#AskDanWindows Episode 8 - Should Microsoft switch the Lumia brand for their new flagships?

We're back this week for another episode of #AskDanWindows! What better way to start your weekend?

Many of this week's questions were focused on those upcoming Lumia flagships, so it seems appropriate for me to try to answer them. I also field a few more interesting questions for some lighthearted entertainment.

AskDanWindows Episode 8 Questions of the Week

  • Do you think that Microsoft should have rebranded the Lumia devices, at last when it comes to models like 640, 630, the upcoming 950, 550 - Claes W
  • There is much talk of Astoria in the Windows Phone community, but almost none of Islandwood. Why? - Andreas H
  • Has it got to the point where you'll pour yourself a large whiskey BEFORE reading through the comments on Windows Central? @Rick_Air
  • Is it still the case that the blue colour option for the 950/950XL is for prototypes only (not retail) and if so, why? - Biswajit D
  • Have you secretly given up on Windows Phone? Or are you playing to/mirroring the WP crowd? I only ask because the cynicism, albeit slight is noticeable. - Sean D
  • Does cityman\talkman satisfy your flagship wishes. Or should we hold out for surface phone? - @tbweig
  • How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? – Daniel Gary
  • Do you think that the device that is in the latest Microsoft's video is a Surface Pro 4? @MateuszWantula

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  • I say yes, Its like Zune, while cool, the brand is tainted, call it surface and watch the $$ roll in!
  • i don't think naming will help.... people are stubborn and think they are dealing with the same microsoft from a decade+ ago..... the scary part? apple and google are more like that old microsoft, where microsoft has the same vibe now that google did when android 1st launched.
  • I had to post this twice: lol this was an article on Business Insider today about how Microsoft could put Apple on "notice" by creating a surface branded phone. http://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-windows-10-surface-phone-rumors... What's funny is that they seem to think the Surface Phone is coming in October... They have no clue!
  • Yeah I read this too. I was kinda annoyed at the fact they don't know what Microsoft is doing because those articles can be misleading to some people
  • Definitely annoying!
  • Indeed, this is really the problem with some tech and news sites who employed journalist that don't have a much interest in Microsoft in general, yeah they do write articles but that doesn't mean they personally know about it or did a deep research about, most likely they just do it for sensationalism for more readership, not factual information. This the reason why sometimes some Microsoft branded products or services became tainted before they get the chance. This usually true to non-tech sites especially business or financial news sites. When it comes to tech news, especially Microsoft, I find it too simplified or overhyped. Heck sometimes too much criticism without constructive reasoning.
  • I read it to, but I know Satya doesn't care about windows phone at all, he just talks a good game when it comes to WP. They have until the first quarter of 2016 to bring compelling hardware and a full featured mobile OS or me and my 300 client users are officially out!
  • @OMG55, How do you "Know" Satya doesn't care about windows phone?  Are you personal friends? Did he tell you that? Have you seen a memo saying that?  The point of me asking is this:  How can a phone/device/OS get a fair shake if people make statements like that?  Because you know someone who isn't tech savy will read that... decide its a lost cause.... go buy an iPhone.... all before the next WP is even released.  Its not just you saying it... it is the tenor of the comments that are made...
  • He is just stating what we all feel like... MS just doesn't care about WP and thats why its putting half-assed efforts.. I have heard the rumours on Pocketnow that Talkman is going to be in the same price category as iPhone 6S Plus... Thats a non-starter... it should be in much less than that if they ever want to increase marketshare 
  • He is talking about the rumored Surface phone not the new the Luminas thought to be coming out this fall because he talks about an Intel processor. The author put the wrong date.
  • Nah, he is clearly talking about the Oct 6 event, talking about a new Surface and new phones. Then he transitions to the rumers that have been around for some time about an Intel based Surface phone. Never gives any indication that there is no evidence of such a device, and there is plenty of evidence on the new Lumias that will be displayed. He's just out in left field raising expectations needlessly and irresponsibly.
  • I have to say that I like the Surface Phone mockup!
  • I love the Surface phone mock up. That's what I expected and wanted.
  • I don't think Lumias are tainted yet. Zune is tainted just because people thought it was just another iPod clone.
  • Thats a good point, I cant rememebr anyone ever mistaking my Lumia for a iphone, although my 640 looks similar to a 5c
  • *the 5c copied lumia, *cough* was inspired by lumia
  • Yeah, I remember when it was announced and Nokia teased them on twitter..lol
  • Lol, yeah. iPhone 5C is clearly an inspiration from Lumia 620. They really like a lost cousin.
  • Love it.
  • If nobody buys windows phones call them surface. No one will buy them then surface is tarnished by crappy phones that don't sell... I love my Lumia's doesn't mean I will love a surface phone.
  • You can continue loving Lumia. Although I carry a1520 that I love, it's time for a refresh which the 640,640XL, 950, or the 950XL cannot replace. I want something stunning which while the 950XL looks better than the 950, truly stunning, they are not. Satya doesn't appear to care at all. Unless Apple agreed to use it's influence to convince developed to port iOS apps to WP, he doesn't have done it.. It's like dealing the death blow to many loyal WP users who are likely to jump ship after seeing him demoing with the iPhone
  • The Zune name would only be tainted if anyone had actually heard anything about it, ever. I can guarantee the vast majority of people outside the US wouldn't have a clue that such a device even existed. The first I heard the name was as the sync program for WP7.
