AT&T says GDR2 and Amber update ready, should come tomorrow for Lumia 820 and 920

File this one under hopeful, but AT&T via their support forums have confirmed that the Windows Phone 8 GDR2 OS update and accompanying Amber firmware from Nokia has been cleared for the Lumia 820 and 920.

ETA? Tomorrow, October 10th.

Now we should be clear that this isn’t an AT&T or Nokia press release and Nokia’s own webpage (opens in new tab) has not yet been updated to reflect this news (it still says ‘waiting for approval’). However, a Community Manager did post the information, and it seems too detailed and confident to just be a rumor. Indeed, the Community Manager is an employee of AT&T so it has some credibility to it.

The posting specifically states:

“AT&T has completed testing the Nokia Lumia 820/920 Windows Phone software update on our network. We expect Microsoft to make the update available beginning 10/10. When the software update is available for you to download, Windows Phone will notify you so you can download it directly over a Wi-Fi connection. We appreciate your patience.”

That sounds like a slam dunk to our ears but of course until we start to see it rollout, usually at 1PM ET, we’ll still take it with a grain of salt.

The AT&T Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 are some of the last devices to get the GDR2 and Amber updates. Users have becoming increasingly strident at the delay, becoming very vocal in AT&T and Windows Phone Central communities. At least now there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

It was just nine days ago that AT&T stated the updates were coming in the “coming weeks” and that now appears to be the case.

Nokia’s Amber update will bring improved image processing, flip to silence, FM radio, call + SMS blocking, Lumia color profile and Nokia Smart camera, while Microsoft’s GDR2 will fix Other storage and improve things like Xbox Music.

Source: AT&T Forums (opens in new tab); Thanks, Owen H., M and Caddy, for the tips

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Poppin' bottles.
    Not really. I'm on Verizon, but I'm sure AT&T customers will be excited.
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  • About damn time! If it's not we Riot!!!
  • But where the fuck is GDR3???
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  • 3 months after everyone else gets it ;)
  • I think your math is off.
  • maybe they had trouble with the wiretapping or something..
  • Ask microsoft.
  • Ha! Was thinking the same...ciming very soon, I suppose!
  • Where is GDR4?!?!?!?
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  • Love how he says we expect Microsoft to make the update available from 10/10 as if it was Microsoft holding it back when it was AT&T.
  • Everyone is using Microsoft as a scapegoat nowadays.
  • It comes off the Microsoft update servers.
  • Life has just begun!
  • oops... nevermind
  • Yeah, but remember. We don't get data sense. Another reason to not be that stoked about this.
  • I thought Data Sense went to everyone with this update?
  • AT&T stripped Data Sense from the Amber/GDR2 version that was delivered on the Lumia 1020s, and I was told by an AT&T representative that the update also would not include Data Sense.  The representative said that initial tests had some network problems caused by the update, but I don't buy that argument.
    When I heard that Data Sense would not be coming, I went ahead and flashed the ROM on my Lumia 920 to unbrand AT&T (flashed to Rogers and European Developer versions), then it immediately received the complete Amber/GDR2 update (including Data Sense) and my phone has not experienced any network issues.  In fact, it is working better than ever.  If not for the voided warranty and small risk of bricking the phone, my wife would also flash her phone.  I won't update to a new device (e.g. 1020) until AT&T begins delivering the full OS and updates, or I may just move my family and company accounts to Verizon.
  • Which euro rom did u flash to? The one I tried gave me a load of trouble. The LTE showed up as L. And anytime I would try to make a call it would drop it and I'd get a ton of reboots/blackouts. Luckily I was able to flash back to stock and replace the device at my device support center. Didn't flash the replacement so I'm not sure if it was that phone or a bad flash. Also I have grandfathered in unlimited data so I won't miss data sense at all.
  • I thought no one was able to flash back to stock rom. Most people were saying once you take the ota on pre-portico Rogers, you cannot get back. Can you share how you flashed back on juan6996's guide post in Lumia 920 forum here?
  • I used the Rogers pre portico rom then flashed back to stock at&t. The trick for me was trying different versions of NCS. I kept getting the incorrect FFU error so I would just uninstall NCS and remove all traces of Nokia on my system reinstall oldest version of NCS that I could find with the usercfg hack. And I was able to flash pre portico Rogers. I tried for days and it finally worked.
  • please let me know which version of NCS you used. thanks
  • Please share instructions, i want to get rid of the AT&T build, it has lots of restrictions.
    AT&T arm twists nokia to remove some settings and features, u cannot swap between 2g and 3g. 3g drains a lot of battery and there is no way in hell to move to 2g to save battery life. There is no data sense and there are many other settings missing. 
