Avoid germs in public with this antiviral, antibacterial glove — now 24% off

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In public spaces, there is always a risk of touching a surface that is infected with nasty germs. Your best protection? Don't touch anything with your bare hands. Made from antiviral and antibacterial fabric, the Snapback Glove (opens in new tab) provides all the protection you need. Right now, it's 24% off MSRP at $28 (opens in new tab).

Normally speaking, you probably wouldn't think twice about opening a door or operating an ATM. But with a dangerous virus on the loose, minimizing your contact with shared surfaces is a smart move.

With the Snapback Glove, you don't have to touch anything. This accessory is designed to hang from your belt for quick access. When you need to open a door or sign a receipt, you simply slip the glove over your hand.

The unique shape means you can put on the Snapback Glove without using your other hand. Once you're done, the retractable attachment pulls the glove back to your belt. Being made from 70% silver fibers, the fabric kills any germs you pick up.

It normally retails for $37, but you can get the glove now for just $28 (opens in new tab).

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Snapback Glove – $28

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