AT&T HD7S official Mango update is a go!

Though it was rumored to be coming on Tuesday the 11th, Microsoft is now officially delivering the Mango update to the HTC HD7S on AT&T, which includes hopefully that updated firmware (to enable the compass feature, selective focus and general performance enhancements).

Microsoft just updated their blog with the info (guess they forgot it this morning) and users should be able to plug in their phones now to start receiving the update.

Lets us know in comments if you got it and how it went!

Daniel Rubino

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  • I got the update when Mango first came is this different? Is this a firmware update? My compass won't work.
  • If you're compass doesn't work, you really didn't get the full update ;-)Users on Beta 2 were able to update directly on the 27th but the firmware...the firmware is what is holding up all of these updates. It's what is needed for the compass, camera, graphics, performance, etc. So yeah, plug in again and check for an update.
  • No love here all day, either by Update notice or the "Forced" method.hmmm
  • Force update network/WiFi trick worked. Mango updating now! **** yeah!
  • Can you specify your method? Airplane mode on - looking for update thru zune, got a no, then checking again and disconnecting from the network?
  • Click update, after 1 - 2 seconds, disconnect your computer from the network. It should come back saying there is an update available for your phone. Reconnect to the network, then click update.This installed the first minor update for me. After that was installed, check for updates again. If it says you are up to date, do the disconnect network trick again. At this point, it should say there is another update, and this update is 7.10.7720.68, Mango.
  • Thanks TenchiMasaki! No Joy until I remembered something I read weeks ago - check for the Update, then disconnect and reboot the PC - then check again and disconnect etc ---- MANGO!!!!!FYI for any others trying this - set aside a lot of time. It took 2 hours to update my stock HD7s. It did the first update (updated to 7.0.7392), then I had to disconnect and check again as you suggested and it found another update and installed it (up to, then found another update and installed it (to Mango 7.10.7720).Curiously, it freed up ~0.3Gb of space on the phoneAnd I would suggest disabling your screensaver for the duration. Also, don't plase too much faith in the progress bars etc, the one ont he PC often didn't update while the one on the phone did. SO once into it, find some entertainment and trust the Mango!Last comment, I was doing this on my MacBook Pro, running Win 7 under the latest version of Parallels, so if anyone is wondering, you can do it with this setup. I gave Windows 6 cores and used the other 2 to play Plants vs Zombies on the Mac side. no issues.Now off home to eat and play with my "new" phone! thanks for everyone's help!
  • After frantically checking my phone obsessively 5-10 times a day and binging "HTC hd7s gets mango." I am unfortunately have a 2 hour ride home starting now. But by god. I'll be leaping to my computer and commenting whether or not I get it when I get home.
  • See my post above. By checking all day, like me you probably were working against yourself. If it doesn't work when you get home, try the Update as normal, then disconnect and close Zune then re-boot, open Zune, connect, and try the "Update then pull the internet" trick. Worked that way for me!
  • It's installing as I speak...round 3, last one!
  • Saw this post after getting home from work, tried to check though Zune and no dice. Tried the disable internet connection trick and the first update showed as available. Am in the process of final update as I type. Only had my Windows phone for the last several days but love it so far.
  • I just upgraded today by doing a 'force' upgrade. Found the instructions here - first attempt didn't work, but the second did. I definitely love all the new features. Was a getting a little jealous since I had updated all the Apple devices yesterday lol.The new groups feature is cool for Facebook. Plus now all the different search icons everywhere. It's just what was missing for me.
  • Just finished the update. Mango here we come. FYI I had to force the update with the wireless on/off trick.
  • Got it, needed to do the disconnect trick. Finally! Was getting sick of my wife telling me all the cool stuff she found on her focus.
  • See my post above. By checking all day, like me you probably were working against yourself. If it doesn't work when you get home, try the Update as normal, then disconnect and close Zune then re-boot, open Zune, connect, and try the "Update then pull the internet" trick. Worked that way for me.
  • Got it to work, when i finally got home, took about 4-5 tries but it worked. Anyone know exactly how disabling internet gets it to work. (detail is welcome)
  • Curious... is anyone seeing the tap to focus or compass activate after the update? I don't think this updated the firmware. I just went through the update and my HD7S is showing Firmware version 2250.21.40505.502. If anyone hasn't installed the update, check your firmware version for comparison.
  • updating right now after doing the force trick. its updating to 7392.. is that the final update or is there more to come?
  • thanks guys im installing mango now thanks alot
  • Wow, the power of a cloud based smartphone. My upgrade is going perfectly & fast, and I didn't even have to do the force trick for the update to show up. However, I did upgrade my memory to 32 gb before I started, and since it was a fresh install, there was nothing for Zune to backup. ;-)
  • Just got home, plugged in & was offered the update after having tried the force method when I first saw this article to no avail. Just hit the 7720 part. First 2 updates took about 10-15 minutes total.
  • I still don't have the update. I have a htc hd7s and I'm not getting any prompts to upgrade...