  • Indeed, the big problem really about Zune is being very limited in the market, only very few countries have it. Of course, Zune will not sell that much, especially in US where iPod already saturated the market. They could've have a chance on some other developed markets. There is too little issue about Zune that discontinuing the service shows the lack of vision of Microsoft at that time. Look, features and services of todays music services have huge similarities to Zune, even Beats Music looks inspired from Zune with its typography. Most annoying is that, they rebrand it to Xbox Music, which actually does sounds sensible but it confused people because of Xbox = Xbox Console mentality.
  • Surface isn't totally worldwide brand. Although Lumia brand is very popular (mostly because of the price), I think they should try a new brand for their flagship and keep Lumia for the rest of the line. Maybe a Lumia X (X1, X2, X3, like the S line) for the flagship line and Lumia Numbers for the rest.
  • yeah yeah yeah... cool idea Micro! People are confused with all the low - mid range phones with numbers from 520 up to 820. The price or HW specifications are very similiar.. so yes all we need is a new brand! Lets have Lumia and Surface both on the market! People are clever enough to decide what they need, right? #irony
  • Terrible idea to coalesce the existing brand. Surface = tablet. Lumia = phone. It's the same reason the iPhone isn't the iPad. Maybe a brand new name is appropriate.
  • In the eye of the average consumer  Lumia = Budget Phone Walk in to any carrier store and ask for the latest Galaxy or latest iPhone and what you get wll likely be the best phone Apple or Samsung has to offer. Walk in to a carrier store and ask for the latest Lumia and, if the naming scheme stays the same, you likely won't get the best phone Microsoft is making.  I'm not saying the flagships should necessarily be called Surfaces, I'm saying there is a valid argument for why they shouldn't be called Lumias.
  • Confucius says you're a wise man!
  • This is the after effect of Microsoft bot regularly releasing flagships, thus Lumia filling from midrange down to ebtry-level devices. Sometimes I wished they should've at least released an glorified 830-like with slight aesthetic changes with latest specs of 2014. Have it like 940 and even 940 XL as a replacement for 1520 with better specs and maybe some new hardware features like smart cover that takes advantage of Glance. Really, I think reusing 830 body with slight changes should do fine, its a great looking device anyways so looks wasn't a problem, you can even have removable covers which 930 and 1520 lacks. So that's a welcome change from older flagships. Oh well they already missed the boat. Only we can wait 950 and 950 XL and we'll see how it will play.
  • I don't get people who say that the general public only recognise Lumia as being budget phones the iPhone covers budget (sort of) and high end and there are also budget galaxy phones. The only reason people might associate Lumia with being budget only is because High end Lumia's are few and far between.
  • High end smartphones being few and far between, you're only left with the budget phones to be familiar with. You say you don't get it, but you gave the explanation why in your response. You'd also be hard pressed to argue that the general public is aware of any thing other than the Galaxy S series of phones, at least in the USA where I am from.
  • "Walk in to a carrier store and ask for the latest Lumia and, if the naming scheme stays the same, you likely won't get the best phone Microsoft is making." You will at the local AT&T. Thing is, it is also the only Lumia they carry, and it is the 940XL. Maybe yo don't believe that is the best WP, but I'd argue it is the best still actually being produced.  I expect they will continue to carry 1 WP.
  • AT&T is one carrier among many. Try that same tactic in a T-Mobile or Verizon Store. It doesn't work. You may argue that the 640XL (I believe that is what you meant to say) is the best still being produced, but I'd say the point is more about whether it is the best Lumia still in use. The Lumia 640 XL is different enough from the Lumia 830 that one could easily argue they weren't designed to serve the same audience. As fast as Windows Phones are being EOL'ed, a phone that doesn't serve the same customer as the last one available points out another problem with calling all Windows Phones Lumias. It's really hard to meet expectations that way. I have multiple Nokia branded wireless charging bases in my home, but how many Nokia/Microsoft branded phones have been released on my network (T-Mobile) since I bought my Lumia 925?  Yes, AT&T have been getting the lions share of the Windows Phones but that hasn't helped them gain the market share they need. Potentially, a different customer is buying every smartphone Microsoft releases and that isn't helping them in terms of mindshare.
  • If you're going to brand it "Surface", it wouild need to resemble the Surface. As it is, they look like Lumias so they should be branded Lumias. I think they should have budget friendly phones branded Lumia and flagship phones branded Surface. They should look nothing alike.
  • MS in general and especially under the new CEO is rather bad at branding. Take 'Skype for Business' as an example. Lync was well established and fit the mouth well.
  • Hey, why not Lumia for Business? Like Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, O365 for Business... Just rolls off the tongue doesn't it.
  • Why use a big word when a diminutive one will suffice? If Microsoft can get the point across with one word, they probably should. Further, when branding you want to avoid carrying over attitudes, beliefs and/or expectaitions unless they are beneficial. The first thing a business user is going to ask is 'why would I want to replace my Galaxy/iPhone with a device that wasn't a success in the consumer market?' Lumia for Business will roll off the tongue and back out into the lobby.  
  • This! I totally agree!
  • Lol and "surface" isn't tainted? HAHAAHAHA
  • Nah, make the logo an Orange....People tend to like Oranges more than apples... That will sell billions of devices... Or you could call it the iFruit :)
  • Yes ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • I love this series, Daniel. And I wish I could have as many phones as you xD I'd have them framed on my wall.
  • i wish i could have atleast a wp :/
  • I hope you get one
  • ebay is your friend....cheap used phones, cant beat it...
  • I really enjoy these videos. Keep up the good work!
  • @Dan .. Thanks for the podcast support.. But is it possible to subscribe and listen using Podcasts app in W10M?
