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AT&T to launch HTC One M8 for Windows on Nov 7 for $199.99 with two year contract

AT&T has officially confirmed it will sell its version of the HTC One M8 for Windows starting on Friday, November 7. The carrier will sell the smartphone for $199.99 with a two-year contract or for $669.99 with no contract

The carrier will also sell the smartphone with its AT&T Next plan for $0 and $27.92 a month with Next 18 or $33.60 a month with Next 12. The 5-inch phone with 32 GB of onboard storage first launched a few months ago in the US via Verizon Wireless and the carrier is currently selling its version for $99.99 for a two-year contract and a $599.99 price without a contract.

Inside the phone has a 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 2 GB of RAM. It also has Boom Sound speakers and a second camera on top of the main rear camera in order to provide owners with a way to add effects to images.

T-Mobile is also expected to sell its version of the phone in the near future. Which version of the HTC One M8 for Windows would you prefer to buy?

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab)

  • Cool! Nice to see more WP phones being released
  • Well - there have been a lot of WP phone releases.. Just the selling part is not going to well
  • Two-fold problem. 1) US Carrier exclusivity. 2) Two year contracts are the majority of the non-tech user purchase... So the person who buys this on contract, will usually not get another phone until Nov 2016, meanwhile phone purchase data comes out monthly.
  • Consumers can choose to be on contract or not. Not everyone needs a new device every 6 months or every year.
  • He must not be from US. Most people in this country do not pay full price for a phone. Insane paying $400-600 for something that might only be used for a year or so..
  • What's even more insane is getting shafted on these subsidized contract phones. You are already paying close to that amount on your overpriced plan over the course of the year.
  • I'm not from US so I don't know how it is there. In Europe if you add the difference between contract and pay as you go to the price of the device you paying more.
  • McLovin
  • Sick reference, dude.
  • McMuffin
  • Didn't Microsoft just report 9.3 million Lumia sales in their most recent quarter?
  • Nice to see a great screen size with micro SD support and the speaker not in the back! And on at&t!!
  • Now if they could all release the same Lumias instead of exclusivity....
  • What about an international version of this thing? I'm sick of everything US. The world is bigger.
  • Seeing as it took them nearly three months just to release it on two other carriers in the us, your guess is as good as mine. They claimed year end world wide but they also claimed windows phone 8.1 by now so we shall see.
  • I hear ya brother especially considering that WP's sell better outside of the US.
  • Define "sell better". The US sells more Windows Phone than any other country. We have a small market share percentage, but exist in a huge market. Besides that, I agree with you that it would be advisable for HTC to deliver this phone worldwide, but that is on HTC, not Microsoft.
  • I can appreciate the frustration. But please consider the optics.  Europe and most of the world had, for a very long time, much more developed cellular networks simply due to the cost involved in getting land line infrastructure in otherwise inaccessible/ old world. This was a good thing. You guys always get the best and new stuff first because there was a larger market as it was developing then.  Now this isn't the problem, the problem is choice consumers have in our must-have-now driven world.  Companies are still forced by more traditional constraints. They must plan and develop a strategy especially for new and risky products or in markets where competition is fierce and the currents are as swift as the East Australian Current (or pick one).  Customers are fickle.  You never hear people ask why China's or India's largest car manufacturers don't have a presence in the USA or other parts of the world, do you?  Even some European brands finally have made it to the USA after all of these years.  What my ramble means to say is that companies must make choices with respect to markets they must establish themselves before attempting to grow out.  This strategy applies everywhere.  Independent films don't always make it to the big screen everywhere but are often feature in limited markets for a reason.  A massive rollout could become an expensive mistake.  It's not that everything is US, it's that the market makes the most sense for them to focus on in this instant (perhaps?).  Dual SIM Lumias and the 930 were Europe only.  This stuff happens all of the time.  It sucks.  If we had teleporters and all carriers used the exact same bands this would be more of a non-issue.  But, sadly, that isn't the case.  Let's keep perspective.  I should add one more thing about the actual article...   HTC One for 200$/700$.  As "old as it is", this seems kind of high.  Still, absent a flagship Microsoft contender, this may end up being my upgrade at least until something else comes out.  I'm afraid while the 830 is perfect for my family members, it might not be enough for me.
  • Great write up. Agreed on all points.