  • This is something a custom rom can fix. Unfortunately, the last time I checked (it's been awhile thought), no one over at XDA-Developers has put out rom tools for the new Windows Phone 8 rom format for all of the device roms.
  • Everyone voice your concerns here.!/ATT?hc_location=stream
    I did so and pple are getting pretty vocal.
    UPDATE2: Nicole also replied from AT&T. She is probably an intern...
    UPDATE: Tracie A. (AT&T FB page manager) responded to my post. So if you want to give her a piece of your mind comment here (on my post).!/ATT/posts/10151886780983909?comment_id=29647...
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  • Does this now mean WPC's comments will halve because people will stop talking about it?! ;-)
  • I'm praying to the god I don't believe in that this happens, lol
  • Just post more stuff about Fox News if comments are too few.
  • Or better yet, post an article about how MSNBC and Al Jazeera are all using iPhones and iPads. ;-)
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  • thor god of thunder hearing your prayers will smash at&t if they don't deliver.
  • Hulk smashes, Thor hammers.  Together they make at&t have Sense.
  • You have probably seen this.  It is worth an article.  Very cool...  I see a Lens within the Nokia Camera to take images that will work best on the Glance screen.  I tried to use a regular photo, but it doesn't come out too well.  But the stock images they include look great.

  • Nah, they're gonna start with commenting about how they will not get the upcoming GDR3 lol.
  • We'll see if we can get GDR3 on time from ATT. :)
  • You will as long as you are willing to change your personal definition of "on time" a bit.
  • Maybe they will be replaced by italian 920 users.
    Take a look at this and look the Italians 920 country variant :/
  • Yeah, if even the unlocked/unbranded country variant for the Italian 920 isn't released yet then AT&T people need to shut their pie holes. I mean, carriers is one thing but a country variant not released yet? That is absurd!
  • This is completely untrue: I have an unbranded Italian 920 and I received Amber in early September
  • You are one of the few, or maybe your phone isn't italian... what does it say under manufacturer name & mobile operator?
  • Not really...
    I am Italian and I bought my phone in Rome.
    IT Country Variant
    Firmware 1326.2006
    Mobile operator 000 IT
    Besides all my friends there who own a Lumia have received the update.
  • I don't know.
    There are a lot of 920 unbranded without amber, and I have one of them.
    You can see the discussion about that here:
  • By any chance is your Firmware:
    1232.5957.1308.0003 ?
    If so it is a well known issue and no new build to update that specific firmware has been released.
    Anyway you could manually update to the latest without risk for the warranty:
    Post #42
  • Yes, I have that firmware.
    And no, I don't want to update manually... mainly because I will lose the apps data that, thanks to MS, I cannot back up. Thanks anyway.
    Anyway, Nokia has just released the amber update for the 820s *.0003, so I hope that for the 920s may be relased anytime soon.
  • The thing is that if you have an at&t (rm820) 920, you can't safely flash it with another rom (I mean completely safely) if you have an rm821 you can. For example we don't have Amber in Peru yet, but I had flashed an 620 and its working like a charm, plus now its unbranded
  • No, we don't have GDR3 yet :(
  • dang it... nevermind again... I really should read the full string of comments before commenting... lol
  • Hope it doesn't do to your 920's what it did to my 928...
  • Elaborate!
  • Usually fine, but my screen often becomes unresponsive and I have to lock then unlock the phone or do a soft reset. Hard reset didn't solve the problem
  • That's been happening on my 920 without the gdr2/amber update.
  • That has been hapenning to my 620 since day one. Amber actually reduced the number of screen freezes from tens a day to two times since the update... :/
  • I sometimes get this problem in specific apps. Also, the time it takes to soft reset was increased, I think. That threw me off at first. Other than that, GDR2 has been flawless on my 928.
  • This... I've had apps I had to remove too and once I did, everything was back to normal.  i'm about to get rid of Tetris Blitz because its wonky and freezes sometimes.
  • My 928 works fine...what happened?
  • ❔❓❓❓❔❓
  • My 521 will randomly do that too actually
  • I get this sometimes on the 1020 and previously on the 920. Don't know if it's Microsoft or Nokia, but it's not a big deal.
  • That's hardware related. My 2 month old cyan 920 just went through that... Crappy ATT warranty. I lost my cyan 920 ended up with white. Nice but not the color I wanted.
  • let's see how many phones will get bricked during this update lol
  • Don't say that❕
  • Haha!
  • Half the Lumia phones are already bricks anyway.