  • Yes, use the subscribe link we mentioned in the post http://phon.es/askdanwindows
  • Okay.. Thank you :) Update: Hey Guim, I'm still not able to subscribe using W10M podcasts app..Am I missing something here? :-/
  • Hmm thanks for the feedback. Will double check
  • YashHarf, just copy the link and paste it in the search bar in the podcast app. Then you'll have it. It's working fine on my Lumia 920 with build 536.
  • I'm on previous build.. May be that's why..
  • Microsoft Surface Mobile. :)
  • Before we know what it is, I would like to see that L850 be released soon.  It would make a good business phone.  I would like to see that Snapdragon 617 be used as the processor, 2GB RAM, 1080 display, 14MP PureView camera, 5MP front camera and Continuum support.  It would make a good affordable ($400) flagship and suit business well.
  • No, no, no. Surface = the tablet that can replace your laptop Don't intermingle the brand.
  • Surface = the phone that can replace your desktop. ;)
  • Surface Phone 5.2"/ Surface Phone Pro 5.7" "The phone that can replace your phone".
  • lol this was an article on Business Insider today about how Microsoft could put Apple on "notice" by creating a surface branded phone. http://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-windows-10-surface-phone-rumors...      
  • They could, but Satya won't. That's why he's instructed all staff and garage employees, "make apps for iOS and Android only; once you're successful, tease WP users with a coming soon feature, but don't release it for at least a couple of years"; by then they'll have left our platform and moved to one we support (iOS or Android). I want to ensure the purchase Balmer made (Nokia D&S division) looks like a complete failure so I can look like a genius!
  • Lumia Surface phone is better that way they could start its sequence of LSP2 LSP3 ........
    Doesn't that sound better?
  • The whiskey question and answer is pure gold!
  • It's funny cause it's true.... haha. I don't drink much, but between work and the comments here I may take it up. :)
  • Lol!
  • Very true
  • So basically you want a phone with Continuum then you settle for what *MAY* be inferior featureset elsewhere or you want a flagship phone but it doesn't present all of the features that set the OS apart such as Continuum?  Am I missing something here?  I know I need to wait until 10/6 but I'm really holding out hope that they release something(s)that is remarkable.
  • Oh, and yes I also think they should do away with the numbering and give them names or letters.  If fans have a hard time understanding which phone is better without  spec sheet in front of them I can only imagine what the average user/phone sales person would be going through.  Over time the names would just be associated with the tier the phone is meant to fill.
  • Yeah I actually thinking about that too. Numbering system is fine but during Lumia era, that system has been ruined by jumbling up which are midrange, flagship, phablet, entry level, mid-entry.....wow! Well they can stay with numbering, but they have to make sure its consistent and make it less is more approach.
    9XX - Flagship Level
    8XX - Mid-High End Level
    7XX - Mid-range
    6XX - Higher Low-end
    5XX - Cheap entry-level Or they could make it a more simplified lettering system:
    Lumia Z - Flagship
    Lumia S - High Midrange
    Lumia M - Midrange
    Lumia C - Entry Level Bonus:
    Lumia V - 1020-like Flagship
    Lumia X - experimental limited edition Flagship. So it will include rather unconventional features like 3D Touch, Light-Field Cameras or whatever hardware features intended for geeks, research, developers and enthusiast. These hardware will became mainstream flagship a year after when the tech is cheaper and better. Basically a filler, more like a tech-demo device not aimed for general users.
  • I think Lumia is a great name, but should be akin to Surface. Flagship. What I'd do is bring back Asha for an midrange level phone and use Lumia for a high-end.  So it would be Lumia (1, 2, 3....) like the iPhone naming scheme that's updated every year. with XL version available. They could do one other variant of the Lumia line-up by having Lumia (Variant letter) (1, 2 ,3). Where variant letter maybe designates an affordable flagship, akin to iPhone C.  They could then use Asha for any budget/entry/mid phones they want to bring out, mostly of which will be legacy. I heard MS are focusing on flasgship and premium now so the Lumia naming needs to be done way better.  For those interested, Satya's current mobile device is a Lumia 830.
  • Yes nokia is gone for now so should lumia, besides people say they have a iphone or galaxy, not a model #e-12 b if you get what im saying, and lumia is associated with nokia not Microsoft this will be Microsofts baby x phone , the m phone or what ever.
  • I like the idea of calling the brand Surface phone. Continues the set of surface pro.
  • Terrible idea to coalesce the existing brand. Surface = tablet. Lumia = phone. It's the same reason the iPhone isn't the iPad. Maybe a brand new name is appropriate.
  • But they both have the i same with Samsung they have galaxy in front of everything
  • Galaxy simply means an Android devices for Samsung just like Ativ for Windows devices. So current Lumia = Phone and Surface = Tablet is fine. Unless they want to change the meaning of it like: Lumia - Color pop devices (they really should have color options) that features Fabula designs regradless of materials but still mainly a polycarbonate devices. It targeted the general population and got features mainly around in photography, media, gaming, and some productivity features. Surface - More like a truly pro device which aimed to producitivy crowd. They have angular, sharp-looking and metallic body which screams premium at first sight. Its all Intel-based devices, all have pen and all have Continuum (Phones). But still I think current branding is perfectly fine. Unless they're trying to make smartphone that can run Desktop apps on Continuum mode, which is drastic that only might happen in Redstone or after. There is no point.
  • I agree... it's amazing how much people know the surface brand at least here in the US. I don't see any confusion problem if they brand a surface phone.
  • They could call 950 and 950XL. Surface phone One and Surface phone One XL. Start from one and go up.
  • I'll take either phone with a stable Windows 10 Mobile experience....and the ability to run Android Apps (i.e. developer easily ports his app over). App gap solved.