  • Microsoft is being over protective for no good reason. They already established the US market with Windows for over two decades now and as a well recognized brand here. The US market has always had major competition but that never meant you cannot enter in this segment and compete as proven by Toyota. Microsoft with the 520/21 establish this fact for themselves so I don't understand why we don't see more phones and even updates of the prior generation.
  • Says the guy who lives where you can buy a 930. Don't say Icon because that was a Verizon exclusive. Not everything is U.S.
  • You are too sensitive. Relax. We love you. You are awesome. Feel better now?
  • Lets hope it sells well. Doubtful but in the end, I suppose more windows phone are a good thing overall. Still rooting for the 830 though :)
  • Was it too difficult to resist the use of the word "doubtful"?
  • It's Micah... He can't resist. But don't say anything negative about any Lumia especially the 1520 BC he'll go berserk
  • It's amazing how much he cares about bashing the other OEMs. You'd think he'd learn to skip commenting on these articles but he just can't help himself, he just has to make himself look like an ass.
  • Seriously. On the 830 article they mentioned the M8 and you know he wasn't thrilled about that. SMH
  • Because there was no need to mention it lol. Why can't I bring up an unrelated phone in the M8 article but it's okay to mention the M8 in an article that has nothing to do with said phone. Again, the double standards are laughable. I get it, you love m8 and are not on team lumia.....but stop getting so pissy because others give their opinions on the m8 and you dont like the opinion.
  • No because it's cute that you and the others can't stop yourselves commenting to me :P You do realize how hypocritical you sound right now lol
  • LOL i was being nice.
  • I bet you the Camera will hold it back and the blame will go to WP itself.  The Camera is bunk.  I think I'm going to grab one but going from my 1020 to this will be a huge downgrade in the camera department. 
  • Why not go to the 1520? While the Size is big, a lot of people really have false perceptions of it. The Camera quality is not strong as the 1020(nothing is) but it is not far off AND you can still get the power the M8 has(800 vs 801 is not that marginally better) SD card and of course Microsoft/Nokia support as well and more color options. If you're going to go down, make sure it is going down to something that sitll offers a whole lot and the 1520 is likely a better value and i wouldn't be surprised if it was cheaper.
  • Or the M8.
    Everything is better on the M8 and it still takes quality photos (which is fine for social media sharing). The camera is faster and the style of the phone looks way better (imo). I have a 1020 as well and if Lumia isn't going to release another beast then I'm going to try something different.
  • Everything is not better on the at best they are equal and unlike the Icon vs M8 where I can sort of give it to the M8, the comparison of the M8 vs 1520 fixes a lot of the icon's shortcomings and gives you a much more well rounded package with a way better camera. It's cute you claim it is good for social media sharing but I still want the camera that can do more than just be acceptable for instagram or facebook lol The 1520 is the better phone overall, while the M8 does have some interesting features(the speakers, the duo camera, the IR blaster) that the 1520 doesn't have yet not many people are dying to have.
  • Funny. First of all I wasn't trying to sell you an M8 or the camera. Believe it or not the phone does more than just take pictures and some ppl can live without having the best camera phone.
    Stop being so bias. I don't have a problem with the 1520 because I know the phone is amazing. The M8 just happens to be a better phone if we exclude the camera.
  • No the M8 is not a better phone. Both phones are comparable and why do we NEED to take out the cameras. In that case, let's take out HTC's speakers then aka the signature feature of the phone lol. That argument makes no sense. The M8 doesn't really offer anything hardware wise over the 1520 aside from what...a slightly faster processor on a phone that doesn't actually lag in the first place. Both phones have SD card slots, Both phones have Windows Phone 8.1 and the same OS features.........the differences are what an IR blaster and front facing speakers that the M8 lacks vs a more powerful camera(oh let's not forget, the M8 is faster. faster at taking worse pictures) on the 1520 that i believe most consumers would go for. So no the M8 is not a better phone and with the larger screen that also gives users mroe real estate(though some people may not care for the size) as well as way more options in colors for those who want the choice. At best, they are equal.
  • Go home Micah you're drunk
  • And you're oblivious ;) Fortunately for me, Drunkness wears off after awhile ;)
  • I've told you before that the 1520 is an amazing phone... Was I oblivious then?
    You are BIAS towards Lumia phones & a HYPOCRITE when it comes mentioning Lumias on M8 articles - why would anyone take your advice??? You can't be trusted.