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  • Yes I love at&t now again
  • ...for now
  • Nah, AT&T can still suck my hairy nutz. Terrible CS and second only to Verizon in cost, even with my work discounts.
  • Shiit I have had an incredible experience with customer service, and cell service.
  • Yes I love at&t now again
  • I disagree with you, AT$T is still Gucking Freedy!!!
  • Seriously... Tbh I would have gotten a BB10 phone this year if not for their required "business" plan, which is complete fucking bullshit
  • I use the business plan anyway due to the discounts I get, comes out to about the same as a regular plan, and I get 5GB data and tethering. Didn't realize how much I like tethering.
  • that does sound like a good deal for your situation, but there's no way i'd ever use up 5 gb anyway. tbh my 2gb plan is already too much for me. i'd be paying twice as much money (since i'm part of a family plan) for features i don't even use. but i guess in that sense it's analogous to requiring a data plan for smartphones.
     blackberry should really get att to change that policy since it's clear with BB10 they are trying to break into the mainstream market.
  • Ummm....bucking fullshit, there, I corrected that for ya.
  • HAAA! I see what you did there! ;D
  • We expect Microsoft to make the update available starting 10/10. I thought they made it available months and months ago.
  • Yep. Gotta love their careful wording there
  • Yup those are at&t words always saying its someone's else fault.
  • Awesome keep it coming with the good news for Windows Phone!
  • How is it possible the AT&T update comes this early? GDR3 and the 1520 aren't even released yet!
  • This is gdr2 not 3
  • He was being sarcastic lol
  • Sarcasm doesn't travel through the internet very well lol
  • It does if you take a second to think...
  • I think that AT&T should still give us a prize or a credit for being this late though. Dont you think yall?
  • Agreed. But only if other carriers also do that. There are still a few 820/920 devices in the world not updated by their carriers. So if they also gonna give credit then I'd agree.
  • Ooh, a prize!! Any old company can give me a credit on my bill... I'll prolly just spend it at the bar anyway... Nope gimme that oversized stuffed tiger!
  • so what are you guys gonna moan about next when AT&T finally get the update ready? seriously EVERY post on WP central had a comments about AT&T!!!!
  • We had every right to. If you don't have ATT then you really have no business whining about those who do and spoke out.
  • You do realize that there are still even some unlocked/unbranded country variants that haven't released Amber yet, do you? Let alone carriers. I'm not saying you didn't have the right to, I'm just saying that there are people outside of AT&T also still waiting.
  • I disagree @DaveGx. You don't have a "right" to spam our comments with AT&T-focused complaints on non-AT&T articles. It was very frustrating and disappointing to see that behavior here. Frankly, I'm embarrassed by the frequency of hyperbolic and overly-dramatic complaints about a simple OS update, all coming from one group of people.
  • Well, that what make WPcentral fun. We talk about what makes up happy and we complain about things that get in our nerves, regardless of the article's topic.
  • Theres this thing they call 'forums' for that.
  • So,,, all those off topic comments I'm always making you don't like❔ Wow.. I didn't know I was so hated here... Going to put my head in a wall now....
  • Haha!
  • Daniel, this site is so much fun because of the community. I even laugh out loud at the some of the comments and the way that community comes together around topics and even each other's comments. I understand that it takes away from constructive conversation, but most of the time that happens when there is something to talk about. Otherwise, it is just the community expressing their feelings. Forums are fine, but the diversity is found in the comment section.
  • +0.5
  • ditto... most places I don't bother with looking at the comments.  Here I've got to.  Whether it's an article I actually care about or not, I want to see what some of the comments say.
  • Are you really talking about the weather there? :s
  • duh.... fixed it.
  • In other news, I have NY cheesecake in my refrigerator
  • Sharing is caring
  • Well, I can agree with np spamming. But I think we've a right to complain not just die to the wait. But how were getting screwed out of data sense as well
  • It wasn't any worse than the Cult of Instagram spamming every article and even with options available to them, they STILL complain.
    The off-topic stuff should all cease. With that in mind, I'm glad that AT&T will be releasing this OS update. I'm annoyed that they'd remove Data Sense.
    Should we start PRE-complaining about GDR3??? :)
  • " Daniel, That's your moral compass but what good is it to me? "  
  • +920
  • You win.
  • I have to disagree with you on this point. If this is a sign of things to come, whats not to say that when a major update does come out like, for example, 8.1, that it too will be delayed for months. AT$T is a huge company with unlimited resources in one of the richest countries in the world, there should be no excuse as to why their customers are not receiving the updates on day one, in fact they should pride themselves on that.