  • One phone should be called surface phone another called the kin another zune phone and we need a Palm pc and a sidekick and a then finally rename them all to simply the Microsoft phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Forget whiskey, I've been taking anti-cancer pills. Whiny kids in comment sections here are sometimes worse than smug iFanboys. Regarding the model name change, I am not sure why Dan is mentioning iPhone 6 Plus as an example. That's not any different than adding "XL" to the 950, is it? I do think having a Surface line of phones is a good idea. It might actually bring in more sales. Forces people to rethink.
  • Omg and I have bed ridden cancer. Give me some please before I die. But the users here are terribly much worse than others. Their hatred of Google for one is laughable. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I absolutely disagree with releasing phones under the Surface brand. It's the same reason the iPhone is not the iPad.  
  • Not all Surface are geared towards enterprise. You have regular and the pro. With that said, MS can produce versions both for consumers and business where as the consumer version can have "the consumer oriented bells and whistles."
  • This is also a possibility..agreed
  • Does technology allow an Intel/AMD CPU in a phone? Does it​ allow DDR3 RAM? Then drop the fragmentation and go Windows 10 all the way!!! -_- ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Did you doze off with your finger on the enter key?
  • Lol
  • Very candid question. Thanks for a good laugh.
  • I've already said millions of times that the Lumia brand is terrible, and very clumsy to listen to.  It's very cringe-worthy.  And everyone were quick to come down on my throats like a hungry pack of wolves.  Now that Lumia is really failing even more, you guys are just only starting to realize that I'm right.   http://forums.windowscentral.com/windows-phone-8-1/351698-x-box-smartpho...
  • I agree the Xbox brand name is much more powerful and better-sounding than Lumia.
  • X Phone?.. Yuckzzz
  • Powerful yes but I'm not buying an onscreen back buttons phone. I so hate I might go for L1520 to upgrade my L925.
  • No the XBox Phone is terrible and cringeworthy. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lumia failing? Nah
  • So far I never encountered anyone finding any issue with the Lumia brand, not to mention its actually iconic brand right now and many associated colorful phones are Lumia (which they're trying to destroy with 950 and 950 XL lacking color options and confusing design). Hmmm...well the problem with renaming it Xbox Phone is same reason about Xbox Music, people kind of confused since Xbox is a strong brand associated to gaming console. Also Xbox Phone will assume that its literally an PS Vita/Nintendo DS version of Xbox, which is aimed for gaming thus not for everybody but gaming crowd. Not a bad idea and actually its nice, but it won't replace Lumia brand. Another issue is that people will even assume that it can play Xbox games or have Xbox exclusive games and may have gamepad accessory or built-in slide gamepad. So Xbox is indeed iconic brand, but its an iconic brand for gaming. Using that strong established brand to something else may lead into confusion and could affect its gaming crowd, which is already accidentally tainted with Xbox One launch. Lumia brand is also established brand as a colorful Windows smartphone. The problem I think isn't really the brand but how they market it. The lack of flagship for a long time turns Lumia into affordable devices, which devalues the brand unfortunately. This is a problem since they've skipped a year not releasing one. Lastly, its also the Windows Phone problem, which we already know that it lacks alot of apps which are important to many and still missing some rather standard features.
  • If 950 is for the fans, I want Cyan, that is all.
    or your first pair is on us
  • Flagships are not for everyone.. I need a mid-range/affordable flagship device with at least 2GB Ram with SD610+ ... This is what I'm waiting for ( I can even settle for 3rd party OEMs..if there is any )
  • I say yes. Lumia name is now associated with Lumia 520 and the likes as they are in majority. Time for a Surface phone. The word "Surface" is associated with high quality construction and the best of what Microsoft has to offer.
  • And upcoming Lumia doesn't come with high quality construction like in Surface Pro 3.. So, if they go for a rebranding with L950/XL, they will ruin the already established name of Surface.
  • And for rumored Intel based smartphone.. Surface would be fine ( provided it comes with the same build quality of a SP3 )
  • "Surface" is associated with "the computer than can replace your laptop". This is percisely why a "Surface" phone shouldn't be release: it doesn't live up to its slogan.
  • With continuum for phones it actually can replace a laptop up to an extent ;)
  • Surface Phone 5.2"/ Surface Phone Pro 5.7" "The phone that can replace your phone"
  • Lol!
  • I use a L520 and to put it simply, its not a very good phone (and its not meant to be either, its meant to be cheap and basic) but all of my friends now think that all Lumias are cheap and basic, which they're not. So I definitely think that a new name is necessary, but I don't think surface is the name that we need, because the phone wont be a tablet that transforms into a laptop (however with continuum it could definitely become a full pc, but that's beside the point). Perhaps we need something entirely new, that separates the cheap and basic phones from flagship devises that are arriving.
  • Guess your friends have never seen a cheap and basic Samsung phone. http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/cell-phones/SGH-T769NKBTMB A Galaxy too.
  • I don't think changing the brand name would help much, might even hurt sales seeing how the Surface isn't sold everywhere, but seeing how MS is reducing the amount of phones released, some simplification might indeed be warranted. I still feel like giving phones cool, describing nicknames in addition to numbers is the way to go (although that would require the phone to have some personality), but only for the flagships.
  • I do not understand the problem with numbers. Do people have difficulty with more than 2 digits or something? I think people need to consider 3 years down the line... How the hell is 'Microsoft Lumia Elite 4+' any better/simpler than 'Microsoft Lumia 990XL'?
  • Some people are actually physically (chemically?) incapable of distinquishing the size of a number without a visual aid. It's a very small group though.