  • I can't be trusted for giving my opinion. It's an opinion, Evolution? What i find hilarious is...I disagree with yours and your m8 fanboys opinions but I don't really care enough to get pissed over the comments. I respect the fact YOU all have that opinion but you and your little group, as adorable as you are, feel the need to get personal because I criticize or "bash" a phone. Not a person aka someone that actually matters. But a phone...It's my opinion. Just like you have yours. DEAL WITH IT :) And get over it lol. I am biased towards Lumia, sure. Just like many of those Pro-M8 users are Biased against Lumia. It's an opinion. At th eend of the day, it is good to hear from All types of people. Not just me saying Lumia is better(though in the comments I am not the only person saying th at, most people said they wouldnt trade their Lumias for this) and Not just you all saying the M8 is better.
  • The funny thing is I've owned a lumia since day 1 (L 800). M8 fan boy?!
    First of all I've never (that I can recall) bashed a Lumia or called its features a gimmick but that didn't stop you from saying the M8 features were. I've praised the M8 but you have to make it a point to say "when are we going to get to more Lumia articles?" You are a Lumia Groupie!!! Your opinion is predictable and bias. That's why your opinion doesn't matter BC you'll never tell me the shortcomings of the Lumia. YOU CAN'T BE TRUSTED to tell me an unbiased opinion - is that better?
  • Some people don't give two f$*k about cameras and want a nice metal phone. And you still look silly with 1520 no matter how you sugar coat it.
  • You do realize how dmb that sounds right? People aren't choosing the phone because it is metal. If that was the case, people wouldn't be buying Samsung Phones over HTC lol. Even i think HTC makes better phones than samsung does(and i'd buy an htc android over samsung) but Samsung(like Lumia) makes the beter phone for the better value. Some people don't care about cameras.....Most people do, in this day and age :P
  • You are so on point. Let me highlight some key words for ya, "some people".
  • Oh I read "Some people". I was just letting you know to most people(key word most aka the majority of people buying) metal phones are not the deciding factor.
  • Oh because you know most people???
    Most people don't have a Windows Phone but that didn't stop you from getting one. Most people ppl have an 8 mp camera in their phone but that didn't stop you from getting a 20 mp phone... So what's your point?? Obviously SOME ppl have a different taste in phones. Size & a good camera may influence some ppl but not the majority. Some ppl like metal phones over the 1520 (deal with it)
  • And i never said SOME people didn't have differrent tastes. I never once said that people shouldn't buy the M8. I said I recommend and voice why I think the 1520 is a better overall phone with fewer compromises. If people liked metal phones and that was a deciding factor for MOST PEOPLE, then the polycarbonate lumias wouldn't sell as much as they have nor would Samsung's line be as popular as they are. Is that a deciding factor for some? Yes of course. But let's not make the Metal M8 out to be some big definining feature that people truly care about and remember. "Remember when I had that metal phone?"   Or "Remember when I had the FIRST 41 megapixel camera on a phone?" I dont know most people but given that I do work in Sales/Marketing, I can generally form a opinion. When most people ask for a phone they ask for a phone that has a good camera. I then automatically suggest a Windows Phone(Lumia of course) and if they dont want Lumia, I will then direct them to phones like Galaxy S5 or LG for android and the iphone of course. Most people don't actually have 8 megapixels....Samsung alone has more than that in their galaxy line-up, not to mention Sony, LG and Motorola. In fact, most iPhone users I know are disappointed that with phones like those and the Lumias, they STILL only have 8 megapixels as they want more. But they are also happy with the iPhone quality as well. I didn't get the Lumia 1520 for its camera(I had the 1020). I got it for the fact it was a phablet. The first Windows Phone phablet.
  • You can form an opinion?! You are WAY too bias for someone that can form an opinion that wouldn't put the 1520 on top of that list and yes your "recommendations" especially at FIRST (when it was announced on Verizon) wasn't too friendly towards the M8 until Daniel put you in your place... Remember "Daft"?
    iPhone 6 & Plus both have an 8mp camera, are made of metal & have a limited color variations, yet it's selling pretty damn well. So the camera isn't EVERYTHING, maybe for you but not for everyone else. Stop trying to convince everyone otherwise...
  • Right cause most people already had phones when m8 came out.