  • This might be a first, definitely can't remember another time, but I do not agree with you. As to your last comment. Any and every complaint made is always coming from one/group of people. So in this instance you failed to see the point therefore you were "frustrated and disappointed". I felt the same frustration about stupid instagram, however over at&t I found myself amused and relieved at most comments. So there you have two examples two different groups one I liked one I didn't but that's what makes this place so great. When I come here I never know what I'm going to get and it leaves me coming back to this specific community more than any other. Just my opinion though, hopefully it will ease your frustration. :)
  • I on the other hand voice simple complaints on point in the right posts about the company getting so many exclusives taking so long on a update. Give me a break they certainly don't waste any time collecting my money for there overpriced service.
  • I use T-Mobile but my 920 is the at&t version. So should I whine?
  • There is a time & place though. Raging about AT&T in a game review, for example, is pretty rude and has nothing to do with the article.
  • In soviet Russia, the game review article spam you!
  • Instagram...
  • Yea lets rage about instagram again
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  • +920
  • Lol❕❕❕❕
  • Not me, but then I have a lot of patience.
  • Yay....... Now if we have to wait as long for GDR3 when its released, I'm done with ATT.
  • about time...from my Lumia 822
  • Yeah finally!!
  • I'm happy for the AT&T customers! Finally
  • But now if it does not come out on 10/10 then that guys going to not have a job anymore and his house mite be threatened buy nearby Nokia fans
  • Or he means 10/10/14 ;)
  • *ahum* EXPECTED on 10/10. Doesn't mean that it'll come, it might as well be 10/11 or 10/12. But the guy's expectation is tomorrow.
  • The way it was worded, perhaps they are hoping that people will bother MS instead of ATT if the update doesn't arrive on the 10th
    ... Smart, really ;)
  • Yea but what about GDR2/Amber on my ATT 920? What? oh wait a minute while I go back and actually read the article. OOOOOOoooooooooooh. Sorry.
  • LOL
  • Hahahahahahaha!!
  • About damn time.
  • Hail to the unapologetically magical god of a T and tea.
  • congrats!
  • Halalalalalalallaulalalalala !!!!
    About time, hopes its true. P.S. I'm not a Lumia user or an AT&T subscriber & I got my GDR2 update on my HTC 8X months ago right when it came out
  • Yeah, the one that screwed my friends 8x: it reboots several times a day. I'm having a hard time trying to convince him to wait for GDR3 for a fix...
  • ... That's under AT&T, of course.
  • Ouch , sorry to hear that. Mine is working fine .
  • That must be a defect or something, tell him to reset the OS.
  • My first 8X did this after GDR2. It also suffered hot battery and rapid battery loss. The warranty model I got only reboots every week or so. :)
  • Better late than never!
  • Would you look at that?  Too bad I was able to get AT&T to give me my upgrade almost a year and a half in advance yesterday....
  • I have an unlocked 1020 from AT&T I wonder, once GDR2 is released will DataSense be available to everyone? Including my 1020?
  • The 1020 comes standard with gdr2, so probably not
  • i'm pretty sure that att will never allow data sense to be downloaded on their store or through their updates.
  • I love how they say "Microsoft should make it available". They already have. Its YOU ATT!
  • in a strange way I was hoping this update wouldn't come till the 1520 lands and I could somehow whine an atnt rep into submission and convince them to give me an early upgrade on my 920....
  • And suddenly the mystery is solved! ;-)
  • Now to get it for my Samsung Ativ S, Finland, Elisa...
  • A Fin using a Samsung? You must be one in a million lol
  • Worst mistake I've ever made...
  • Its a g-d miracle!
  • Do I want to upgrade though?
    I've read reports of how the camera in the procam app (and then later affecting the default camera app) is making images blurry and colors aren't as accurate.
  • From day 1 my images have looked like they were taken by a blind man riding a donkey. Honestly, I don't understand why everyone thought the 920 has such a great camera. It has been on par with most cell phone cameras I have had over the years.
  • Must be user error or a bad unit because my 920 takes great shots.
  • Hopefully that's true. I was so tired of waiting (and to use as some stupid excuse) that I bought a Lumia 1020.
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  • I'm guessing you're
  • Awesome❕❕❕❕❕❗❕❗❕❗❕❗❕❕❕❕☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
  • This is Daniel's April Joke posted early by mistake. Well played, sirs.
  • Good news for my fellow American *cheers
  • Ooh please let it be true. And I hope this applies to unlocked Lumias as well as I'm rocking mine on the T-Mobile network.
  • Me too!! Its too bad that I'm selling it after this update comes out. I hate ATT.
  • Ahllelluya praise the lord I must be dead
  • *hallelujah Come on man, you weren't even close. I know whatever you typed that on has a spell check.
  • Lol!