  • Because it's ridiculous.  A Nokia throwback.  Nokia had about a million phones, 3330, 7620, 3650.  Nobody knew what was what.  Give your top range a name ("Galaxy"), give your phablets a name ("Note"), give your cheapos a name ("Mini"), then give them a number based on how new they are, 2, 3, 4... Right now Lumia covers the gamut from cheap crap like the 400 series, up to the flagships which are confusingly the 900 series, even though there's the 1000 series, and 1300, and 1500s.  Yeah, step in the right direction doing away with the stuff over 900, but still, the numbers don't mean shit to most people.
  • If you are refering to Samsung's Galaxy-brand, it covers everything from low-end to high-end and all tablets too, it's much like Lumia. They have the S-moniker for flagships and multiple others for other categories and they confuse it all up with SX Mini -crap. If you are looking for simplicity or clarity, do not look at the Galaxy-brand
  • "Nokia had about a million phones, 3330, 7620, 3650.  Nobody knew what was what. "   Yeah...it was really bad. That's why they never rulled the mobile phone market when all they did was use such a numbering scheme after the name "Nokia"... /s
  • They ruled the market even with those confusing numbers because nobody else made better phones than them. It would be stupidity on Microsoft's part to continue with the numbering scheme with their Lumias. EDIT: In the pre-Lumia feature phones from Nokia, the phone numbers weren't confusing because the design of each phone differed considerably from each other, but now almost all smartphones have the same shape and look.
  • Make sense indeed, Nokia of old though have gaziliion of Nokia phones with tons of numbering schemes but at least their devices have quite unique look about them. Though in general they do have series of phones that follows flagship down to entry level: 8XXX, 7XXX, 6XXX, 5XXX, 3XXX, 2XXX, 1XXX. They also quite simplified this with N-Series. Anyways, I think they really should consider moving on from numbering and just go with rather more simplified Letter + Number.
  • Do you know the exact differences between a BMW 3-Series and a BMW 7-Series without looking up specs? And yet everyone knows it's pretty safe to assume that the 7-Series comes with more equipment/features. How is that comparison any different to comparing Lumia 6-Series and Lumia 9-Series? It's a pretty universally accepted concept that 'higher-is-better'. The Lumia numbering system even includes a generation indicator within. Put these devices in order of feature set, least to most: 770, 555, 970, 880. Fairly straightforward, not necessarily fool proof, but you've got a good chance. Now do the same with this list: Icon 4, Elite 2+, Primo XL, Nebula S2. Nope, not a chance.
  • Good point! Numbering system do work and it doesn't have to take much effort to distinguish the numbers. Issue is that currently that X40 series lacks 840, 740, and 940, so the there is a bit confusing line with different generation these days where you got 540, 640 then suddenly 730, 830 and 930, heck even 1520. So it gets the slightly sublime confusing message of where average consumers gets currently in Lumia. This will be fixed next year though when new devices comes out. For now those missing generations just doesn't look sound simple for consumers.
  • My eyes were fixed at the cabinet throughout the video :)
  • Is that a jacket or a shirt you're wearing, or what?  And where do I get one?
  • Shirt, Korean. You can find it on amazon.
  • What Microsoft needs to do is lease their unlocked flagship phones to customers like apple just announced. Not even fans will shell out $600 for an unlocked phone from the MS store If its not available on their carrier. Its the only way to overcome the AT&T exclusive 950 deal. Otherwise its 3% market share again
  • That would be great.
  • Meh, all them Lumia designs are just plain cheap and fugly looking (including the leaked images) like the iPhone 5c, and the Windows 10 Mobile platform still has a long way to go before I'm considering switching from Android to it (apps aren't the only reason)...I want a Windows Phone like this: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2907539/this-fake-microsoft-surface-phone... On the other hand I'm hoping the Surface Pro 4 comes with at least a Thunderbolt 3 port, that will be key to the Surface Pro replacing high-end Desktops (with external graphics card when docked), and it gives me a reason to upgrade from my Surface Pro 2. Otherwise, still loving my Pro 2 and won't be upgrading anytime soon...
  • I love every Lumia I have owned so I don't agree with your first part, but yes, that is the surface phone I want.
  • Even if the Lumia 950 sells at an unprecedented rate of 10% on AT&T, that'll give it a 2,5% share across the US. Given that AT&T only represents 25% of the US customer base. No one is gonna buy a 950 unlocked to use on another carrier if they have to buy it outright. I hope that AT&T is against this
  • Your facial expressions really made my day. Thanks for both the video and the fun, you really deserve a HUGE whiskey for being so patient!
  • lol, thanks
  • Hey Dan, what's the nice monitor in the back ? sorry for the stupid question :), I'm looking for something similar (touch screen)
  • We'll actually be reviewing that shortly. It's an HP Spectre 32" at 4K.
  • Damn. What about the tower?
  • Daniel, thanks again for another episode. This series is most enjoyable , keep them coming.
  • Thank you for scrolling down at 6:20 lol, you lost me for a bit there...
  • What happened to the video
  • Glad to hear its not only me thats confused about all the models :) ​And when it comes to the 950 I think they look kinda cool, only wish i could have 64Gig of storage without poppin in a extra memory slot and a fingerprint scanner..  And that i can get a yellow flipcover, love the color of my 1520! :P
  • Colored L950/L950XL cases? http://wmpoweruser.com/first-unofficial-lumia-950-and-950-xl-cases-pop-u...
  • I mean, yeah, companies may covers and cases for phones. I hear there'a big market, lol. Not sure why that is surprising.
  • 3 words. Tired of Microsoft!!! Now wating for Nokia to return!!!!
