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ATIV S Windows Phone priced at Rogers, to be available from $149

Rogers has unveiled pricing for its Samsung ATIV S, according to images sent in to MobileSyrup. The Canadian carrier announced the ATIV S last month, and now it's been confirmed to be priced at $149.99 on a 3-year plan. The Windows Phone is also listed at $599.99 month-to-month.

Unfortunately there's still no word on when consumers can expect to see the ATIV S in stores and online, but at least saving can begin until that point in time. We do know that the device is believed to launch sometime this month so we could see a launch anytime this coming week. Sporting a massive 4.8" display, the ATIV S is set to turn heads as it attracts attention due to listed specifications.

Source: MobileSyrup; thanks, Dustin, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I have yet to even find a store in Canada with a working WP8 device on display.  The rollout in Canada has been pathetic.
  • Same in France (at least in my city)... Even Nokia official partners do not have anything to show apart from the Lumia 800 and 710 (...) and I doubt I will be able to try the Ativ S before next year! :-/
  • The rollout all over Europe, USA & Canada has been a complete Ballsup. They all need to get their act together. I was going for Lumia 920 but it was so hard to get it I went for HTC 8X & glad I did when I read about the bugs in the Nokia line. There's a few people needing a good kick up the ar#e before this OS takes off. Utter shambles from MS & OEM's. Makes you wonder do they really want Windowsphone to succeed.
  • As far as I can understand from what I've read and seen, ms and oems have been doing a fine job. At this point, carriers are to blame if you feel something is wrong. I can't speak for the rest, but most places I've been to in my city in the US, the 920 is plastered all over att stores and WP has been given a section at tmobile stores. Even if you want to blame more than just the carriers, I think blaming ms at this point is silly.
  • My local Rogers store had about half of their display filled with plastic Windows Phones. It was a shame that none were working models (yet, most of the plastic ones should be placeholders) but it's still an improvement over the basically nothing they've had before.
  • Meanwhile, back here in the good Ol' US of A...
    Any news on the ATIV for Verizon or the ATIV S for any other US carrier?  Any news on how the Nokia and HTC devices are selling and performing on the US carriers?
    Went to Verizon, Best Buy and CompUSA to spy on the HTC and Nokia offerings this weekend.  As endlessly promoted on WP Central, the Nokia 920 appeared to be the only "worthy" device.  Still bulky, no battery access and no SD card memory expansion.
    Enough of the midrange fillers.  Bring on some real WP8 competition.  WP7.8 for those of us who are waiting and  intend on spending our money wisely would be nice, too.
  • HEY - Perhaps some good news for those of us who are waiting for some quality devices to show up for WP8.  It looks like WP 7.8 may be right around the corner.  Here's the latest rumor...

  • @MadDogFL62: in agreement with you. I want the screen size and SD card expansion of the ATIV S; the storage, camera, screen resolution and the support of the Nokia 920; and the pixel density of the 8X.
    Is that asking too much? ;)
    Other than the Nokia camera, maybe we can get most of that in a TBA Surface phone?
    A techie can dream...
  • I wish AT&T would get this. Then I would have this, a 920 and an 8X.
  • Hey, leave some windows phones for the rest of us!
  • I agree with bjax, AT&T don't need to get this phone....T-Mobile needs this phone and that's that, because I have been holding back for this phone and don't want any other phone..
  • I gree this needs to be on T-MO it would be in my pocket on day one.
    AT&T's coverage and call quality aren't that good.  I would like this phone to be on Verizon, but can only hope the Odyssey is the codename there.  The pictures that were released show no dimension (yet for some reason people think it's the same size as the focus...).
    AT&T has good customer support.  That's it.  Their service blows chunks.
  • Your statement isn't true, perhaps you're stuck in 2007? And I'm saying this as a T-mobile customer.
  • Not in my area  does it blow chunks or anything else  have great coverage and a godd plan with 4 smartphones for less than $240.00 a month. I am happy .  I would like to see the ATIV S on all carriers.  I loike the idea of a 32 Gb device with the option of having a 64 GB mcsdhc card for more storage memory.
  • All fair points. It would be great for T-Mobile to get this, now that you mention it.
  • i must say, that ativ S does look pretty nice. would have been kool if samsung brung out a quad core phone for their windows phone to be ahead of the curve.
  • I got this flyer a couple days ago and didn't even think anything of the pricing lol. My local Rogers store had tons of dummy Lumia 920's and 8X's, which was a nice change. One of the employees explained that it might be a few weeks before they get the Ativ S.
  • Looks like a great phone... It would be really nice if they sold as well as the Galaxy S3. :)
  • Ativ S is going to be left in the shadows. They are taking too long to release it.
  • Three high end WP8 during the holiday season....... Looking good for Windows Phone.
  • Other than sheer ugliness, I suspect this phone won't have version 1 problems (e.g. camera, battery, etc).
  • I have to say, I think this phone looks great. Maybe its just me.
  • <p>Are you kidding?&nbsp; This is a great looking phone</p>
    <p>Well I guess you know what they say....&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Beauty is in the eye of the beholder&quot;</p>
    <h3 class="r">
  • The carriers screwed up the launch, most don't even have phones on display much less for working ones. I think some of the employees are to blame because the push what they like which is Android and IPhone. They don't even recommend WP to customers and I have experienced that many times.
  • In my local AT&T store the store manager and one of the reps helping me both had Lumia 900's and were company phones.
    Also there is a fairly large section right near one of the front entrances about Windows phones and Windows tablets. Both the Nokia 920 and HTC 8X are available for display and working properly. Black, white, and red 920's were available for purchase, with the Cyan and Yellow being launched in store later.
    The iphone 5 was a bit further back, the older iphone's were in the back right corner.
    I do wish Samsung would release the Ativ phone, because the Ativ tablet is amazing.
  • Hopefully over the air updates will solve the major problem for AT&T users to get OS updates with prior Samsung phones on WP7 such as my Focus S with its disappearing keyboard. This phone looks nice, but I'll stick with Nokia.
  • I'm not understanding why the supply issue has been or is not being addressed by Nokia. Seriously Apple would be all over this! You'd find news everywhere what they will do and when they will have.
  • ... And why is the Ativ S late to arrive when it was first to show?
  • My local AT&T store said they are having a tough time keeping them in stock, demand is very strong.
  • Samsung is going to ship volume if the demand is there.
  • The demand is there. We're all waiting for it, especially on tmo.
  • Agreed..
  • What kind of audio enhancements does this have?
  • Not a bad phone but they are taking their sweet time to release it and I think that might prove to be a little fatal.
  • That's a terrible price for such a long contract agreement.  Poor Canadians...
  • I think Samsung is taking the time, so the phone does not compete with the Galaxy Note II. Hopefully, that means that more effort will be made in pushing the ATIV line.
  • Ativ - android phone with wp8 just ))))