MS will change their design at last min? @lianglqufo

So there you have it! Remember, if you have a question use the hashtag #AskDanWindows on Twitter, and maybe we'll pick yours.

New email!

Don't use Twitter? Well after much feedback we are happy to announce you can forward your questions to to submit your requests!

About that office…

For those of you wondering about our office, we are in the final stages of setting it up. Once completed, we'll do a video office tour and also highlight some of our equipment (like the 32-inch 4K monitor by HP in the back), so stay tuned!

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