  • Nokia return? You mean third party manufacturing using the Nokia brand name
  • You may keep repeating that to yourself Micah, but you know you're just lying through your teeth. The writting's on the wall, mate...the writting's on the wall and it doesn't spell anything you want to read ;)
  • Competently designed devices that run android at what I hope is a good price?  All I ask is a Nexus like experience with no carrier bullcrap. 
  • Yes. It's getting tired. Unify the Surface products.
  • Except that the Surface doesn't need to be unified. Surface = the tablet that can replace your laptop.
  • Thanks for another vid Dan, they always have good content. I'd be keen on the 950XL if it came in the matte blue used on the 640XL. I'll be going white if the only choice is that or black though. I'm not waiting on the Intel phone, there's not enough info to make me hold off. I'll get a 950XL then switch if I want to later on. As for drinking before reading the comments, I don't blame you, I've even considered it myself.
  • Flagships should be called Surface Lite. That way you have the Surface Lite, Surface and Surface Pro.
  • Actually a good idea
  • "Lite" does not convey 'flagship'.
  • Yeah, also not to mention people will assume that its a lower-end version of Surface or Surface Pro, as a Tablet not a phone. If they gonna make Surface Phone, just call it Surface Phone. That's simple enough for everybody and I don't think anybody would think its a washing machine.
  • FOR flagship only surface phones. No Lumia phones
  • I think a lot of people in these comments are forgetting the 3 phone segment strategy:   Value Devices Business Devices Flagship Devices   We will see 2 sizes of each type ("normal" and "XL"). So that is 6 devices per year. None of the myriad of model numbers, so none of the old confusion. I disagree that the Lumia brand is tainted, and as someone else said, it is no different that Samsung using the Galaxy brand for everything from their halo device down to the cheapest of the cheap.   So "Surface Phone" is a misnomer. The Surface brand isn't at all connected with the Business segment, it is much more a consumer brand, just as much a consumer brand as Lumia. Surface hardware is getting used in business circles purely because of the "Consumerization of Corporate IT". Much better to call it the Intel based Lumia, which is what it's going to be. It's clearly going to be the Business segment phone, since with Continuum and an external screen, it would be able to run the many many Corporate internal developed Win32 apps without modification. The things businesses need for their smartphones is lots of RAM, lots of storage, hardware accelerated encryption, separate secure tamperproof storage for encryption keys, and biometrics (Fingerprint reader, or Windows Hello capable front camera). Everything else can, and for cost reasons should be jettisoned. The highest res screens, the fastest 3D graphics, high megapixel rear cameras, 4K video recording, Dolby Digital Audio, they all need to go, they aren't needed for business.   All of which means you as a Windows Fanboy consumer probably won't want a phone specced that way. The 950 and 950 XL are supposed to be the phones for the Fanboys.
  • Yeah exactly what I wanted to hear, no more of the confusing modells, Lumia is a fine brand but all those modell numbers... and inconsistent releases...  
  • The Surface brand is absolutely connected with the business segment. Look at that one airline that loads their flight manuals on Surfaces and gives those to pilots. I got a surface from my last job because they were planning on virtualizing desktops and getting rid of laptops and PCs. Saleforce LOVES Surface tablets because it's a full computer on the go. Surface hardware is getting used in business circles because at this point, the SP3 is a viable laptop replacement for the always connected worker.
  • "That one airline". Exactly. Most other airlines are loading their flight manuals onto iPads. Surface is getting used not because it can function as a full PC, but because it is a tablet. That one airline chose Surface because they were looking for a tablet that they could remote manage, control, and lock down with the software tools they already have. If they went with iPads to store flight manuals, they'd need a whole second software management suite. With Surface, they just use MS System Center. iPads are undeniably consumer devices. So is the Surface. The Surface Pro 3 hasn't got any more business oriented functions than the Surface 3, it's just bigger, "Pro" <> Business, "Pro" = XL. But as I said, there is a trend on in Corporate IT called Consumerization, where for some key use cases consumer tech is being deployed and used instead of the typical business laptop, like a Thinkpad or an XPS, because the tablet form factor is better suited for that use case. You don't see any corporates deciding to make the Surface Pro the standard hardware they are going to give to all their workers in their next hardware refresh, do you? No, of course not. Surface only gets deployed for certain targeted use cases where that staff member could really do with having a tablet, like the Sales force staff, and deploying a Surface means just deploying one thing, instead of deploying a Windows Laptop and an iPad.
  • Will Microsoft ged rid off annoying Taskbar in Tablet mode?
  • You can make it autohide, though the question of it the autohide works perfectly well. That's the real issue.
  • Man, that "mobile-first cloud-first" poster is gonna get you sooo much pussy!
  • Eh, never needed help in the past.
  • Dan, confirmed on slayin' dat puss!!!
  • Im disappointed with the leaked specs. That wont win over apple or android users
  • why? it's highly speced like other high ends and probably very well built. did u expect some sort of intel i core as cpu? or 7" screen?
  • Call it Zune Phune. Win!
