Well, it's a few minutes after midnight and AT&T's site is now live with their Windows Phone 7 offerings.

Full pages for Samsung and HTC Surround are here and here. Good for you folks who can't make it to the store or just like it when people bring you things to your living room.

Both phones are of course $199.99, require at least a $15/month data plan and a 2 year contract. Don't forget about the AT&T Windows Phone entertainment pack, which includes the XBox Live puzzle-game "Ilomilo", a 30 Day Zune Pass, and a free month of AT&T U-Verse Mobile. The $29.95 valued freebie will be available to AT&T customers who purchase a Windows Phone between October 25, 2010 and December 31, 2010.

Update: Pre-order the LG Quantum right here; Use this Techbargains deal to save $75 on any WP7 phone (online only), thanks netdev, for the link!

Thanks, Sean L, for the info!