ASUS may announce a 24-inch Windows 10 gaming laptop at Computex 2016

ASUS recently posted a teaser for what appears to be an upcoming 24-inch laptop with desktop-based graphics. The mystery gaming laptop will likely be revealed this coming week at Computex 2016 in Taiwan.

ASUS's Republic of Gamer blog (opens in new tab) posted a couple of images from this monster laptop. While the 24-inch size was not mentioned in the post itself, one of the tags at the bottom of the blog does state 24" laptop.

3dMark results

The blog has also posted up some 3DMark 11 benchmark results for the laptop, showing that it outperforms a PC using an NVIDIA GTX Titan X. Could this notebook have a NVIDIA GTX 1070 or 1080 card inside?

The blog strongly hints we will learn a lot more about this huge (and likely expensive) laptop at Computex 2016. We will be on the ground in Taiwan to give you first-hand reports on what ASUS has to reveal at the show on Monday, May 30.

John Callaham
  • That's insanely big for a laptop. Might as well just get a desktop pc. Laptops are supposed to be portable, I don't think a 24 inch one is gonna quite make that cut Good to see some variety though!
  • It could be good for LAN parties... I went to one last weekend and lugged my 3 year old gaming rig with me. this may have as much power and would definitely be more portable. Now that I live in NYC I would consider it for taking on the subway despite my having a top of the line Surface Book which has too small of a screen. It could be my portable/luggable city LAN party rig.
  • The battery life most likely will be pretty horrendous lol.
  • It is portable. Doesn't matter that it's 24'', it's still way easier to carry around than a full PC.
  • 24 inch! I dont think its really portable anymore. More like a all-in-one pc
  • I find hilarious how a 295x2 it's shown as shown a slower than a TitanX
  • Holy crap! Is that really necessary?
  • Maybe somebody should explain what a lap is.
  • Laptop, wonder how long it will last on a Lap.  Ergonomics gone wrong IMO. 
  • I have an about a deskpad...a desk with components hidden inside, change one of the legs and the graphics card changes, other one is hard drive lol.   Press a button and the whole thing unfolds showing a massive screen, keyboard...may as well go the other way and stretch whats possible.  Add wheels and hey its a portable! hahaha
  • I have an Asus gaming laptop. It only moves from the kitchen to the living room. Its literally painful to carry in a bag.
  • I think this product wil put Gyms out of business. Who needs to go to a gym when you are lugging this around. :P
  • How do you carry that around?
  • This sounds like a dream
  • Or nightmare.
  • My next portable workstation?
    I think I need a bigger car ... or truck? A Hummer?
    And same set of muscles than Arnold Swartzenegger when he was young
  • I think they need a new category for something like this, Being too big for a laptop but not the same as an AIO, although it maybe more precise to name this the AIO as it has keyboard and trackpad attached. Looks in the pic like it has one of those water coolers that plug in the back too. Maybe Portable PC or Foldable AIO would be more apt.
  • And if you could upgrade the graphics every couple of years it would STAY a powerful machine as well
  • 24" is way too big! a 19" laptop makes sense. Posted via my legendary Xperia z2
  • Dont think of it as a oversized laptop, think of it as a cure for geek obesity!