  • Hopefully they took the time to make sure the update don't brick the 820s and 920s like it did my wife's 822.Though it worked fine on my 928.
  • And I still haven't updated her replacement 822 for fear of another bricked handset.
  • If they did anything, it was take time.
  • *picks herself off the floor* Whoa...ok. I wasn't ready for that. Not raising my hopes until my 920 is updated and working.
  • Haha xD it took so long
  • About freakin time!!
  • Bastards lol
  • Rolls eyes......I'll believe that when pigs err....the download and install completes on my AT&T 920!
    Next up...where is the update to ProCam for my 1020!?!?!?! Tired of the yellow tint! Do I have to wait until AT&T releases GDR3 for the 1020? Why did I ever stop buying unlocked Nokia devices? What is this world coming to? Why does grandma have a beard? Are you Father Christmas? Where's Nibbles gone? What are you two doing?
  • Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!
  • Haha!!!
  • I wonder if its on navifirm
  • I'm afraid to say it but since GDR2 the reboot issue is back again and it is getting worse and worse. Happend 3 times in the last 2 days. :(
  • For reals?????? No way.....
  • Finally
  • Best news today!
  • "...and this is where I'd put my GDR2 update, IF I HAD ONE!"
  • Finally...this will shut many ppl up (in a positive way). Hope GDR3 is not too far away from now...
  • If anyone is interested, I can confirm this is supposed to happen. The OOP literally just called me today to let me know it's supposed to drop from MS at 10 am.
  • This is funny considering I literally just got off the phone 30 minutes ago with their Executive Response Team regarding my better business bureau complaint and he told me they still didn't have a date. He credited me my entire bill this month so if, after all it that, I get the update tomorrow I will be very happy to have the update and no bill to pay until November.
  • Lmao nice
  • Gdr3+8.1 on att= no bill until late 2014
  • I'll be more than happy to pay my bill if they do those updates right, but I'm not holding my breath
  • Sorry WPC complainers I don't see the ATT 920 users going anywhere.  We bonded over the trama of waiting so long for the premier partner to come through. 
    I see the group becoming a never ending thread jacking pest.  It is much fun to stop.  With ATT there will always be something to complain about.  
    Oh and if this update is bad.  Look out.  
  • Bread and circuses, comrades ;D
  • Very pleased for US 920/820 users, better very late than never hey, hope it really does come tomorrow or this editor is going to cop some bad backlash
  • It's like Christmas!*
    *if your parents held your presents until Easter
  • i'm happy for you AT&T guys !! enjoy the update ! 
  • Thank you!!
  • My 920 should arrive on the same day this drops. Hopefully it won't make me hate the 920 after installing it.
  • This just in AT&T Lumia 920 users will be getting the GDR3 update in October 2145. Aren't you excited? We might be the last to receive it, by a long shot; but be assured AT&T has tested it, so you know it works.
  • "Better late than never" is what some idiots said above, lol. Smh.
  • Fuck.gdr2 where is gdr3. Next year summer? Lmao
  • Probably next fall.
  • Next Halloween they going to launch it...joking lol.
  • I wonder if this includes the AT&T subsidiary AIO and the 620 that I have?
  • I was actually hoping for Oct 22 GDR3 Rollout and bypass the GDR2 completely.
  • Me too!!!!
  • Yeeeee Haaaaaa!
  • 2 months I have been waiting... It was supposed to be released two months ago... I don't care that I might have it tomorrow... I am two months late from the rest of the world already having it... That may as well be a lifetime for tech.
  • My yelp of excitement just scared the crap out of my 8yo! >.
  • I do not trust this until i have it on my hand
  • Same here. I'll wait till someone complains about what was missing from this update.
  • aint falling for this one, ill believe it when i see it!
  • Agree!!
  • What's the best way for me to get this update if I've moved my 920 to t-mobile?
    Can I borrow's a friend's ATT SIM to put in my phone and get the update?
  • You will get it irrespective of the sim
  • Yes, respect the sim
  • least now we know the speed at which to expect GDR 3 and Bittersweet Shimmer -> Glacial.
  • Unless it comes t at the speed of GDR1 on AT&T.
  • Fingers crossed!
  • Global warming
  • 10/10 @ 10
    (am Pacific)
    ... is what it looks like...
  • I was thinking about that too.
  • Oh this would be fantastic.  I have three Lumia 820's waiting for amber!!!  Happy dance!  I hope this isn't misinformation.  I just couldn't believe my 810 got the update months before the AT&T 820.  I didn't think the 810 would get ANY updates.
  • Lol do you own a phone store?
