Baby got back: Image of the Nokia Lumia EOS / 909 from behind

One week from now we’ll have finished the Nokia Zoom event in NYC. We’ll have the complete picture of the Lumia “EOS” by then. Last night we shared the front of the device in an image leaked by @evleaks on Twitter. At the time he thought it would be called the Lumia 1020, but new information has crossed his path that suggests EOS/Elvis will be known at the Lumia 909. We’ve also got a new picture of the device, its backside.

We never doubted that AT&T would be the only place you’d be able to pick up the Nokia EOS when it becomes available, so it was nice to learn that the UK would be having fun with it too. What will we all be getting?

  • 41 MP camera with Xenon flash
  • Nokia Pro Camera
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • OLED screen at 768 x 1280
  • FM Radio
  • 1 mm thinner than Lumia 920 (except for the camera housing)

I can’t wait to see what the mad geniuses of Nokia have done with the imaging technology in the upcoming device. If this thing really is a combination of the sensor found in the PureView 808 with everything Nokia has learned since then (OIS, software tricks, etc) this will be produce drool inducing pictures.

Source: Twitter (image), Twitter

Thanks for the tip Flulz!

Sam Sabri
  • I can't wait to caress that volcano on the back. It's going to produce some sexy pictures. 
  • Sure will!
  • No wireless charging ewww...
  • its better since this means it might be slimmer than 920! and they might use wirless charging covers like 820?
  • Where is the point of a cover? Do you want to run around with your phone covered all the time or do you want to put the cover on for charging.they might as well just don't mention wireless charging at all if they don't offer it in their devises.
  • I agree, i don't want a cover for my Lumia 920, not with the fact that if will become fatter, it is just so sexy how it is, and the screen + polycarbonate body are so durable, never been so happy with a phone before.
  • I think I'm gonna be OK with the cover myself. I think the 925 looks great with its cover. The 920 is slick as hell and I've dropped mine enough that its pretty polycarbonate body is dented up and I'm not wanting to perform surgery on it. If the cover starts looking rough I'll just get another one. Plus I think it will protect the volcano by making it not stick out as far.
  • In the case of this rumored phone, a cover would add wireless charging, whatever color the cases may come in, and hide the camera hump.
  • There will be a wireless charging cover, sold separately of course
  • You just want to rub up on its humps!!
  • Lol
  • yussir!
  • Indeed it will. 
  • Caress the Volcano? Lols
  • Sexy pictures of you caressing the back? Ewww!
  • Volcano? Looks rather like a cooker's hot plate to me ; )
  • Then again, it has that black LG Electronics washing machine appeal. Just the bullseye is a wee bit small on the Nokia, so it's tricky to see when all pixels are squeaky clean.
  • LMFAO u just made my day no lie. So funny ROFL
  • easy sam... don't make it explode :D
  • Want
  • Nokia 909, not Lumia 909
  • It's Nokia Pureview 909.
  • so it doesn't carry the Lumia name?
  • Nokia's Windows Phones will always bring the 'Lumia' name (to differentiate between its WP smartphones and its feature phones like Asha), so it will be Nokia Lumia 909.
  • Nokia 808 pureview , nokia lumia 909 makes sense.. Maybe next camera phone nokia 1001
  • Or 1010 :)
  • 911? Haha, kidding. Maybe a Verizon variant..?
  • Hey, it worked for Porsche ;)
  • I can see this turning into the early naughties when there were so many nokia numbers you didn't know what was what, up or down..... I hope they stick with x2x for this gen, x3x next and so on.... If they vary from this with the 909 and such, wheres that goin 10-0-10? if 909 is just the Lumia variant like, 919 or 939 being next gen... now if they try a smaller one they can't use 808... I might be thinking about it to much but Mercedes annoys me with the fact their coupe's dont follow the salloon Lettering (tho the current gen is changing that at god damn last) Audi is a great example of following logic...
  • +911. It would be Nokia Lumia Police. LOL
  • First 1020 and now 909 which is probably just coming from the 808 but with a 9 for the Lumia series.
  • My guess is 929 :)
  • ^This. Same wavelength, I don't think they would name it lower than the 920, but not naming it the 930 nor the 1020
  • 941? haha
  • Lumia 909 seems legit to me ... Greetzz.
  • Lumia 36 24 36.
  • I see what you did there!
  • Only if she's 5'3"!
  • Lol baby got back
  • If you turn it sideways, it looks like a camera. (With a big lens.) Clever.
  • At first I was mad that is was a "10XX" name, but 909 is obviously a predecessor of the 808.
  • Mad?
  • Like green mad or purple mad?
  • Predecessor? You mean successor?
