AT&T throws huge Nokia Lumia 1020 launch party for Chicago store

Although our local AT&T store has the Lumia 1020 on display, it pales in comparison to what went down at a flagship AT&T location in Chicago recently. In a video posted on YouTube, the massive launch party featured certainly one of the most elaborate in-store setups we have come across for any smartphone launch. In fact, the whole store is seemingly devoted to displaying the Lumia 1020 and its 41MP camera.

In the video, which lasts nearly three minutes, you can see AT&T employees interacting with people on the streets, allowing them to try out the camera and explaining to them the technology. In the store, there was food, raffles for prizes and everything from giant floating balloons to dioramas to take practice shots. If you liked the photo that you took, live printing of those images to take with you were an option as well.

Clearly the employees and customers were having a blast that day and it is certainly inspiring to see such a presentation. Now the question is, will such setups popup in other AT&T flagship stores? Have you seen any near you? If so, let us know in comments.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, LMS Silva, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Good to see some major backing for Nokia.
  • They kinda had to, after that Forbes reporter posed that question to Elop. (Hey, TMo, are you paying attention? At all?)
  • Indeed its good to see, but its probably the one and only ATT store with such Lumia 1020 promotions, and I wonder how much Nokia had to invest/pay ATT to do this.
  • That's cool! Our AT&T store is actually good and wasn't telling me to buy an iPhone or S4 (was just looking, have a 920). Nothing like this though.
  • thats true i went to see one and the sales person was excited about the phone as well
  • Maybe De LA Vega got imbarrassed when the lady said there is no support from ATT during the zoom re-invented.
  • I loved that woman for having the cojones to say that!
  • I know I was shock, and I think so is Elop.
  • The at&t store I went in to the sales rep didn't seem to know much about the 1020. Really sad! I live in New Jersey.
  • I went to a store in Rockaway, NJ and the sales rep was showing off the phone to a lot of people 2 days before it was available...she was very knowledgable about the device.
  • I live in New Jersey to and those reps have a habit of pushing IOS on customers, they don't even recommend WP.
  • What's surprising? Same happened to me 40miles outside CHI.
  • I checked out the 1020 at an ATT store a couple of days ago. I saw a guy actually buy one. After having seen only one other WP in the wild ever, I must say it shocked the heck out of me! Store reps were friendly and helpful, so nothing at all like Chicago, but this was in a dumpy suburb of San Jose.
  • That's my AT&T store :) I checked out the display the day after the party and saw lots of people playing with the 1020 and employees pushing it pretty consistently.
  • That store is their flagship store for the whole nation.  It is amazing to say the least.  I was the consultant who designed the structural retrofit work inside the space prior to construction.
  • I went to an At&t store in queens Nyc yesterday and I had this huge argument with one of the reps. He was complaining how windows phone suck and how android was better. I told him he is an idiot and If I was his boss i would fire him right now. Such an asshole. You want to compare android crap to windows. Please!!
  • LOL, Good you told him!
  • How about you stop being kids. Each current OS is good, and it is a matter of personal choice. 
    But yeah, the sales rep. was an asshole, he should be unbiased and just present the facts as they are. 
  • Basically
  • I don't know about that. I used Android for the past 2.5 years and I thought it was awful. Not only is the user interface ugly and cumbersome, but the peformance of the OS itself is just awful. Then entire 2.5 years I had it it was a sluggish, slow mess that would often freeze and require a reboot. I had heard Windows Phone was better coded so I just switched over to Windows Phone in May, and after seeing how smooth, stable, and fast Windows Phone is, there is no way I'd ever go back to Android. It may be popular, but it certainly doesn't deserve to be. It's garbage.
  • man i have the cheapest windows phone you can get the 520 and it butter smooth, i love that little phone. My next is of course the 1020, or the 925
  • I would simply asked to speak to a mgr and then regional manager and talk about that store sales ethics. Its amazing what you create by knowing to approach a situation in the right manner. Its not up to a sales rep to tell you something sucks when they are suppose to sell to a customer their product. That's why I always do my own research and never ask them unless ita service related. When they try to spill details on phones I tell them I did my research and do not need their opinions unless asked for. They shut up. Worse thing to do to those type of people is out knowledge them
  • Right.
    ...and arguing in the store with a sales person makes you look like a WP fanboy that just a fanatic.
  • You tell him man! Punk don't know jack... =P
