If you are in the Birmingham or Memphis AT&T Markets, you may notice something new on your Windows Phone. You should be seeing the "LTE" display out besides your signal bars.

AT&T is slowly rolling out its 4G LTE network nationwide with Birmingham, Al and Memphis, TN being the latest markets to go live. AT&T has a large number of cities and markets slated to get 4G LTE by the end of 2012.

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It is rather refreshing to see the LTE network hit my market. Download and upload speeds are noticeably quicker. In using my Speed Test, on 3G my download speeds were in the neighborhood of 1,778KB/s and on LTE they jumped to 7,760Kb/s.  A welcome change.

Now I just need to get out of this basement office so I can get the full, four bars.

Via: AndroidCentral