  • Jesus H Christ already...ENOUGH OF THE 32GB!!!!! By the tome you get your head out of your ass and make a 64GB, 128 will be the norm with iphones. and before some clown tells us we dont need 64 gb, others dont think you need 2 to each their own (but there is a market for 64).
  • 64GB will never be standard. (For quite a while, anyway.) Instead of doing that, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are pushing their cloud storage options.
  • Cloud Storage won't be enoguh until cellular data caps go and die.
  • That will never happen...carriers want the $$.   Hell, I'm surprised I don't have a data cap on my home internet connection on Time Warner yet.  In fact Time Warner was just testing data caps last year here in San Antonio.  It wouldn't surprise me if this became the norm for "any" data/internet service. 
  • In Finland there is no data caps (or atleast not usually) :P Though in here we pay for faster 3G.. Like, right now I have 0.5mb 3G,but I can pay a bit more for 1mb, 2mb or better :D
  • Cloud storage is great...except that constant use of 3g...especially streaming takes its toll on the battery!
    On another note...I really didn't like the hump at first but it's really growing on me! I can't wait to upgrade!!! 920...I WILL MISS YOU, BUT YOU WERE JUST A PIT STOP!!!
  • Will a Qualcomm s4 be able to handle this? Hoping for the 600 same used in the HTC One
  • I don't see why not. What processor did the PureView 808 have?
  • Snapdragon 400 is supported in GDR2... only Dualcore variant though...
    It had a custom made 1.3 GHz ARM 11 processor .
    I rememeber when they launched the 808 PureView & the Lumia 800 , people asked them why didn't the Lumia 800 get the 41 MegaPixel camera & Nokia's answer was that was due to the Qualcomm's CPU limitation (Which supported up to 20 MP cameras only)
  • Nothing to do with the ARM11 cpu.. which is awful by the way. It as all about Broadcom with the 808, and the N8 for that matter. The 808 has a built in DSP inside the camera module, which shares the load with the main GPU. All in all.. an engineering marvel.
  • For that I think you need to wait till Nokia World/Q4, same as 1080p screens.
    S4 wont be able to handle it, but Nokia has probbaly paired S4 with a companion processor unit to do some of the heavy duty work at the start. Same as with 808 PureView.
    Qualcomm 800 is the only SoC able to support 41MP right away with no modifications.
  • it will have a dedicated gpu like the 808 has. -fyi, the 808 has a 1.4 GHz single core ARM processor with a dedicated co-processor to handle the digital/image processing and oversampling.
  • why not the S4 800!!!
  • I don't think even the 800 can handle this properly.. Nokia did a lot of work on the GPU processing with Broadcom, and I bet they manged to port it over.
  • You guys don't seem to get tired repeating the same story with each new sneak preview picture... I really appreciate your enthusiasm but I really wish the eleventh had come and there was no more need for another exclusive leaked photo. How many megapixel does it feature? I keep forgetting...
  • It must suck to have someone forcing you to read articles....
  • More like the staffs are stuck in forth of July.
  • This will be my go to phone. I welcome every article. I for one can't get enough.
  • Does this mean my wish is going to come true and it will get the PureView name???? :D
  • That's a good question actually. I think with Lumia moniker it will get a bit crowded, Lumia 909 PureView. It was fine with 808 PureView.
  • I could see them leaving behind the Lumia name if it didn't look exactly like the 920.  We will soon find out though
  • It should be Nokia 909 PureView ... skip the lumia crap
  • In my opinion, you have to drop the Lumia name. People love to brag about their phones and I think the PureView name sounds great and it tells everyone what your phone is all about just by saying, "it's a PureView." I've spent the last year observing people's reaction when I say i have a Lumia... My sister's friend said, sounds girly.. Another friend said sounds like a car. Hehe
  • I am sold on this, I'll get this yes or yes
  • All they need now is a 303.
  • Then there will be som sweet sounding music!
  • Not sure if your talking about the music band or something else -_-
  • Type "808 909 303" into bing :)
  • 909 is a much more suitable name
  • Im an ass man........yes does have a onion! My upgrade coming up with att. Love my cyan Lumia 900 too. Long Nokia.
  • YES
  • This has a bit of potential to confuse casual customers, though. 909 as the follow-up to 920, 925, and 928? They should have made it 929 or something.
  • The twist: it runs Windows Phone 7.8. Haha.
  • Haha lol!
  • 929 would be more logical. But I think they want to present it as the new 808 more than a variation of the 920.
  • Doesn't look like an ass if its on top. More like Quasimodo :-)
  • ....with the S4 Zoom being Quasimodo's failed clone.
  • +ZOOM!
  • The S4 zoom looks like a terrible PhotoShop between a camera and a S4
    I wish they at least would put some serious effort into it.
