AT&T reportedly having problems in the Northeast

The Internets are abuzz with what appears to be network problems today for AT&T in the northeastern United States. The old Cingular forums (opens in new tab) mention problems in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Boston, though they're also saying that service is coming and going.

For our money, we're guessing it's the giant bandwidth suck that's coming from all of those iPhones converged on San Francisco right now. Then again, it could be something else. Like alien invasion.

Personally, things are fine here on the Gulf Coast. What say you? Anyone having any problems today?

Phil Nickinson

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  • Zero problems like always, although I am in Sacramento
  • Can't get connection at all this morning in DC area. However, at around 10AM, everything cleared up.
  • HSDPA connection off and on this evening in Providence.
  • Boston has been horrific all weekend. We have two iphones and an AT&T Blackberry. Both iphones keep going in and out of service and my blackberry cant get any data service. I've spoken with a half dozen friends and they are all having the same issue.
  • I'm in East Texas and everything keeps failing...including the ATT phone service. {giggle} I can't text OR make/receive calls this morning 2/1/09.