  • How is wp the blame for the camera when the camera was considered inferior on the M8 running android? The camera on the M8 will be faster because of the processor. I believe the image processing algorithm is set by the firmware, not the OS. So, any blame for poor images is on the OEM. Remember when Nokia had issues with the softness of the images and they fixed it later with software and firmware updates. Microsoft had nothing to do with that.
  • They need something to blame the crap camera on lol. Though for whatever reason, The M8 on windows i hear does way better than the M8 for android. Not good at all really but still better than the android version. So maybe the OS has a small part of it.
  • Jeez, I was gonna buy this when it came out but it's $100 more than the verizon counterpart. Totally bummed now, my 920 is on it's knees already.
  • The 1520 is probably cheaper than this phone is. Look into that.
  • And it is probably better too. :D
  • It is lol.
  • And better in about every way..
  • I was thinking on it, but I really don't want a phablet in my pocket. Might just wait til ATT lowers the price.
  • Just wait then. $200 for a two year plan sounds ok but 2 years is a long time without an upgrade :/
  • Yeah the 1520 at 5" screen I would've had one already.  Phablet size isn't for me.
  • Repeating myself from above, so forgive me: Why not go to the 1520? While the Size is big, a lot of people really have false perceptions of it. The Camera quality is not strong as the 1020(nothing is) but it is not far off AND you can still get the power the M8 has(800 vs 801 is not that marginally better) SD card and of course Microsoft/Nokia support as well and more color options. If you're going to go down, make sure it is going down to something that sitll offers a whole lot and the 1520 is likely a better value and i wouldn't be surprised if it was cheaper.   I am a dancer and I swear skinny jeans. If i can handle it when dancing, the 1520 is not as big as people think if they open up to it a bit.
  • Does it still fit when you are wearing your tutu SuperBallerina? Lol
  • You are so adorable :P I love that you always have to make sure i notice you lol. In fact it does fit while, I wear my tutu. Let me know if you wish to see me in it sometimes, bud ;)
  • LMAO, no thank you but at least you confirmed my suspicions.
  • In all seriousness, I don't own a tutu. My figure would not go well with it ;) But you really do need to chill getting so heated over a phone :P
  • I'm not heated. More annoyed than anything else. Let the M8 be... Its not going to take over the WP market share (at least not anytime soon). The M8 needs all the help it can get to make it successful and in turn making the WP market share grow. Let the M8 be... Who cares if they mention it in an 830 article??? Let the M8 be... Who cares if someone recommends it over a Lumia??? Let the M8 be... Who cares if someone says its not all about the camera??? Let the M8 be. Its not doing well at Verizon and I BLAME you lol jk
    Seriously... Calm down with the M8 attacks and ppl will back off. Don't ever call me an HTC fan boy again...
  • I agree I would go 1520 hands down in on t-mo not many options we get what we get because of availability .
  • If I didn't have 1520 I would get it or 830
  • Same.
  • Wait one month, like all other non-iphone/samsung will be $99 or free. Hell, you may get a deal on Friday after Thanksgiving.
  • You're right about that, it would probably drop even sooner than that due to Amazon & Best Buy undercutting AT&T's brick & mortar stores. I don't know if I can personally hold back that long.
  • Att phones are coming out of the walls!
  • Is this AT&T site!?! Heaalp!
  • Who else would support WP? Verizon, Tmo, and especially sprint don't seem to keen on supporting WP.
  • noone in the US are very keen about WP except of MS. where the rest of the worl seemed keen but lost interest for example in Europe. Wonder if MS realised that yet
  • So annoying how at&t gets everything. I appreciate them for supporting WP, but there are four carriers in the US. The other three need to get right!
  • Some one needs to learn how to read the articles before posting comments.
  • I read the article just fine. I'm aware that Verizon has this phone, and T Mobile will be getting it as well. But the fact is at&t has more WPs than any other carrier
  • Wrong, until these 2 officially go on sale Friday, Verizon still has the most WP devices.
  • ...and this article is about this phone which is not AT&T exclusive. Besides if you're so upset that your carrier won't sell more Windows Phones, then leave the carrier. It's not as if the manufacturers don't WANT their phones everywhere. The carriers decide their lineup.
  • Face palm.
  • Like the 830, AT&T/MS/HTC is asking too much money.  Why are they releasing months old phone on flagship prices, particularly with the Note 4 and iPhone 6 juggernauts in stores? This phone for $200 is going to go nowhere. 
  • 149 would be a better fit
  • Yes! Yes! And YES!