  • Same old story.. Lets conclude this.. The new flagships doesn't have good design and impressive specs... No one will buy for such high price... And Windows phone doesn't have basic features like background downloading, background tasking, Bluetooth folder, no best mail client like Google, of course there are no official apps and games from hundreds of developers.. How many years will these guys spend showing us their calendar app, weather apps and health apps or a Skype app for us, we are bored of the situation. There are tons of apps enjoyed on other platforms.. They understand all our needs but they are capable of delivering only a startup screen design change or a theme change with every major update and also slowing down the entire OS with each update.. None of my friends showed interest to buy a Lumia even when I showed the camera quality of a Lumia... Customers wanted features..MS likes restrictions...Njoy the future dead OS before it ends... Hava good day guys
  • Bye. Go back to your iPhone if you have no support or faith
  • They encouraged Zune.. Without Bluetooth..wp7 is dead.. They encouraged Wp8.0 without a file manager and it's dead.. They encouraged wp8.1 without background taking and basic OS features.. Sales are down... Factories were sold.. Entered wp10 ... Without same basic features... Bricked most of the fans devices... They could get back and at the same time they couldn't use this sluggish OS... The are waiting for the best one which these guys couldn't get..
  • Surface for tablet, Lumia for phone. Keep it simple.
  • That man on the suit made me think about tony stark. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I've been saying that MS should have sunset the Lumia brand since they acquired the Nokia hardware division. Now that the merger is pretty much done, the write-off is in, and Windows 10 is all the rage, it's time for a completely clean break. Leave the Lumia brand and all of its confusing model numbering in the past with Windows 8.1. You can absolutely expand the Surface brand to mobile with a Surface Phone, Surface Phone Pro and Surface Phone Enterprise. This completes the story because now you have your Surface phone, your Surface tablet and at work you have your Surface Hub hanging on the wall. It also allows MS to finally bring in some new design ideas and drop the tired and dated Nokia look.
  • Nothing wrong with the Lumia brand name. I am not sure what's this anti Lumia sentiment is from. Especially since Samsung does the same exact thing with their galaxy phones. Windows phone is synonymous with the Lumia name and it needs to stay as such
  • Why am I not surprised the Lumia fanboy threw on his cape. 3 things: 1. Windows Phone is synonymous with Microsoft, not Lumia. 2. Lumia is the past, Windows 10 is the future and it calls for something new. 3. Samsung does not do the same thing. We're not talking about a Galaxy 2499, Galaxy 5399, Galaxy 6398, Galaxy 7299, Galaxy 8389 and Galaxy 8390 (which is completely different from the 8389 and not a successor). Samsung releases 2 flagships and a phablet and its easy to tell which one is the new one. Samsung is simple, Lumia is not. It needs to go.
  • You can go Lumia stays. Go buy an htc wp.
  • ...I already did, last November when the One was released. What... What the point of your comment?
  • A lot of people I've spoken to don't know, or care, what the OS is. They heard "Lumia" are good phones so they get them. They are often surprised my HTC is the same as their Lumia. There is a lot of anti-microsoft sentiment, so keeping the Lumia brand would help them a lot. Nobody would go in to a shop and ask for a "Microsoft phone". MS needs to drop their own name and make Lumia the main brand across the board. Lumia phones, Surface tablets. Easy.
  • Been looking to get a Samsung Galaxy -phone. Can you tell me which of the following phones has the latest specs: Galaxy XCover3
    Galaxy J1
    Galaxy J5
    Galaxy S4
    Galaxy S5 mini
    Galaxy S5 Neo
    Galaxy A3
    Galaxy A5
    Galaxy Note 3
    Galaxy Core Plus
    Galaxy A7
    Galaxy ALPHA
    Galaxy K Zoom
    Galaxy Grand 2
    Galaxy Core Advance
    Galaxy Ace 3
    Galaxy Trend 2
    Galaxy Ace 4
  • As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck, IF a woodchuck could chuck wood!
  • Yep
  • Lumia should be for low end phones, the flagships should be surface
  • No.  Please Surface 3 is not a flagship.  They simply need subbrands. Surface - mid-range convertable tablets
    Surface Pro - premium convertable tablets
    Lumia - low/mid-range phones​
    Lumia Pro - premium phones
    Surface Phone - premimum convertible phones e.g. Surface 4, Surface Pro 4, Lumia 2, Lumia Pro 2, Surface Phone 2
  • I think the problem is that Lumia Pro can be considered a flagship, but there are different mid-range and entry-level Lumias catering each major price range. Currently we have 5XX for really cheap ones (not really that too cheap), then 6XX which is another entry-level but usually better screen and bigger, also specs is reasonably better. 7XX which are midrange devices while 8XX is sitting between midrange and high-end. So Lumia will still have to distinguish between those price points. They can make it fewer devices but it will result lack of diversity on price ranges which is crucial on other markets outside US and other developed world.
  • I think what everybody need is a REAL WINDOWS phone, not RT based, just Intel based, just like small Windows 8/10 tablets
  • They should just "reboot" the brand and just call the new flagships as "Microsoft Lumia" and "Microsoft Lumia Pro". Then it'll rhyme with the Surface lineup and the next iterations can be "Microsoft Lumia 2, etc." and will make sense to consumers. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Drop Microsoft from the name and let the Lumia brand take the focus
  • Yeah, Microsoft is already too long, so just leave it with Lumia + model for simplification. I haven't heared anybody calls iPhone as Apple iPhone.
  • Needs 5**, 6** series for low end; 7**, 8** series for Mid Range; and 9**, Intel Phones for High End. Just plain and simple for 2016 Lumia Line-up.
    Correct specifications per price Range, Latest Processors, Latest Gorilla Glass, Latest Hardware, New Mobile Hardware Designs and Nice price point combo and Huge Quality Universal Windows Apps can be success mantra for Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft Lumia.
  • They simply need to ditch the 3-digit numbering and go more minimial easy to remember numbers like Surface/iPhone/Samsung: Surface - mid-range convertable tablets
    Surface Pro - premium convertable tablets
    Lumia - low/mid-range phones​
    Lumia Pro - premium phones
    Surface Phone - premimum convertible phones (most likely targeted to businesses) e.g. Surface 4, Surface Pro 4, Lumia 2, Lumia Pro 2, Surface Phone 2 Simple and straight to the point.
