AT&T's HTC HD7S - First Impressions

The FedEx Truck left a surprise at the doorstep this afternoon, the new HTC HD7S from AT&T. Out of the box, the new Windows Phone feels good in the hand and it makes a nice first impression.

The 4.3" 800x480 screen looks nice and while it may not match the vibrancy of the Samsung Focus's AMOLED screen, it's not too shabby (it's actually rather nice). The HTC HD7S weighs a smidgen heavier than the Focus and is very comparable in overall size. I think I like the rounded edges of the Focus just a little better.

The HTC HD7S will be available from AT&T on June 5th for $199.99 (after contractual discounts). In the meantime, we'll take the HD7S out for a test drive over the next few days and have a full review up on the site shortly.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • The HTC HD7s is supposed to be loaded with the "Super LCD" screen that is listed as being comparable to Samsung's Super AMOLED screens. From the video, it looks like the two screen do look almost identical in quality.
  • they do however George said the focus' screen is more vibrant. And in the video you can see that, the Focus just pops out at you.
  • Yea but that "pop" has nothing to do with the quality of the screen and could simply be the auto-adjusting of the screen brightness by the OS.
  • It is not auto-adjustment of the brightness as even at highest manual setting SLCD screens are not as bright as S-AMOLEDs on medium setting (and unlike SLCD, the S-AMOLEDs are actually pleasant to use with high brightness and keep black as black).
  • There is said by some that there is a major battery life difference between the S-Amoled and the SLCD display. it's been said that the S-LCD will have longer battery life but, I would like to see real world tests on this.
  • the best screen is the screen of the LG wp7.... u huys should compare side by side Focus and LG screen and you'll see..... it's a lie that the focus screen is the best!.... though I bouth the focus only cause its so light and its so beautiful!
  • I have both and I disagree or rather, it's personal taste.The LG has one strong point: the pixel density is higher due to the smaller screen. That's what you may be noticing.
  • Love the reviewer's accent
  • Well besides being very envious, I am really looking forward to a more indepth look into the HD7s. I cant wait for it to come out. I am definitely grabbing it day 1.
  • IT would have been better to compare the HD7s to the HD7.
  • as an onwer of the HD7, I would also like to see a side by side of the HD7 to HD7s
  • I no longer have an HD7 but will see if the local T-Mobile Store will let me do a comparison video.
  • I am definitely interested in screen vs screen, hd7s vs focus. Looking forward to the review.
  • Almost makes my HD7 feel obsolete ;_; Oh well, I hope T-Mobile gets more WP7 phones down the line if the merger gets shot down.
  • From the review I just need to know if the battery is improved.
  • I've got the HD7S with me today as my primary phone and will let you know about battery life. So far so good. Still, I can't help but think the 1230mah battery is a little on the weak side.
  • Looks like it still has most of the annoying things about original HD7: cheap plastic body, gimmicky inconvenient stand, speakers that get dusty very quickly, and inconvenient locations of most buttons and headphone jack.
  • The review has convinced me to look closer at the focus. It will be interesting to see the full review. Also, the HD7s is still awol on ATT. When is the release date?
  • @fpostrow-- Its s'posed to be available on June 5th.
  • " I think I like the rounded edges of the Focus just a little better."I'm still waiting for an American version of the Omnia 7, something a little more like the Zune HD. I've said it once, I'll say it 200 more times, I want a phone with industrial design that compliments and extends the look of the UI. I.E. Sharp and squared corners and the like. I've seen a few of HTC's new SLCD screens in the Incredible 2 and such, and I definitely appreciate the display on my Focus more, I just wish the Focus was A. Better made (not so squeaky/creaky). B. Didn't have that Blackberry-esque plastic chrome colored molding on the outside edge. C. And sytled more closely to the Omnia 7. I'm pulling for a Penta-Band Nokia phone.
  • This is a day 1 purchase for me.Back when the devices were originally rumored, I was hoping the HD7 (HD3 at the time) was going to AT&T. It had everthing I wanted. 4.3" screen, kickstand, and, of course, it ran WP7.I was DEVISTATED when it was announced as a T-Mobile exclusive.I tinkered around with the Inspire 4G (pretty much the same phone, minus kickstand and OS) and I fell in love with the hardware, but I couldn't stand Android at all.So, when they announced this, it was win-win. I love my Focus, but thankfully I can get out of that one easily and into the HD7S.
  • What I want to know is, do you observe ghosting of the text (fades in and out) when you scroll. You can test it out while scrolling in the settings or app list. This has been reported on the black background theme. I only ask because I was hoping that it would have been corrected with the SLCD, i have a bell HD7 which has an SLCD ( but the problem is still there.
  • In scrolling up/down on the settings page... the text does fade slightly with the headers (ringtones, theme, airplane mode, etc.) and is more noticeable with the smaller print, secondary text. Once you stop scrolling everything returns to full strength rather quickly.I don't know how bad it is with the Bell HD7 but it doesn't seem to effect the functionality of the HD7S. I honestly wouldn't have noticed it if you had never mentioned it.
  • I guess I'll never understand the appeal of these phones that are over 4" in size. I'd say 4" would be my limit. Any larger and it's just getting ridiculous for me.I'm quite happy with my HTC Arrive. The keyboard in particular is phenomenal. However the more WP7 handsets that consumers get to pick from the better. Even if it is on AT&T.
  • just copy and paste you old htc reviews..... all these htc look like the same phone model..... I think htc graphic designer is cheating his htc boss LOL ..... COMO ON... THIS HTC IS THE SAME AS ALL THE HTC.... AND ALL ARE HORRIBLE!