  • LOL I WISH!!  That would be awesome!  I'm just a phone whore.  My current collection is a 1020, 920, 820 x3, 810, 620, and 520 x2.  But I get them to sell them, so it's not like I just hold on to all of them.
  • Guilty myself, 1020, 925, 920x2, N9, N8 etc
  • Now when the Cardinals win tonight it will make tomorrow twice as good
  • No way dude, Pittsburgh all the way!! This is our dream year
  • Lets go Pirates!!!
  • Yah keep the Cubs ;)
  • I think that if I look outside and this is true, we might see a pig fly by!!!!
  • Good one
  • We appreciate your patients? Really? Not, "We apologize for the wait." Which is exactly what they should be saying after being two months behind everyone else(while having a phone with the update already), and then taking longer than they said it would to finally get out.
  • Hospital patients?
  • well, based on the complaints, it does seem like some people have slit their wrists over it...
  • Great news, now maybe it will go to their aio wireless for my 620!!
  • So, to cover this whole thing:
    1. Someone said customer support told him it was coming August 26th.
    2. We were told all devices would have the update by the end of September.
    3. This won't include DataSense, apparently.
    4. It will probably brick 60% of phones trying to upgrade.
    While I'm glad that this might FINALLY be over, I'll believe it when I see is. Even then, I'll wait until I see that it's not a bug-riddled mess.
  • It looks like I will finally be ditching my loyal Quantum for the 920, just for the extra storage and hopefully better camera. I will miss the keyboard, though. Sigh... You goddam consumers and your thin slabs...
  • I'd hold onto it, wp9 is probably not too far off. Unless your phone is dying.
  • Nah, I like penny phones, plus ATT seems to not be keen on built-in wireless charging anymore, plus I like the back button, plus the OS is finally stable, plus the firmware is finally good. The next WP OS is almost certain to have bugs and stability problems upon release based on Microsoft's recent history.
  • And there was much rejoicing.
  • What's the subject here? ,;)
  • Been on GDR2 for over two months, flashed it with a France variant......It's really not that big of a deal breaker so don't be too much excitied for it.
  • I know. I think a lot of users will have blue balls
  • I've wanted to use action shot for months now...
  • Was this for the 820? Or 920? I tried flashing my 820 with a different product code using NCS but it didn't work. Would only accept AT&T rom. Is it possible to change the product code?
  • Good news. Lumia 521 on Tmobile still doesn't have Amber update. It's being put on hold.
  • According to Nokia it should be available for the 521
  • Nokia isn't always honest on that page. When the 820 here got the update ready according to their page, my mum checked every day for updates. It took her a week of checking before it finally got pushed to her phone. Same for other 820 users here.
  • I know that is not true because I downloaded it on my coworkers phone weeks ago. Tmobile 521
  • I have a 521 and it has had Amber and GDR2 for several weeks.
  • This made my day!! Now don't take too long with GDR3 else you gonna feel our rage again AT&T! :P
  • How come so much data?
  • Hopefully this is true as my warranty expires next month. If it is anything like GDR1 my phone will brick during reset and  then when I get a new one it will have scratches on the screen. This episode with Att has pushed me to IOS since they get all updates regardless of carrier. That and the horrible music / podcast apps on WP8.
  • I don't blame you.  It doesn't matter that everyone else pulls out good apples from a barrel... if the apple I took has a worm in it, I'd probably be grossed out by apples from that point forward.  (no 'Apple' pun intended).
  • Finally! And I don't even have a 920!
  • 1/10 - no way in AT&T
  • Guess they got the call from Dan Rubino. 
  • Now they can start network testing on this ios7 thing...
  • Even ATTCustomerCare tweeted the same info
  • I think a big congratulations is in order, all the best and many happy returns for you at&t bunch :D:D:D
  • Will we lose photos etc. during installation of this update?
  • No
  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • All of the above
  • What that one guy said
  • Strippers and free pie for everyone!
  • ^don't go well together :P
  • Seriously!!! I just force updated the Rodgers rom to my ATT 920!!!!
  • Well, at least you got Data sense.
  • Correct. At least you have Data Sense. Maybe we might have it too. Who knows?
  • Technically it doesn't bring ProCam, it enables it to work.
  • Am I the only one who is going to wait for others to update to see what features have been striped???
  • They better not strip Amber cuz I want her badly!
  • Almost an amber alert for Amber...
  • This whole thing is a bit ridiculous.  One of the points that was continually pushed prior to the release of WP8 was that it would allow for MS or OEM's to push updates directly rather than having to wait for the carriers to get around to it.  Obviously, that is a farce.  
  • In the beginning of the year, MS changed that.