  • Nice!  Don't they know the customer is always right?!!!  Especially when they want to buy a Windows Phone!
  • He was an idiot. He knew absolutely nothing about tech. Had the nerve to argue with me that Facebook doesn't own instagram and that Google owns Facebook. They bought it a few years ago. Clearly it was not worth my time arguing with this idiot.
  • It actually is really frightening how little most sales rep know about the industry they are working in, even stuff directly relevant to their jobs. I remember going to a couple Verizon kiosks in shopping malls (admittedly, these are outsourced shops and not properly trained Verizon employees) literally 2 weeks before the Lumia 928 launched and none of the workers had even heard about it. Another time I went to T-Mobile 1 week before the 925 launch and none of the workers had even heard about it: "I think that's for Sprint," he said. "Actually, it's exclusive to T-Mobile," I said. "Sprint doesn't have any Nokias." Yikes.
  • That party has nothing on how I got my 1020. I got up about 5 am on pre order day, logged in pre-ordered, went to the gym. New phone and ran 6 before 6. Top that... #theoneupper
  • I ran 7 before 7.
  • What do you mean by 7 before 7?
  • Same thing he means by 6 before 6.
  • so sweet LOL
  • I went to that store on launch day, it was nice but it didn't really feel like a super huge event.  There were photo set ups and stuff, but nothign too exciting.  I did go towards the end of the work day, however. 
  • Chicago always represents people! Seriously though, I love my 822 but that 1020 is da bomb!
  • You have an 822? That's VZW right?
  • Yeap, only carrier I've ever been on.
  • I'm going to my local AT&T today to see how they do with WP, should be interesting.
    I'm on Verizon BTW and have intentions of switching... but they don't need to know that.
  • That is totally awesome! Thanks AT&T for giving that party/presentation...I think that is a great way to introducing and to move Nokia Lumia phones...
    Any chance for such party in Stockholm, Nokia?
  • I was at that location a couple days after.  Lots of people still crowding the lumia 1020 area.  The store reps were also still pushing it, so it was pretty cool.
  • Bought my 1020 and gave my girlfriend my 920. She loves it more then her iPhone 5. At&t rep that helped me was more excited to see the phone then I was. I was the first person to buy one the Friday it came out at that At&t store. Glad to see At&t stepping it up.
  • Unrelated but did any UK being notice the Lumia in this epic "London dungeon ad"? Is it even a Nokia?
  • Looks like it. A yellow 920 maybe???
  • OMG! WTF! I live in Chicago but I couldn't go that day...UGGG! Could have gotten a free 1020
  • I'd like me one of those t-shirts..."nothing else comes close"...
  • Video doesn't work.
  • Nokia should continue adding fuels in the fire to release a slew of new high-end phones, phablets and tablet with quad-core, 1080p display and 41MP camera.  AT&T should send all their store managers to the Chicago store for training.
  • I just hope Nokia/ATT drops the price a bit.
  • Maybe or maybe not. But higher price is a big factor toward showing that something is unique. Imagine what would happen if anyone could get the iPhone5 for cheap when it first came out.
  • A little smart shopping will help.
    Walmart - $269
    Amazon - $269
    Fry's - $249
    Best Buy is supposed to match all the above prices.  The Reward Zone card helps a little too.
  • One word: exclusivity. The only reason ATT would put such effort towards pushing L1020 like that.
  • That looks great and all but I didn't see anyone actually buy one...
  • Is that Seth Rogen??
  • Hey Nokia >>> CANADA WANTS THE 1020.
  • This is awesome!  They should start doing this in every major city.  College campuses this fall too :)
  • i see all the young kids in this video using the 1020, but most likely will never buy it because of that one app missing......instagram.
  • Went to the store here in Murfreesboro the day the Nokia 1020 came out. There wasn't a party but I was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and excitement for the phone by staff. There was a nice display with two phones, low light box and domed Nokia miniatures to shoot. Still not front and center like I like, but not hidden. Quite a change here in TN from last year when they had them behind the counter.
    More talk on the street; while looking for a case for my new 920 I recieved enthusiastic unsolicited reviews from salespeople at Verizon, T-Mobile, H.H.Greg, Electronic Express, Game Stop, Best Buy, the cell phone case kiosk at the mall, etc... With the exception of the young man at Radio Shack (Nokia 920) all of these people had Samsung's or iphones and here they were asking if I'd heard of the new Nokia!
    And then the kicker, while eating dinner at a Chinese buffet in a neighboring town last night overheard an older gentlemen asking his adult daughter and grandchildren if they "had heard about the new 35 megapixel Nokia phone"? I just had to introduce myself and show them my pictures from launch day! We Windows Phone enthusiasts are getting a little more love nowadays. :-)
  • This's just awesome!
    Thanks AT&T and Nokia