Back 4 Blood's first expansion, Tunnel of Terror, releasing next week for Xbox, PC, other platforms

Back 4 Blood Tunnels Of Terror Expansion
Back 4 Blood Tunnels Of Terror Expansion (Image credit: Warner Bros. Games)

What you need to know

  • Back 4 Blood's first expansion, Tunnel of Terror, is set to release on April 12, 2022 across all platforms.
  • All members of a party get access to the expansion, even if only one member owns it.
  • No price has been set yet for the expansion.

Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock Studios co-op zombie shooter, has improved quite a bit since launch, now with a playable solo offline mode and a ton of balancing tweaks. Its streak continues with the release of its first expansion, Tunnel of Terror, which is due out on April 12 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC.

The game offers up a number of PvE campaigns for groups of up to four players, who can choose between playable Cleaners that have different skills. The expansion will bring two new ones to the table: Sharice, a firefighter with an axe with a focus on defense, and Heng, a former restauranteur skilled with a knife. We'll also be getting Ridden Hives, a new co-op activitiy that allows players to explore caves underneath infested areas in Evansburgh.

In addition, there will also be new Ridden variations in the co-op campaigns and in the Swarm mode for PvP. There's the Urchins, which set landmines, Shredders, and Rippers (the latter two we don't know much about).

As is also common with shooter expansions, players will also get seven legendary weapons, eight character skins, 12 weapon skins, and a bunch of new cards to add to your decks (I know I'll be equipping my melee deck on Heng).

While not a part of the expansion, Back 4 Blood will be introducing the new No Hope difficulty, which is an even more challenging level in an already difficult game.

Developers Turtle Rock Studios previously announced that Tunnel of Terror would be the game's first expansion back in November, along with the rest of its road map. There are two more expansions planned, which are both due out sometime this year. There is an annual pass players can purchase to get access to all three expansions, or you can purchase the Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition.

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