Nokia EOS 41MP Windows Phone confirmed to be heading for the UK

Nokia will release the upcoming EOS (or just "Lumia 1020") Windows Phone in the UK, according to a report over on CNET. The website notes that a telecoms industry insider has confirmed as much and the handset will not be an exclusive product for the US. We're expecting to see some EOS action on July 11th. Images of the EOS have also been leaked online.

The reason this device is a special case is that we're likely to see a 41MP PureView camera, the very same beast that was loaded on the Nokia 808 PureView Symbian handset. Nokia has improved the optics and software on its Lumia line of Windows Phones and the Lumia 925 is the latest product to take advantage of this continued development, leading to impressive results.

While CNET's inside source was unable to confirm just what the Nokia Windows Phone will be branded, we're still looking at the "Lumia 1020" to replace EOS, which would make sense as this is a fairly large leap from the Lumia 920 (along with the Lumia 928 and Lumia 925). As well as the 41MP shooter, the EOS is expected to include the following:

  • 41 MP camera with Xenon flash
  • Nokia Pro Camera
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • OLED screen at 768 x 1280

Nokia EOS

It's a highly anticipated device, and consumers have demanded to see a 41MP Windows Phone ever since the Nokia 808 PureView was released. Nokia has waited and it makes perfect sense with the Windows Phone OS maturing to an acceptable level. Be sure to stay tuned to our feeds as more details are leaked and confirmed in the near future. We'll be attending the event on July 11th and will relay the latest from the floor.

