Looks like it’s a good day for Windows Phone 8 users. First they get an update for Kindle to fix loading issues and now Audible (which has had a few crashes too) is now patched in addition to getting some new features.

Yes, version 1.4 is now live in the Windows Phone Store and as far as we can tell, has fixed the stability issues. In addition, you can now do a doublewide Tile and even use voice commands. The voice command feature works by simply holding down the Start button to launch voice command and then saying “Audible…My Library” or “Audible…Play (insert book name)”...

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Overall, it works quite well though it is a bit specific. For instance, we had to say “Audible…Play the Bourne Ultimatum Unabridged Part 1” which is a bit longer than we had planned. In fact, it requires you to basically memorize the whole book title, as there is no fuzzy semantic ability with TellMe voice command.

Anyway, enough talk. Head to the Windows Phone Store here to pick up version 1.4 now and get listening to your audio books ASAP. Thanks, Julian W., for the tip!

QR: Audible