AT&T announces Samsung and ASUS Windows 8 tablets

AT&T has today announced two Windows 8 tablets the carrier will be stocking for the 2012 holiday season - the ASUS VivoTab RT and Samsung ATIV Smart PC. As the name of the former suggests, the ASUS will be running Windows RT where as the Samsung tablet will be powering the full version of Windows 8 Pro (the ATIV Smart PC Pro also sports Windows 8 Pro).

The ASUS VivoTab RT (pictured right) is a quad-core 4G LTE Windows 8 tablet, sporting a 10.1" screen with ASUS TruVivid technology. Shipping with 32GB storage, the tablet will be able to hold multimedia and other files with ease while accompanying the owner on his (or her) travels. NVIDIA's quad-core Tegra 3 IGP is on-board to provide enough processing power for graphics and 4G LET ensures quick and responsive web activities.

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC (pictured left) on the other hand will featured an 11.6" HD display with an Intel Atom dual-core CPU. 64GB storage boasts capacity to store even the larger collections of documents, music and media. As well as the ASUS tablet, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC also supports LTE 4G networking.

AT&T notes that it will be the only US carrier to stock both Windows 8 tablets through the upcoming holiday season. Both will ship with review versions of Microsoft Office 2013 and will have detachable dock / keyboard accessories. No word on pricing as-of-yet. Will you be looking to purchase one of these Windows 8 tablets?

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Seems like at&t gets everything...
  • I'm kind of confused as to why anyone would want to buy a laptop / notebook / tablet / whateveryouwanttocallit through AT&T instead of some place like Amazon. I suppose if you want to tie yourself into a contract and have mandatory data fees every month...
  • they sell them to poor people who don't have any up front cash.  If you think about it, getting a laptop from ATT is like those rent to own furniture scam places.
  • I'm pretty sure they said no more subsidized tablets since they are only $10 to add to a shared plan. So they will sell them at normal price and you can add them with no contract to your plan. The reason they are selling them is because they have at&t lte modems built in and its still an extra $10 per month they can get if the get you to activate them.
  • Hahaha!!
  • Samsung site says "Windows 8" and not "Windows RT".   That makes sense since it's and Atom processor and not ARM.