Are you excited for the EOS, or happy with your current Windows Phone?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Both, by I am getting the new phone on release day.
  • Me to, I have my €700 waitin in the bank... (I know it won't be that much but if its like the 920 it'll take 5months to get to Ireland, which I'm not waiting on)
  • Yes, very excited.
  • ^^Same here.
  • So wow..!! :D
  • I will wait for the 5" aluminum to be reported on then make my decision based on price and features.
  • Same here. Not really enamoured with a larger screen, but if th ephablet has a better battery life, then I'll be in quite a spot to make a call. 
  • Nokia 909, not Lumia 1020 ;)
  • Yay! now that is possibly going to be my upgrade ;) but will decide after the event. I'm guessing given the screen resolution it will ship with GDR2.
  • Yeah I can upgrade now as well. I have a feeling I should wait for GDR3. Hopefully this will wow me with the official looks and specs when announced.
  • What's the difference between OLED and AMOLED?
  • AM = Activematrix. OLED could still be an AMOLED screen... Same as nobody calls a LCD a TFT LCD TV anymore.
    AM has capacitors so it can instantly power pixels (hence active) where as regular is passive, so requires something else to power them.
    AMOLED has a higher refresh rate, so I would guess it is actually an AMOLED screen so it has PureMotion.
    Either way though, I hate OLED/AMOLED screens the colours dont look quite right and they age annoyingly quickly, all phones I have had with AMOLED displays have started to age (Red/Blue pixels start to be dimmer than the greens) Looks like burning in on a plasma.
  • Thank you for your informative answer :) but I haven't had any problems with my lumia 800 which has an AMOLED screen.
  • Amoled has an AM in front of oled. Your welcome.
  • lol
  • 941. :)
  • Nokia EOS is actually Nokia 909 PureView -
    Nokia 808 Pureview >> Nokia 909 PureView - Which make sense!!
  • Interesting if true.
  • doesnt make sense if you see the numberin logic of lumia devices - does it 
  • It wouldn't be a lumia, so the numbering wouldn't matter. But I would expect them to add in some "name" lime the Nokia Zeiss 909. Or something one word like that
  • If it goes by that name and numbering scheme, does that mean that EOS isn't technically a "Lumia" series phone?  If that's true, then will "X0X Pureview" phones be a new line? 
  • So this is not going to be a WP8 device then?
  • Excited? Try very excited!!! But, I'll wait for the 1080p screen refresh after GDR3. I want to see every photo in all its glory AND finally tell Android lovers to shove it!
  • A 1080p screen is worthless on a 4.5" screen. The human eye really can't tell the difference. But it does waste more battery. I wouldn't get conned by a marketing gimmick.
  • I can...... JK I don't.
  • More than any other feature like 1080p and quad core which is now becoming commonplace this camera tech stands out as true innovation and something that cant just be slapped into a device like android OEM's do in their specs arms race. Couldnt care less to wait for all that hardware spec crap to compare to android, what matters most is the pictures this phone will produce in the end. And viewing on some tiny screen is pointless compared to a proper display which will really reveal the beauty of the shots taken.
  • Ooh ooh! Maybe an inbuilt projector. That would be coool!
  • We're a week out from the unveiling... where is Nokia with its usual pre-event teasers??  
  • My Lumia 920 died yesterday. I've sent it it to be fixed, but now I am just ready for the EOS-909-1020
  • How?
  • I am holding out after for the sucessor to this one. I already have a 920.
    Would have got it straight away, but I need expandable memory, or memory bigger than 32GB. I also don't really want an OLED screen, but I would consider putting up with one if it was 1080p, but still would rather it was IPS.
  • Why stop at 1080p? They should just put a 4k screen on their next phone, right!? More pixels = better, yo. If you really think you need a 1080p screen on your tiniest device then you are an idiot. Go to Best Buy and stand fifty feet away from a 1080p tv and a 720p tv and see if you can tell a difference. That's the equivalent of having one on your phone.
  • A 4.5" screen at one foot is roughly equivalent to a 45" screen at ten feet.  Where are you getting 50 feet?  Anyway, I view my phone closer than one foot sometimes which means an even bigger TV at ten feet or 45" at six feet or so.  I bet lots of people could tell 720p from 1080p under those conditions, especially on a static picture.  Whether it actually makes any real difference is a separate issue but at the very least argue with non-made-up numbers.
  • Same as saying "I bet lots of people could tell a difference". You can't. 1080p is just a useless spec, and it's ridiculous to think it's necessary to have a nice phone. And it's not necessary to lure the average customer, either. The iPhone sells like hotcakes and it has the worst specs on the market.
  • Think I'll pass
  • I wish they would make a true high end now, it would attact more customers, with true high end i mean quad core and overated 1080p screen.
  • 100% agree, they can argue very convincingly all they want that we dont need 1080p or quad core processors but that hardly matters to consumers.  Pack in all the high end options with this camera and WP will take off.
  • I really don't think there's that many consumers that know about the number of cores within a phone. Of the ones that do most probably realise it'd bring little benefit, so that just leaves those with "a little knowledge is dangerous" who want quard-core and have been taken in by some Samsung marketing hype. What's that, 1% of the market, if that. I really don't think it's worth either Nokia or Microsoft's efforts to rush quad-core to the market. They are fine with headline features like "best camera-phone on the market", "best low light camera", "sexiest phone design" :-) those are things that are tangible and I think ring stronger with the buying public. I'm not saying gimmiks don't work, but I prefer Nokia to go for things that actually matter, that's why people love and respect them after all.
  • It would also need a huge battery. And people complained about the size of the 920
  • Who cares about the quad core and 1080p screen? I just wish they'd put 64GB (or even 128GB) in this thing. Snapping a bunch of 35MP+5MP pics is going to eat up your storage quickly.
  • I just want to know is will it incorparate an OIS....july 11th cant come fast enough 
  • I just want to know when I can buy it. Take my money!
  • Next month. I'll send you my bank details via PM. :-P
  • I was in Phones4U earlier and guy said they were expecting something from Nokia around the end of August. He thought it was the 1020 (which @evleaks now says is the 909) but wasn't 100% sure.
    Given that Nokia have missed every date they've announced so far, my guess is we're probably looking into the autumn before it's actually available.
  • I think that this is the last phone that Nokia will launch before the new WP update (8.1) and the next flagship phone will be the 1020 or 940 .
  • Does anyone know if Nokia will launch the next flagship in september, like every year?? Please answer
  • Thats for sure and will be released with better screen (1080p), faster CPU and probably with this PureView camera.
  • I am excited, but as the same time gutted because I haven't had my 920 for that long (which I adore). Will definitely be getting the 41MP Lumia but probably not for awhile unless I can pick one up for a good price. Just sucks that it doesn't have wireless charging.
  • As much as this phone is very interesting, I think Nokia should have gone beyond those specs, specially the screen resolution and the body. It would be great if they did a refresh of the Lumia bodies and went the aluminum or metal way with this phone.
    For a new flagship, which I think this will be, It would make more sense to release it when GDDR3 is available with higher resolution support and new features. It being dual-core is not important, we know WP works like butter in these CPUs but many people still compare apples to oranges between WP and Android when it comes to CPUs.
    For those that say 1080p doesn't make a difference, it really does. I have an HTC One (had many problems with the 920) to help me wait for the next gen of WP devices. The screen needs to be seen if you don't believe everything looks gorgeous on it. The speed is awesome as well.
    Hopefully we will know more about the EOS in the coming days.
  • Agree with you
  • So when 1080p resolution comes out later this year, we can expect a Lumia 1080 eh? :/
  • Will it have an updated processor? I seriously hope it does because the 920 was announced half a year ago and we need something new. Anyone know??
  • So if its announced next week, can anyone guess when it'll be available in stores? My guess is November/December in Europe
  • I so hope you're wrong on that, the tech just won't be as sexy then; it's already a year old. Nokia needs to pull an Apple, and have it out straight after launch, really try and build some momentum...
  • Pureview 909
  • Nokia is a lion a old experienced lion and when the lion sleeps apple a tortoise tryin to lead, samsung a fox steal food from everywhere, googl a pig eats everything later thn develop parasites. I would like to see all 3 run in different direction when the lion wakesup. Sorry for bad english
  • That was actually a pretty cool and somewhat adequate imagery.
  • + 909
  • Yo, Nokia changed the name last minute. The EOS will now be the 909 instead of the 1020. Evan from evleaks mentioned this....this was mentioned to me amongst my close Nokia friends in San Diego.
  • Want one. Any Ideas on price yet?
  • I am considering buying it, but the are 3 dislikes: screen size, no memory slot, micro usb on top(really Nokia?)
  • Or just "Nokia 909"
  • If Nokia play its cards, they are going to sell millions of phones.
  • Not going to buy anything from Nokia anymore, after their disastrous launch of Lumia 920.
  • When 1 year back i asked this specification, windows phone with 41 Mp camera to compete with Apple and android (atlease Camera lover will buy some Nokia phone), Nokia  people told 41 Mp hardware will not run in Windows phone OS. I am happy to see they have made it possible, and i am going for it