  • It doesn't even have to do with carriers. 920 people in Italy who have an unbranded (non-carrier) 920 are still waiting for Amber.
  • Amber is from Nokia, GDR2 is from Microsoft.
  • Im counting down the time until 10pm PST and pushing "Check of Updates" until i get it lol
  • Didn't happen until I see it. Can't trust AT&T that well.
  • Agree with you!
  • "Users have becoming increasingly strident at the delay, becoming very vocal in AT&T and Windows Phone Central communities. At least now there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel." lol, that's an understatement.
    - an att 920 user
  • OMG I knew it. Pigs do fly!  Pff. I will believe it when the updates are being installed! LOL
  • But what will I bitch about now.... Time to call att now...
  • I don't even remember  why I want this update -_-*
  • Verizon actually pushed the update out before at&t haha
  • Bought damn time!
  • how much did it cost you?
  • I don't even remember  why I want this update -_-*
  • Great! They finally got it ready...just in time for the other new update that is preping for rollout. Great work AT&T.
  • SOOOOO EXCITED...just so i don't have to hear people complain about not having Amber update.   
  • This 3-way relationship leaves much to be desired. I flashed my phone a couple weeks ago and am plenty happy with Amber and GDR2. But much of the pain and misery could have been avoided if AT&T had simply kept people up-to-date regarding progress. It is called communication, but I guess that is not part of their business model.
    Instead, I think they were hoping the blame could all be divided up as we see here. Microsoft is to blame. Nokia is to blame. Means AT&T is only at best 33% to blame for the delay.
    And there would be no need for 920 owners regardless of the circumstances to stop weighing in on various things. The really unnerving thing is that iPhone and Apple have simply told carriers, "Look out below, here comes an update! Ready or not!" Of course, all I read of issues with iOS7 seem to indicate that isn't always the best way either.
  • ^^^^^ The most intelligent response you'll ever see regarding GDR2/Amber.
  • I'm ready for AT&T excuse if they don't release this Update today. Its 2:15am over here. Count down.
  • So is this just,for Nokias? or are all Windows phone getting the update? i have a Samsung Focus S still running 7.5
  • If you have a WP 7.5 device then you won't get this update. No 7.5 device in the world will ever get 8.0 or this update.
  • You can update the device to 7.8 using this:
    It worked well for me on two devices.
  • ok downloaded and unzipped on my surface RT, now how do i install it on my phone? just drag and drop?
  • Just extract all the items on a folder, click on the exe file and just follow the rest of instructions.
  • Ok will do, thanks.
  • "file this under hopeful"
    Actually filed under Windows phone news.
  • Strange..i have both a 920 and HTC one on at@t and HTC one got its update today and my 920 getting updated tomorrow. Did at@t get a shipment of red bulls or just got tired of unhappy people emailing them.
  • Att is running from the bulls and one bull finally got its horn in the update manager's behind....
  • Just checked, nothing so far. Is this supposed to be OTA?
  • Yes, updates are OTA. Don't forget that the update is supposed to hit at 13:00 ET so you still have a few hours wait yet
  • "We expect MS to make the update available...?"
  • Still waiting...
  • We are just waiting....and waiting and waiting.
  • Still waiting bitches
  • To rush and download upon availability or to wait for the fallout after it either bricks, crashes or bugifies everyone else's phone. Ah, such a quandry. 
  • You can't fix stupid. I mean me in this case.
    In 2009 I promissed myself I will never buy a windows phone again, and I was more than happy with my blackberry until this year. I must have had a brain fart and decided to try windows phone again. Have been miserable ever since as far as phone is concerned.
  • That's doesn't make any sense considering windows phone didn't exist in 2009. Unless you're talking about windows mobile which was an entirely different OS...
  • Windows is windows.
    I use windows on my PCs and I am happy with it. Windows 8 is pretty hard to navigate if you use it seriously, not just to play with tiles. For business use (I am a software developer, so i jump around windows a lot), it is not very friendly in my experience. Tiles are not sorted alphabetically, etc. But I could live with all that.
    My phone is a totally different experience. Was in 2009 (not even a clipboard to copy text, and they called it windows), and is now as well (no custom sms and alert sounds, calendar is 10 generations behind Blackberry's, etc, Don't even get me started).
    To say it in latin, piece of crap.
    I am a Microsoft user, but they should either do it right and have at least all of the features Android and IOS offer (not apps, just features), or not make it at all. Microsoft is not some third party garage business. They shouldn't make phones people make fun of (and they do trust me).
