BADLAND, a beautiful game of survival is today's myAppFree Deal

BADLAND is a side-scrolling adventure for your Windows Phone that has you guiding a furry creature in a game of survival. The game stands out amongst other side-scrolling games with its beautiful graphics, creative traps, and obstacles designed to slow you down.

The game is normally priced at $3.99 and with the help of the myAppFree deal, you can pick up BADLAND free. The deal only lasts twenty-four hours and if you have been on the fence about picking up BADLAND, now is your chance to get a great Windows Phone game for a steal of a price.

BADLAND has you controlling a furry little forest creature who is trying to solve the mystery of what has gone wrong in his forest world. The side-scrolling adventure has you guiding this creature across the screen, avoiding various traps and obstacles with one goal in mind: stay ahead of the left edge of the screen. If your character gets traps and scrolls off the side of the screen, the game is over.


Key features of BADLAND include:

  • Single player campaign with 80 unique levels
  • Multi-player mode for up to four players playing with the same device with 23 levels of gameplay
  • Co-operative gaming mode for up to four players
  • One-touch controls

Controlling your forest creature is simple. Tap the screen to have him fly upwards to avoid the various dangers of the forest. There is an assortment of power-ups scattered around the game to shrink or grow your creature in size. This change in size will be necessary to help him fit through smaller paths or bust his way through other areas. Just keep in mind that while size has its benefits, it also can create challenges. The larger the creature becomes the slower he will move. The smaller you are, the more erratic your movements.

Overall, BADLAND is a fantastic Windows Phone game. It is regularly priced at $3.99 and through the myAppFree promotion, you can pick the game up free. There are still have a few in-app purchases for the add-on gaming packs, but the deal makes the core game a steal.

Keep in mind that the deal will only last twenty-four hours and it may take some time for it to appear in all of the markets due to time zone differences.

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