Players were required to build a city on another planet while encountering unprecedented challenges from the environment. Hostile creatures like gargantuan worms and deadly spores threatened the habitat's survival. Unfortunately, the game wasn't the deep experience people were hoping for and developer Mothership Entertainment promised to make it better.

Today, the PC version of Aven Colony got a significant patch which enhances the title in a number of ways. According to the studio, this Expedition Update will be coming to the console versions in 2018. Aside from performance improvements and other features like improved camera controls, the update contains the following main features.

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  • Four new remote installations (Remote Settlements, Missile Launchers, Deep Core Mines, and Solar Arrays) to extend your colony out onto the surrounding planet.
  • The Colony Terminal is a new morphing skyscraper that allows you to house colonists and comes with a hovercar transportation terminal built into the top floors.
  • The new Ark Launcher allows you to send Ark vessels out onto the overworld map to build autonomous installations outside your colony.
  • A new Transceiver allows your colony to collect solar power beamed back from solar arrays outside your colony.
  • There are new threats in this patch. You now have to fend off attackers from the Cult of the Seterdari, who will now target your colony with their ramshackle vessels.
  • Incoming threats such as creep spores, plague spores, hovering guardians, and cultist airships will now appear on the expedition map and approach your colony before they strike. It's not completely unpredictable anymore and you have time to react.
  • A new advanced Expedition Center supports an upgraded combat ship, which can fire missiles in a limited radius at all threats.
  • A new water system dramatically enhances the look of all the oceans, rivers and lakes.

It's great to see the developers aggressively supporting their game many months after launch. Hopefully these improvements will make Aven Colony a better city-building experience and add more depth. However, only time will tell because it's different to read about changes on paper versus experiencing them.

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