AT&T A-List plans go live

As our pals at The iPhone Blog point out, AT&T's "A-List" plans went live this morning. The details:

  • For individual plans ($59.99 and 900-plus minutes): Designate any five numbers to call for free.
  • For FamilyTalk plans ($89.99 and 1,400-plus minutes): Pick 10 numbers to call for free.
  • Any domestic U.S. number applies, including landlines.

On top of that, rollover minutes still apply, so you'll likely be stockpiling even more of them. If your plan already meets the requirements, you can start adding numbers now. Otherwise, AT&T will, ahem, gladly upgrade your plan.

Check out more here (opens in new tab).

Phil Nickinson

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  • Mine says cant process my request is anyone else getting this message.
  • worked fine for me.
    Logged into my acount, clicked on the features tab, added A-List feature. Agreed to the User agreement, and then allowed me to add the numbers.
    Now its saying pending activation on each number.
  • How long does it take to activate the numbers?