  • There were telling the truth! It will arrive "in the coming weeks"! I never doubted you ATT. lol
  • I am not getting what DataSense is and why I would want it? Other than that...hopefully the update will change to my email that is merged with my old Hotmail account. My hotmail account is from years ago and I did not have the foresight to realize the integration it would have with all things MS. My Outlook email is more "professional".
  • This may be a dumb couple of questions, but here goes.........
    When I do eventually download this update, will I have to reload the 12 or so apps I have downloaded (a game and others)?  Also, will the progress in the game I have, be saved?
  • No. At least you should not have to. But you only have 12. I would be afraid if I had to reinstall.  :)
  • Thanks......Whew.  Will see what happens when the update is released!
  • still no update yet...this is insane. by the time GDR3 comes out I will just be getting GDR2.
  • EY!... no GDR2 UPDATE coming to PLUTO!?!?.. wtf!... 
  • I think I'm gonna cancel AT&T contract. This company is asking for too much $$$ and a very poor service and support! 
  • Please,delete this article, at&t lie again. No 920's update is available.
  • Well, it's tomorrow.  No Amber/GDR2 here for me.
  • Is this supposed to hit by noon (CST)?
  • YO.. Still no update, Whats happening Mr White ???
  • I find it hard to believe the update will be out today when its not even on Nokias servers. I just checked with the care suite and its still showing the old firmware
  • That's a very bad sign.
  • Oooooooook soooo where is it??
  • Not feeling confident that it will be out today. Even Nokia's site says it is waiting for approval -
    You'd think the status would have changed to 'Coming Soon' if it was really coming out today.
  • Check out the site says "Available" :)
  • What?! lol.  It didn't say that when I posted my comment.
  • Looks like they changed it to Available but I have a 920 and its not available yet. I'm in Nevada, not sure how they roll it out but I'm going to keep trying.
  • This waiting shit is stupid. I've been waiting for like a month and a half
  • 1 MINUTE TO GO!!!! lol
    It would be nice to get this update, but its pretty minor to me, its a bit frustrating because I'm assuming it'll take forever to get GDR3 out and by that time its possibly that AT&T is just not going to push that update to 920s.
    Liars they are.  I did not get my update.  1:01PM and nothing.  Other than my phone is up to date Last checked 2 seconds ago.  
  • Nothing. This is a bogus story :/
  • It says "available" on the Nokia servers, but still doesn't show up on the phone. I'll try again in a little while.
  • The Nokia update status page now shows the update for the AT&T Lumia 920 and 820 as Available.
  • My phone has found the update and the update status now says "Downloading updates 0%" wish I had a WiFi connection right now. 
    Edit: Message now says "An update is ready for download"
  • Really so where is it at&t
  • Mine is downloading and installing now!!!
  • Sweet, it's downloading now!
  • It looks like it's rolling out. I just got an update on my 920.
  • Still says up to date whaddafuck att
  • Mine is updating :) 
  • make sure you're hitting the cell tower.  Mine didn't see the update on just WIFI.
  • Downloading. AT&T Georgia.
    Edit: Sorry, didn't mean to reply here.
  • downloading to 920 in alaska
  • Downloading on 920 in california
  • Nokia website has now been updated to "Available" for AT&T. Servers must be getting hammered because the check is taking forever and it has thrown one "Cannot check at this time" error.
  • Downloading now AT&T, 920, Orange County CA. At 7% and rising.
  • Preparing to install here in Maryland.
  • Downloading in FL
  • Woot! Installing now! ATT Lumia 920
  • Downloading in Western KY!
  • Downloading mine right now
  • Getting Amber update now! about !@#*! time! Lol.
  • That one dude, in the forums with one comment.  He was right.  Hot damn.
  • As most of you know by now, the update was available, this morning.
    I installed mine at 12:20pm, Central Time (Austin, Texas).
    So far, seems to work fine.
  • I updated my phone around 9 pm last night and since then I have been having problems with my WiFi. The first problem I had was the WiFi would automatically turn off when using it and the second problem after restarting my phone is that WiFi would be connected but the phone would say there was no internet connection, I then have to turn WiFi off then back on again. Am I the only one with this problem?
  • I got stuck on cogs for almost six hours. Soft reset and more cogs, but finally after another hour it went to home screen. Made the mistake of locking my phone as usual, and when I woke the screen it was unresponsive to touch. Tried to lock and wake it again and now the screen didn't turn on, so I soft reset. Since the update, if someone calls and I answer I can't hang up and the phone will black out needing a soft reset, I can't lock the phone at all, I'm afraid I'm going to get image burn of my home screen. I wish I hadn't updated so much now, no improvements for me, just trouble. ):
  • Oh my! way to go T-MO. what? Oh I'm sorry. the uncarrier= no updates. no high end devices. mwah.