  • Phone should be $100 on contract, max. They won't sell any at that starting price.
  • I'm interested in this phone but Nokia has provided excellent support for their phones. I would have a hard time giving that up. Also the a camera is far superior on the Nokia phones.
  • I still don't understand the Nokia support myth. I have every update on my ATIV and the 8X and 8S have or will be updated too.
  • HTC is guaranteeing support for 2years from date of release and they are willing to fix your screen for free no strings attached if it breaks in the first 6months.
  • Really? If that's the case, I'll give em a try. This for Windows phone and not Android, right?
  • Too bad they couldn't have released this earlier. My wife would have got this, instead of switching to Andriod.  
  • I will either buy (off contract) this or the Lumia 830 to replace my Lumia 900.  However, I wish I could move my text messages; this is the only reason why I have my old Lumia 900.  That said, I think I am leaning toward the 830 in order to get the fitness band.
  • Do texts not transfer from Windows Phone 7 to Wp8?
  • Nope. Text backup and sync started with WP8.
  • Geez the price police are really out in full force today....
  • Ditto
  • It's hard not to admire AT&T's commitment to Windows Phone.
  • Thank god.
  • I'm not going to pay the premium price, wait til the price goes down in a month
  • Simply too much... I don't see this doing very well
  • I'm still waiting for the real phones, hopefully with Windows 10 next year. My 920 is old but still runs like a champ.
  • We are of the same mind on this.  My 920 does nothing disappointing to me at this time.  I am about to go to off-contract pricing on it and keep it that way.  I'll just pay cash for the next fancy phonet that I want.
  • Add me to this exclusive group of great minds! My L920 is still a workhorse going strong. I'm just waiting patiently for a L1020 successor.
  • Agreed, my 920 works very well.  I think too many people get hoodwinked into thinking that the useful life of a smartphone is only two years just because they've been force-fed a two-year contract cycle.
  • My 1020 is on the fritz and I've kept my 920 for a spare. Looks like i'll be going back to the trusty beast shortly since there isn't anything really exciting at the moment.
  • Yeap. Same here. With the Cyan/8.1 update it feels like having a brand new phone. So my next phone will be a Windows 10. Hopefully a Lumia 1530.
  • Same here. Screen is cracked so I will replace it and keep the L920.  I'm not paying premium prices unless it's a NEW phone. A rehashed Android phone isn't new. A phone released 6 months ago isn't new.
  • No news from T-Mobile... Again
  • It was already leaked that T-Mobile will carry it starting 11/9
  • I like it but will wait for something with a better camera.
  • T-mob
  • I'll be in line first thing on Friday. Can't wait to have this as my primary and my ATIV as my secondary. Wonder if I'll even be able to get $30 for that crummy 920.
  • My 920 has been the best phone I've ever purchased.
  • Have many phones have you used?
  • I've had total of 9 smartphones. This being number 9.
  • +920 is the best I've had and I've had, about 8 smartphones from the Samsung Blackjack to HTC One. This 920 just works.
  • I am surprised though in how well its held up considering how many times I've dropped it with no case on. For instance I tuck in my seat belt on my lap. Forget its there and boom sliding across the parking lot when I get out. The screen only has minor scratches that are only visible on a all black screen. The shell only a few dings on it. My only grip is after the first update it received Skype is horrible. That being said still the best I've owned.
  • 100% agree - I loved my 920!  All of my wireless charging devices are collecting dust while i plug in my 1020.  I love my 1020, but miss my 920 a LOT! (It went swmming with me over the summer, while vacationing in Hawaii...didn't turn out well)
  • Too much. 99.00 on contract
  • Would really like one of these, but for a two-year commitment, I'd like to know if it will get the "Hey Cortana" passive listening feature in a future update...
  • It should. Phones that don't have a Snapdragon 800 series SoC lack the ability to do Hey Cortana.
  • Why are they selling a locked m8 with windows for $70 more than an unlocked m8 with android? I thought they were supposed to be the same hardware?
  • Is this cheaper than the M8 Android? It better be. Wait for the deep discounting in about six months.
  • No more contracts.
  • If anyone wants to save some time I suggest you go ahead and write about your experience of trying to get an 830 at an ATT store. Here are some generic experiences you can cut and paste now... ​"no one knew about the phone" "the sales rep tried to steer me towards an iPhone" "the sales rep said no one is buying the phone because there are no apps" "the ATT sales rep said it couldn't be customized" "no one at the ATT store knew how to use the phone". Feel free to cut and paste any of these scenarios into your recount of picking up your 830. ​ ​   ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Add on to that "they tried to get me to buy the Android One when I asked for the WP One".
