Although our local AT&T store has the Lumia 1020 on display, it pales in comparison to what went down at a flagship AT&T location in Chicago recently. In a video posted on YouTube, the massive launch party featured certainly one of the most elaborate in-store setups we have come across for any smartphone launch. In fact, the whole store is seemingly devoted to displaying the Lumia 1020 and its 41MP camera.

In the video, which lasts nearly three minutes, you can see AT&T employees interacting with people on the streets, allowing them to try out the camera and explaining to them the technology. In the store, there was food, raffles for prizes and everything from giant floating balloons to dioramas to take practice shots. If you liked the photo that you took, live printing of those images to take with you were an option as well.

Clearly the employees and customers were having a blast that day and it is certainly inspiring to see such a presentation. Now the question is, will such setups popup in other AT&T flagship stores? Have you seen any near you? If so, let us know in comments.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, LMS Silva, for the tip!