  • Yeah, I don't see it being called anything lower than 920... but I hope they save 1020 or higher for a GDR3 high-res version.
    My bet is on 941.
  • Cant Wait to get one, my Lumia 900 contract is up this November
  • I have the 920 but for the 1010? My 920 will get rehomed.
  • I wonder what the price will be, cause if its anything like 808 at launch this will be damn expensive
  • Flagship phones usually cost a lot. HTC and Samsung top models cost 700€ here.
  • Thank you for pointing that out. Many people here on carriers do not know this...-and to further your point, it was expensive because of the 41Mp sensor....the 808 is not spec-tastic like the 920. -even if the 920 had two year old hardware.
    PS, I live in the US and spent around 730$ for my 808 when it was released.
  • This needs expandable storage
  • It does.. its will be the first camera phone by Nokia not to have one, and they've been making cameraphones for over 10 years.
  • While im excited about this phone, i really just he nokia can fix tier phones from crashing while using bluetooth and internet sharing. FYI, im on my fourth white lumia 920.  Im giving Nokia one more shot and then im done. I love wondowshone but if they dont get thier hardware and software together i will be moving on. The only thing stopping me from getting a htc one is xbox music which i  have been using since Zune.
  • Nothing to do with Nokia.. Microsoft deals with the software side
  • Actually Bluetooth and internet sharing issues usually have to do with hardware or firmware issues and not software so it's nokias side at fault technically.
  • Sorry to hear about your problems with sharing & bluetooth. Our family have 2x 920 and kids have 2x620. We use those abilities quite often without any problems. My iPad is connected internet alldaylong through 920 when i am away from home.
    These problems are not Nokia problems, but carrier & Microsoft.
    I've accidentally dropped my "tank" several times without scratch. I am very happy with it!
  • Ugly
  • She may be ugly but she gives great headshots!
  • It will look good in real life
  • So are you.
  • Lumia 909 PureView.
  • Maybe they could fill in the back a bit to make room for a Micro SD or two. After all, if it's going to be taking those stonking huge photos, you're going to want to store them somewhere.
  • If it is a 909 than this is not a Lumia and this NOT a Windows Phone. If it is Lumia 909, than I want the job of the Chief Marketing Officer at Nokia because I can do better. A Lumia phone lower in number to either 920 or 925 is simply not on. Something not right here.
  • At this point, they can't use Android so if it's not Windows Phone then it's Symbian. But no way will AT&T pick it up if it's Symbian. So I'm 100% sure it's a WP device.
  • Pureview is a very good replacement for Lumia but it going to cost millions to rebrand the phone. Lumia=Windows Phone. Samsung stuck with the Galaxy name since the 1st generation. And thus Galaxy=Android. Pureview 909 is a great name but the market will not perceive this as a Windows Phone. Risky.
  • Windows still has little market share that I feel a name change wouldn't hurt. Plus, I dont see it as a name change if you are labeling this a 909. Advertising starts with the name and I feel PureView can help with sales.
  • I would say not being associated with Windows Phone might actually work better. It's not like people other than us are clamoring for the next WP.
  • Since when was Lumia ever marketed or identified with WP?! Its only here in this site, and sites like it that people know that Lumia is a WP device!
  • They should just call the thing the Nokia Lumia Pureview ###...........who the hell cares what the number is
  • Weightwise...920 - 1 mm thickness add  + added weight of larger camera = 920 + ????
  • Anything you add to the phone adds price. You got Lumia 920 plus 41mp sensor that's iPhone 64gb price right there. Some want Nokia to go into 64gig that will add to price. Nokia could make 1200 dollar phone. Question is who will buy it? As for the name, its not important, as long as it doesn't have i part in it, like Nokia iview or ilumia
  • No need for 64gb.. an SD card slot would do just fine
  • ....Im afraid only those people who buy Vertu phones. Lol
    The specs don't matter to me, just as long as performance is superb! But anyway, yea the consumer will usually go for the cheaper alternative if they can (and im not talking about subsidized phones on carriers... full retail value).
    But anyway, yes a 920+41 mp sensor would in fact shoot the price up. Americans will never understand this since we have a spec enthusiastic market who have the privilege of buying subsidized phones.
  • If its the 41Mpix sensor from the 808, there won't be OIS.
  • You sir, are wrong.
  • Att I say about 249 on 2year contract
  • Nokia can't really use "PureView" as a distinguishing name for this phone because they already told everyone that the 920 has a PureView camera.  Oops.

