AT&T Fuze To Be Released Nov 4th?

The rumors of the AT&T Fuze's impending launch have matured into a simple question: when is the dang thing going to be official? We've been getting multiple (and we mean multiple) reports of AT&T employees either seeing the Fuze in the back room or -- get this -- showing it off to customers and telling them “Wink Wink, any day now.” Let's hope so, because that rumored October 23rd release date turned out to be nothing more than a brief appearance on AT&T's site, not a release at all (unless you count eBay).

A couple more reports (did we mention “multiple”) have finally consolidated around a date: Election Day, November 4th. Insert your favorite voting pun here, then check (what's left of) your bank account to see if you have the funds to afford the after-contract $299 price point.

Thanks to all you AT&T stalkers for sending in your reports!

WC Staff