AT&T posts Q1 2015 earnings: $32.6 billion in revenue, 1.2 million net wireless adds

AT&T's combined revenue for its wireless and wireline businesses in the first quarter was $32.6 billion, which marks a year-over-year bump of 0.3 percent. Additionally, earnings per share were 61 cents—down from 70 cents a year ago.

On the wireless side of things, specifically, AT&T notes that it had 1.2 million net wireless adds, and the quarter represented the company's best first-quarter postpaid churn—clocking in at just 1.02 percent. Additionally, the company's total wireless revenues were up 1.8 percent over the same period last year. Here are some highlights from the report:

  • $18.2 billion in total wireless revenues, up 1.8 percent year-over-year
  • $14.8 billion in wireless service revenues, down 3.7 percent year-over-year
  • $13.7 billion in wireless operating expenses, up 7.2 percent year-over-year
  • $4.4 billion in operating income, down 12 percent year-over-year
  • 441,000 postpaid subscribers added in the quarter

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Great! Maybe now they can give that one guy testing the Denim update for the past several months a raise and tell him to moooooove his ASSSSS!!!!
  • Lol.. Exactly...
    Or spend some $$ training those monkeys about WP.
  • I work for at&t and I am the subject matter expert on WP in my store. Its not a matter of the training resources but a matter or repetition, they know iPhone and android because its what they use and deal with many times a day,(we have zero training on iphone) maybe once or twice a week they get a WP user with questions or issues. Since android phones always have problems and have an overall issue with reliability, and there are so many of them our customers use, we learn those devices well through troubleshooting.
  • Right, right.. We know that.. It's just fun to poke fun at the associates...
    I've come to one realization about store staff..... Most are nothing but average consumers as well... So, it's MS's job to create awareness for it's platform... What about incentives❓ Can you comment on that❓
    .................. Nevertheless, sorry if I offended you.
  • Plenty of sales incentives everytime some windows is launched and to be maintained. However, they get returned and the last thing that a rep wants is a device coming back. The problem as I see it is that WP is too hard to demo. It is too personal. When a rep shows a customer their demo phone it doesn't make sense to the customer. It may make perfect sense to the rep, but never to someone else.
  • @edrj07 I disagree, any sales person worth their salt would know the product they are selling. It doesn't matter if its a house, car, tv, blu ray player etc etc. What annoys me the most are two things 1) the lies 2) biased treatment to demo hardware.
    So when it comes to windows phone, it is dead easy to show just like the other platforms, they just need to know the product. Unfortunately due their bias they don't focus on it / take the effort to learn about it pros & cons.
  • Well as a former at&t trainer I just know what they are actually saying in the stores. And sales people will always be like water, go the path of least resistance. The giant lull has been nothing new or exciting in the past 6-8 months. There are some great die hard wp fans like myself in at&t but we find ourselves few and far in between.
  • Yeah, I rather hear it from the actual rep above.
  • Nothing that I said that I went against what the rep said. I was a trainer for at&t and they get extensive knowledge with the devices. But like anything you dont use it you lose it. WP users are so far and few they unlearn what they did and they can't demo it.
  • I see.. I read both of your comments.. I feel you.
  • Occasionally there will be spiffs for selling specific devices but so far HTC, and Nokia (Microsoft mobile) offer the most frequent training opportunities and free devices. Samsung, and apple never offer such training or special pricing. I went to a training with a few other people just a month ago at a microsoft store but it was awkward since they only had budget phones and cortana to showcase. I'm sure that will turn around once a flagship is announced.
  • so the logic is recommend phone that give the most problems? i guess that gives you job security.
  • You have no idea how hard it is to test, if the "myAT&T" App is compatible with Denim...
  • Lol
  • Yeah, that's my money❗
  • You could have bought Nokia and WhatsApp
  • I've been with WP since 2010... In essence, I did by Nokia...
  • This is good and all but I'm just about switching to T-mobile. You tell me I have unlimited data but then throttle me after 5GB. I'll go to a company that honors their promotions.
  • Go to cricket. I know it's At&t but its still better than tmo.
  • Im amazed you managed to hang on to that unlimited data plan so long. XD. Good for you.
  • I ported 3 lines from AT&T to T-Mobile last week. Ported them right back into AT&T a few days later. Don't ever plan on leaving city limits with T-Mobile. Things fall apart very fast and it's generally miserable. So good luck and hope you like dropped calls/spotty data/no data in rural areas.
  • Depends on where you live. But i was grandfathered into their old unlimited data plan. Do you know what that was? 450 anytime minutes, 5000 night and weekend and unlimited data* (throttled speeds after 5gb). I was paying $97 including my corp discount for that (not including my device payments). T-Mobile; unlimited everything (no throttling), i even get 5gb of mobile hotspot for $91 and that's NOT including my corporate discount. I don't make phone calls like that, I mainly text and listen to music and send emails. So i was going through 5gb quick with AT&T and after that the speeds were so slow that i wouldn't want to finish listening to a song after that, always buffering or loading.
  • At&t don't throttle. Or did you mean T-Mobile since it's right in there TOS   Edit: I guess they do on their old unlimted plans.
  • Just this month they stopped throttling after 5 least they did for me! I'm so happy now :)
  • Yeah...they need to keep raising rates and gouging the shit out of us.
  • my experience rates don't change unless you change something. I stuck with some pretty old plans for years. And any changes I made was to increase my data plan (twice for nothing extra). In the past I've shopped around, but nothing was much better in terms of pricing for the plan we need. Now if you want to complain about the sales people, feel free. I think they pay them in iPhones.
  • They are actually lowering the rates and give us better plans.
  • AT&T
  • Exactly my thoughts.
  • Ive had AT&T for over six years. Wouldn't even think of switching carriers. Glad they're doing well. Carriers are an integral part of the mobile ecosystem so carrier news is always relevant and interesting.
  • Agreed. I've only been with them almost 2 years now but the service is great. And my plan is cheaper and better than Verizon. Thanks to AT&T's WP support I'll stick with them for a while. I hate sprint and will never go back to them, especially now that google has joined up with sprint/tmobile for carrier service.
  • 13 years and still going Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android