Asus phone featuring Windows Phone 7 shows itself

Who would have thought that one of Asus's prototype (?) phones featuring Windows Phone 7 would show up in Pakistan (via Twitter)?

Nothing is known about the CPU, radio, camera or what carrier--all we can tell is it's a black slab with a nice brushed metal face. Not to shabby, but obviously those specs for Chassis 1 are pretty strict with little in the way of differentiation so far.

Will we ever see Asus in the U.S.? Probably not anytime soon, but hey, we're hopin' they make a deal somewhere, sometime.

[Shaistajafri (Twitter) via Pocketnow]

Daniel Rubino

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  • Already starting to see a trend of "Attack of the Windows Phone 7 Clones". All the phones I've seen so far look the same with not much design aesthetic. I'm saying this as a user of WinMo and want WP7 to succeed.
  • While the phones so far do not have a striking difference, I love the new look overall. I want a simple looking device. If you want "bling", go buy a Versace phone.
  • Indeed. Still, I like this black slab the best so far, lol. Brushed metal is nice...
  • Is that a front facing camera on the top right?
  • Seems to be, but no way to confirm at this point. Could also be a light sensor.
  • I'm going to take a shot in the dark here and say that this device probably has a 3.7" screen. If the start button is as big as I think it is. Still, it's hard to judge a phone just from one poor photo, I have to actually hold something in my own hand first.
  • The brushed metal and more importantly the big Windows button with the annoying bezel really turn me off on this design. Of all the WP7 hardware shown, prototypes or not, the Dell Lightning is really the only device from an aesthetics standpoint that would be worthy of a purchase. there's a lack of visible lines on the front which I love. I only hope the capacitive buttons work better than those on the Android devices I've used, though I doubt it. And that's likely a proximity sensor next to the light sensor, not a camera. Proximity sensors on phones typically use IR which is visible on camera given the right settings. I wouldn't expect a front camera on any hardware this year. OEMs will need to also code software to allow people to make video calls or so I'd assume. I'd love to see Microsoft build this into the OS so that you video chat with say, Yahoo! and Live contacts.