  • 199 dollars, sorry that's ridiculous.
  • Will this support HTC's quick charger 2?
  • I'm holding off for the $300 ebay offering. I know, I'll be waiting awhile.
  • Not really... Give it a month and it'll be pretty close to that
  • Thinking back, the Lumia 822 used to be the top Windows Phone in the country at the same launch price.
  • Waiting for it to land on T-Mobile, can't wait to own the device!
  • This phone is so expensive in Canada. I think Rogers wants $799 CAD to buy it outright. Ouch
  • Upgrading my wife's 820 this Friday.  Do i get the HTC or Nokia 830?
    HTC - Better Specs
    Nokia - Better support (Does HTC ever support their phones other than break/fix???)
    Nokia - Better services/apps/deals Edit-Found HTC is doing a decent job updating their more recent Windows Phones.
  • Get the 1520. She'll appreciate the size and thank you for it. Has the specs, 1080p screen, Nokia support and Lumia exclusive updates with the 1520 getting its own special updates, its future proof (can't say for sure with the 830), best of all is the camera! You'll be shocked at how beautiful photos turn up! I'm sure the HTC is an excellent device. As for me and my family, its all about the camera.
  • I see what you did there.
  • What did I do? Just asking a question, although my ulterior motives would be for windowscentral to create a comparison article, because I think a lot more people care about this than meets the eye.
  • Wife has small hands and doesn't want a phablet. Her choice.
  • Wonder why the Lumia phones are having trouble doing this type of deal? Oh yeah! To many devices, too many names, too many versions. You guys know what I mean? Verizon will get the icon, att this, tmo that, international will get those.
  • AT&T
  • Since everyone here is bloody ignorant about NEXT, ill explain how it saves you money:
    If you're on the Mobile Share Value Plan which is probably most of you (Sharing Data: 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, 30... GB plans) You'll most likely want to do next with a few exceptions.
    1. Any phone that is 99 cents on a 2 year contract on a plan of 2 gb or less for 1 person only, DO A 2 YEAR CONTRACT
    2. If you have an Unlimited Data plan and actually use it, YOU DON'T WANT NEXT. GET A 2 YEAR
    If these exceptions don't apply to you, you should be doing next and here's why:
    Mobile Share Plans start of with set data price with lines attached. I'm going to use the 10 GB plan for $100 as an example as that is the most cost effective plan for multiple lines.
    Each line on the 10 GB plan is $15 WHEN OFF CONTRACT OR ON NEXT, $40 WHEN ON A 2 YEAR CONTRACT
    Let's say we have a family of 4, That's $160 Off Contract, $260 on 2 Year Contract, $100 difference per month
    Now let's say we get 4 830s on NEXT 18 (That's a 24 month payoff to own with an OPTION for a lease trade in at 18 months), that's $18.75 x 4 = $75. That's a $25 savings a month, PLUS NO ACTIVATION FEES which would be $40 each line ($160 total) and No $99 Up front cost per line. You would have paid $560 + tax up front and and extra $25 a month for 2 years if you did a 2 Year contract. AFTER YOUR 2 YEAR CONTRACT IS UP, YOU WOULD HAVE PAID AN EXTRA $1160!!!!! After 2 years on NEXT 18, the phones are paid off, you get to keep them, and your plan drops back down to the $160 and everything is kosher. Do you still want a 2 year contract???
  • I am excited about the M8 Windows phone on AT&T, My 920 is a still a great phone and it still works as good as the day I got it. But I want a new top of the line phone with a new look and the M8 is a tried and true phone with great looks and great hardware, If you are always waiting for the next great thing, you are missing out on the great things that are already here. I can see Microsofts end game with their phones, it is like General Motors sells alot more Malibu's then it does Cadillac's. How better to get Windows phones in to peoples hands, make them afordable . And yes I will be getting one by using the Next plan, it is a no brainer.
  • Going to get refurbished off Ebay for 380.00$ (excellent cond) Sign up with Straight Talk (45.00$ per month) 3g speed works fine for me.Streams any video on my 920. Hopfully when 10 comes out these 8.1 phones will get updated. Cortana is pissing my Android friend off. Windows fanboy