  • You should have paid more attention to why and what pureview is. Nokia has explained this a long time ago!
  • We can discuss the name...but you want to know what I want to see?
    What I really want to see is the Nokia Lumia 3310.
  • +3310 Imagine, a Nokia 3310 running Windows Phone O.O
  • Right now I'm just ready for the 11th. July is going by so fast already. Ready for the 925 and the new EOS. I think Q2 was great for Nokia. Q3 will be even better.
  • OLED is better than AMOLED or its same thing?? Anyone knows??!!
  • I wish this wa coming to Verizon!!!  I just upgraded from the Lumia 822 to the Lumia 928, but I'd get this in a heartbeat if it came to Verizon!
  • I can see the desperate Android articles now: "Name change to Nokia 909! No Lumia??? Android in the midst?". It sounds ridiculous but we all remember when Nokia brought in ONE Linux designer all of sudden people thought they were switching to Android -_-. The stupidity is real. I hate to see what they're going to do with the news of the name change.
  • The pictures/video taken with your 909(or whatever they call it) thread is going to be the most popular one!
  • can't wait for a direct comp against the 808..
  • I'm glad its in the pureview camp..with that camera it should be the new 808. This shouldn't and I hope it isn't the successor to the 920. I love it but would think it makes more sense to do a 920 successor without a need for a giant 41 megapixel camera...slim down the 920 and proceed with a generational camera improvement and the choices will be awesome!
  • It's called 925..aaand it's real.
  • No 64GB in a phone intended for taking lots of pictures and video is ridiculous.
    And the lack of internal wireless charging is a huge issue for me. I'm addicted to that feature of my 920, and I don't to add an additional charger to get it.
  • I wonder about this timing. It's bad. I have a 920, and would pay to upgrade, but only for a camera upgrade. This should have waited for WP8.1, with a 1080p screen and faster processor. This is sox months too late wrt the WP8 launch, and 6 months too early for the next gen...
  • Don't you think it would be fair to mention the original source of the 909 moniker? I mean, NokiaNews broke the news first and now all kinds of sources are mentioned, but the original one.
    Just read the article we've posted yesterday morning, before everyone else. Would be professional courtesy.
    Please read the article on NokiaNews dot eu if you want proof
  • I cant wait, i get excited so much with this Zoom event rather than waiting for the man of steel premiere night lol
  • Just thinking about the phone coming only for AT&T makes me and I'm sure a lot people loose the enthusiasm.
  • Man, this is a hideous phone.