AT&T announces Samsung Focus S and Flash for November 6th

While we've been waiting for AT&T to finally announce some dates for their new Windows Phone Mango lineup, it looks to be real close. Like next week close.

On the official AT&T Facebook page, it was announced that the Samsung Focus S ($199.99) and Focus Flash ($99.99) will be available starting November 6th--hooray!

Of course the HTC Titan is left off of that list, presumably because the big guy is still getting ready (it's tough being that large, they need extra big ships to get 'em over here from Taiwan we hear).

The Samsung Focus S, featuring a gorgeous 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen, super thin and light body, a 1.5GHz CPU with 8MP rear and 1.3MP cameras is sure to impress and makes a worthy successor to the original Samsung Focus. And that Focus Flash ain't no slouch either.

The AT&T annoucment looks ideally time for that NYC launch party going on the next day, no?

Source: AT&T Facebook; Thanks, James G., for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • That solves that! Go job AT&T
  • Any word on off-contract pricing? I just got my Focus in January so it'll be a while before I can qualify for an upgrade.Also, what's the word on the construction of the Focus S? I like the Focus, but my biggest complaint about it has got to be the plasticy feel. It would be so much nicer if it had a little metal construction in it.
  • If it's like the other Galaxy phones, which it's been reported that it is, then it's the same feel to the phone.
  • It will be the same. It is everyones major gripe about Samsung. Just go to the AT&T store and play with the Galaxy phone. It will be the same. You can also guess about 600.00 for off contract. It will most likely be close to that.
  • they are saying everything but the storage size ???also, it says CLEARLY that the flash is for 49.99 - the AMOLED does not help bad eyes ....can you fix the price of Focus Flash, it's been more than an hr since i pointed it out, its really bothering me now........
  • RIGHT? i just want to make sure the focus s isn't gimped like the focus was with 8gb, especially if they don't have an micro sd slot in guess for focus s off contract from att will be 550 and 400-450 for the's probably going to feel a little plasticy (being that it's made of plastic) but since they seem to be using the design from the sgs2, it should feel more solid and less flexy than the focus long as it has at least 16gb (16gb with a micro sd slot would be ideal) i'm going to buy it as soon as i can.
  • a plastic phone doesn't need to feel plasticky. I have a Surround and it feels very solid, while the Focus feels like a cheap toy.
  • The Focus wasn't gimped, **** I'd be happy with 1GB storage if they included a micro SD slot.
  • I have no idea if this is correct, but Pocket Now website was saying Samsung will have 2 versions of the -l one with twice the storage. I haven't seen that anywhere else.
  • YES!!!
  • Wonder if I can sell my Focus for 199 to pay for the S
  • Hey, if you can find a sucker to pay that much for 1st gen hardware, go right on ahead.
  • I know I must sound like a broken record at this point, but no SD cards make UnnDunn sad.
  • Yeah, lack of microSD is lame. Hopefully we'll get that with Apollo Gen phones. Every MS phone I've had over the past 8 years has had an expansion slot until now. So totally lame.
  • I'm pretty sure that these will be locked to 8GB and 16GB a piece. If I remember, there was an article that stated Samsung removed the MicrSD slot from the Focus S. If that is wrong (which I hope so), then that just may be my next phone if Nokia can't get a device to the US with 32GB of onboard storage (I'm thinking of the Nokia Ace.)
  • It all depends on how keen you are on voiding your warranty, and whether samsung is doing what HTC does with internal SD slots. I just upgraded my Surround to 32GB by swapping the internal SD card after it died. voided my warranty to do it, but i've had it for nearly a year anyway.
  • Pretty sure it was stated the Focus S is using Samsung NAND memory built in, no Micro SD for main storage on this one as most of the past devices.
  • correct but what I am wondering is if you can get to the innards and swap the nand for a higher GB nand easily I would think since its a slab of silicon as I understand and it would should be possible at sme point. 16 GB with a 32 gb option for a hundred more like the iPhone would be sweet!
  • "Super thin and light body"i.e. cheap plastic.Please tell me I'm wrong!=(
  • You're wrong.Two things: (1) This is basically the super hot selling/extremely popular Samsung Galaxy SII, which every carrier offers (2) Basically ever writer/tech journalist that I've run into in London either have the Galaxy SII or give it praiseIt's a solid phone. Just because it's light (a good thing) doesn't make it cheap. My Dell Venue Pro weighs a ton if you want "solid" though.
  • Guys enlighten me, $200 + a two year contract, how much do you guys end up paying for such a device at the end of the 2 years?
  • Who cares? You're going to pay for phone service for the next 2 years anyway. The only question is if you want to stay with AT & T or not.
  • I was just curious as most phones here are free with a 2 year contract including the Galaxy S11.
  • @garymoncrieff...I don't have a contract, yet, but I will probably have to sign one when the Nokia WP devices hit the U.S. I will basically justify paying the price by telling myself "It's only $8.33 a month for the phone over a two year period".Right now I have a N8, unlocked, as I use a paygo plan (super, super inexpensive). I just wish that I could get an unlocked Nokia WP device (U.S. version) and do the paygo plan as well.At the end of the day, it really isn't the upfront price of the phone that is expensive; it's the voice/data plan that's expensive.
  • The phone service (I.e. Your talk plan) will stay the same. You then pay for your data service which is about $25 a month. The only question is pay 199.99 for the device and obligate to stay with AT&T or pay 500.00 and have the freedom to leave penalty free.
  • Whoa, that was weird. My username in some locations is jchapman and I was thinking "when did I reply to this article??" :-)
  • Rumor now is the Focus S will have 16GB and 32GB models only with no expansion, and 1 GB RAM! This is from WMPoweruser.
  • I so want a 32 GB version. Not really concerned about RAM size.
  • Wrong it will have a MicroSD card slot built behind the battery cover. :)
  • what good is 1gb ram if the OS limits 5 apps to multi-tasking? This is a legit question, no trolling.
  • If anything, it means that you'll have a future proof phone that will be able to handle Apollo quite nicely.
  • If the Focus S looks just like the picture above without the AT&T logo then i'm all in!!!
  • LOL it will have AT&T logo the photo your looking at is from Europe version phone or maybe an unlocked phone
  • So help me out here. Last year I upgraded to the focus at the at&t store right after it came out. Phone itself costed $199.99. Two weeks later it's on amazon for $49.99. It was rough for me. I'm still not over it. are the odds of roughly the same thing happening just weeks after the focus s' release?Do I buy immediately, or wait; and if so how long?Thanks!
  • I would wait. If MS continues their horrible marketing tactics, these phones won't sell again and prices will tumble right away. plus no matter what, amazon will lower the price like they always do on any phone.
  • Forget the Titan. I rather get the Samsung Focus S which is more better hardware. Also I wish they had this phone for Sprint has seems like AT&T is getting more wp 7.5 mango phones just dont know why has sprint has great unlimitted plans not like AT&T tiered plans which totally sucks. If there was a unlocked phone samsung focus S i hope it will work with sprint networks.
  • Don't count on Sprint keeping their unlimited plans forever. They're already kind of shooting themselves in the foot by their $20 billion with the iPhones. There have been reports that their 3G network is getting worse so It's only a matter of time till they start tiered plans themselves.
  • The Focus S looks great. I'm not too crazy about the Flash's look though. Like others have said, the only big complaint I have about Samsung phones is the quality of materials they used to make the phones. I mean I'm sure I could live with the cheap feeling plastic feel but I'll take aluminum, metal, or glass over it any day.
  • i read they are having a 16gb and a 32 gb internal phones
  • The Flash is $49.99!