  • This is unrelated but I'm considering buying a new phone, must be WP. Looking for something that's cheap but still really good. Thinking about a L830, would an 830 be good value for money?
  • 640 is a much better value. I have the 830 and I'll be trading it in as soon as a 950 is ready
  • great phone but not cheap. more of a premium phone. 640 or 735 are cheaper but has same cpu.
  • 735 is the right size for daily driver!  Has a 5MP face and 8MP camera rear.  Nice styling and holds well!  4.7" just like the iPhone 6 and 6S!  Same screen resolution too!
  • No, they shouldn't switch the Lumia brand for the new phones because they aren't worthy of the surface branding; design wise they aren't up to par to even be considered a surface devices period!
  • Lumia Pro. Has a nice ring to it
  • I don't see why Microsoft would not bring a Surface Smartphone into play?  I mean they try about everything else to get market share and some of it has worked in places like UK and Italy!  Maybe a modern, fashion like cutting edge looking iPhone will do the trick!  At least it will cause some interest!
  • Dan, appreciate the videos and insight from someone who "knows". Why can't I find a straightforward answer anywhere on two questions I'd think lots of peeps want to know: 1) is Word Flow coming to W10 and 2) are the new MS phones going to have Glance, or was it completely replaced with Tap to Wake?
  • An another great video by Daniel Rubino...
  • My years of finding: Microsoft/Windows ROCK, and Overrted, years behind other brand's technologies CrApple SUCKS.  Goodnight. 
  • I dont think so....i want to say lumia is the best ever brand that is famous all over the world...
  • Surface is a good brand for US market. And if that kills Windows Phones then so be it.
  • dan, i would really like to know why the 950  and 950xl have different button layouts? the xl is new but the 950 is similar to current limias with the volume buttons in one button
  • Enjoying these little videos, Dan - keep them coming. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • On the branding: Obviously NOT. It is Lumia that got them to over 10% in several markets, e.g. in the EU.
  • Nokia might have had something to do with it as well. Nokia brand is trusted. MS not so much, and after most of MM was fired, including San Diego QA/Torture center and apparently also design teams, imaging teams etc. it may be a hard road ahead.
  • Video is missing
  • Excellent episode, Dan! You have no need to justify use of multiple devices on multiple platforms. Using multiple platforms actually makes you more credible in your reviews, since you have a better means to compare. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Those leaked 'flagships' (950/XL) surely are not worth Lumia. 'Nandela' could be worthy brand for them.
  • Trust me there are better ways to spend the weekend
  • There should be a new brand for flagships although I'd personally be fine with Surface Phone. But using Surface is a catch 22. I'm starting to think the name should be completely new to establish separation. Regardless, any decision is a risk but if something different is used, it'll definitely get people talking. Whatever is decided, they should use single number+letter increments (1, 1X, 2, 2X...) Brainstorming:
    1. MicroPhone
    2. StingRay
    3. Evolve
    4. Teleport
    5. Safire
    6. Zipline
    7. Encore
    8. Classic
    9. Blade
    10. Portal
    11. Transforma
    12. eline
    13. Uni
    14. MC
    15. Formula
  • They should absolutely simplify the Lumia product names. Something like: Lumia (the 950) Lumia XL (the 950XL) Lumia Pro (the Intel phone) and maybe one low-end budget phone for emerging markets could be called: Lumia Mini For the Surface line I would suggest: Surface Surface Pro and Surface XL (the rumored 14 inch)
  • How about "Lumia Zenith "?
  • How about "Microsoft Nadella and Microsoft Nadella Pro"?
  • Yes I feel the Lumia brand needs to be drop , the mobile world calls them Nokia , not Microsoft. They need to create their own brand for Premium devices and I feel that's what is plan when they unveil the new line , it will not be Lumia , instead it will be MICROSOFT.
  • No, they should not rebrand the new phone as a Surface.  The reason is quite simple.  It's a Lumia phone.  It's colorful.  It looks a bit cheezy.  The design doesn't stand out and it's not going to be percieved as a high end phone.   That said, MS needs to religate Lumia to their lower end series of phones and develop and design a phone worthy of the Surface name. Branding an ugly phone like the 950 as Surface will only hurt the Surface brand.  It would be hard to do any more damage to Lumia.
  • Great episode! I do hope that we'll get a variety of colour options when these phones launch.
  • Now we have news that microsoft have send app only for android and ios. Microsoft is kiling windows phone.
  • Xx
  • The name of the phone is not very important . What is important is the reliability , one of the major reason for Apple success. I had a Lumia 710 and now a Lumia 925 and in both case I had to bring those for repair and had the main board changed a couple of months after buying the phone . This is absolutely unacceptable. Microsoft give us reliable phones please .
  • Folks after seeing Microsoft's "Contiuum"  feature demo's on Windows Windows 10 Mobile smart phones I see that Windows smart phones will become a combination of a Pocket Personenl Computer and a smart Phone. This will be a new class of Smart phones. What Microsoft has to Learn how to do is make them cheap enough for People to buy. Right now their 950 & 950 XL smart phones can do "Continuum Mode" but what good old Microsoft has to do is make it so their Windows 10 mobile smart phones that do not have "C" USB connector can do Continuum with their regular micro USB connector and the appropiate Docking hookup.      
  • No
  • So Surface phone is becoming another delusion of the masses.  Let's try not to hype it up too much.  Otherwise there will be much anger... again. 
  • Yes