  • Well caught :-) I shouldn't rush things. Fixed.
  • Well, technically only half fixed, since the Vivo Tab you're referring to is a WIndows RT device, and the Ativ SmartPC is a Windows 8 device.
  • Which is exactly what the article reads: "The ASUS will be running Windows RT where as the Samsung tablet will be powering the full version of Windows 8 Pro" Unless I'm overlooking something else?
  • "AT&T announces Samsung and ASUS Windows 8 tablets" in the headline, and "AT&T has today announced two Windows 8 tablets" in the body.  I'm mostly just being slightly anal though. ;)
  • Windows RT is a version of Windows 8, is it not? It's all good being anal, perfection is what we definitely attempt to aim for. If I can word something clearer or if I do have an issue with referencing a product then it's best to point it out. :-)
  • For RT, it's going to be hard to beat the Surface, especially when it comes to design. Going to have to see all these in-person.
  • The Surface RT will not have LTE-probably because Microsoft did not want to completely upstage their hardware partners.
  • it will not have LTE because microsoft wanted to have usable battery life...and they dont sell to chumps.
  • Hahaha!!
  • With all the new data plans that come with internet sharing, you phone can be the internet modem for all your devices. No need to have it in the tablet also.
  • Samsung ATIV Smart PC is an Intel Atom processor and runs full Windows 8.
  • Surface all the way!
  • Rich, wouldn't the ATOM processor be running Windows 8 Pro? The ATOM processor is a x86/x64 architecture.
  • It certainly would, sir. I overlooked it (even when typing "Intel Atom") and missed it when proofreading. Long day, need to relax with a scotch.
  • So I guess any other errors for the rest of the day are due to Scotch overload? :D
  • I might have one each and every morning so I have an excuse throughout the day ;-)
  • Rich, I think I'm going to join you... it's been one of those days over here. What kind of scotch are you having? I'll pick some up on my way home.
  • I'm a huge fan of The Famous Grouse. Though Snow Grouse is something special if you've never tried it - really smooth.
  • This is cool and all..but how much?
  • I can see an Asus Vivo/920 bundle doing well.
  • I think the Acer Iconia looks way nicer.
  • Surface >>
  • Nah...I wait until the Surface Pro tablet.
  • Dare I need to mention Surface has an option of 128gb of storage?!
  • So I can have win 8 pro on an atom or rt on quad core risc chip. RT all the way. And no I don't want to run old windows software. I bet win 8 pro installs go stale like xp. RT will be fresh every time. And before U say there's no software for RT, all i want is a browser and an app or two.
  • Lol.... Well said.
  • Win 7 doesn't get stale so why would Win 8? In fact Win 8 Pro and Win RT are actually very similar - main difference is coded for ARM and no Win32 API in WinRT. Both of them have the new API set. In fact, I expect that MS is shooting for eliminating the Win32 API in Windows 9.
  • Win32 will be around for another decade of not more.
  • That sounds depressing.
  • Surface, then (maybe) a Surface Pro when thats out. Theres already a splashtop app in the win8 store, that should cover me in those 3 months between the 2. Might go WiFi only, and use theathering LTE from my phone if I somehow end up somewhere without access to WiFi. Both Surfaces have microSD slots, so who cares about the storage really? Only the Pro has stylus. The hard part is to choose between touchcover and typecover... not to mentions what color to get!
  • HOW MUCH?????????????
  • WE DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should know more details closer to (or on the day of) Windows 8's release. :-)
  • I won't buy either of them, especially from ATT. I currently have 4 laptops and don't want a tablet. Perhaps in the future, but not from ATT.
  • When are the AMD powered Windows 8 tablets coming so we can run blue stacks?
  • To NIST's point, blue stacks!
  • Can you please stop asking a question at the end of each story, please? Just asking... :)
  • its very WMPoweruser.
  • I feel insulted you'd compare me to that website.
  • Lol. Settle down lil buck-a-roo
  • I don't ask a queston at the end of each and every story. But sure, I'll consider your feedback not to engage readers. Next we'll lock comments alltogether, just for fun.
  • Locking comments for ATT exclusive threads is a good idea, what do you think?
  • We try not to prevent readers from voicing opinions, and feel comments should never be closed. Should any issues arise, we prefer to deal with them there and then instead of shutting up shop. EDIT: while we attempt to moderate, we can miss said situations, so be sure to let us know if you spot anything.
  • +1
  • Good to see you have a sense of humor! :)
  • I'll be getting the Samsung ATIV Smart PC for my wife and I'm getting the Surface RT.  I can't wait to get some Widows 8 tablet goodness.  Finally a tablet worth owning. :-)
  • Is the ativ PC a tablet?
  • It's a tablet that can be attached to a dock / keyboard.
  • The Samsung sounds good for me & review version of office meaning a trial version?
  • I believe he means preview. They come with the 2013 preview release.
  • Ok awesome. Im getting the surface though but im glad carriers are getting behind this
  • I'm really not a big fan of so many tablets with Atom CPUs; for me that means it won't be a laptop replacement.
  • I don't get this. What's the point when there is no price on it. I mean, this happens for all Windows device announcements. Gosh!
  • The price ranges from $1 to $10,000.
  • I thought the pro tablets get released 90 days after rt releases.
  • That's only surface pro. MS giving OEMs a head start?
  • Yes, Microsoft is giving their partners a head start. The Surface devices are a wakeup call to Microsoft's partners. Microsoft held back by not including LTE and staggering availability between their RT and W8 Pro devices.
  • I thought the same thing. Microsoft's hardware partners are not under obligation to stagger release of their RT and W8 Pro tablet devices. Microsoft did this to prevent completely upstaging their partners.
  • I want the Surface Pro but can't wait for it. And since I'm not with AT&T, and since there are more choices out there other than the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro, I'll probably be getting something else. :-)
  • The Surface devices won't have LTE support. Later revisions may get LTE.
  • Maybe "October surprise"?
  • Yes if i knew how much it costs!! Wth, just tell us what's up people!! Asus makes outstanding products, i am waiting to check it out
  • The surface seems like the best piece of kit right now so I'm definitely not going to jump onboard Windows 8 tablets just yet!
  • Windows has a shot at second with these tablets. Having Office is huge for me and if they get a PDF reader that can annotate I will buy
  • Apple iPad mini event will be on October 22, 2012.
  • I believe Samsung announced this pricing:
    Samsung Ativ Smart PC: $649 without keyboard, $749 with keyboard.
    Unless AT&T changes pricing here...
  • Pricing for surface is what we need. That'll be the deciding factor.
  • I don't need my windows 8 PC/tablet to be data ready;wifi is perfectly fine. Still its exciting to see this stuff surfacing. I hope this is a good Christmas for MS.