Badoo dating app for Windows 10 Mobile set to make a comeback soon

The Windows 10 Mobile version of the popular dating and social app Badoo has been removed from the Windows Store, but the company has indicated it will be coming back soon.

Over 320 million people worldwide have signed up for Badoo. It has a Windows Phone 8.1 app in the store, and it's been there for some time, but the version for Windows 10 Mobile was recently removed (via However, the Badoo Tech Twitter page has indicated to us the app will be returning to the Store.

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In related news, the Badoo Tech blog recently posted an article on how the development team is using the Windows Phone app as an "experimental platform" to test new features that can be used in the iOS and Android versions in future updates:

3% of our mobile client users are on Windows phone, but this actually represents hundreds of thousands of users, which means we have enough users to create test groups and conduct experiments. Our experiments aren't always the usual A/B tests but A/B/C/D tests as well, which is where we have four groups including the control group.It also means that if we roll out something that doesn't work, it doesn't affect the activity of the majority of our users.

Badoo added that Windows Phone doesn't have as much device or OS fragmentation as Android, nor does Microsoft allow for third-party forks.

If you still need to check out Badoo, the Windows Phone 8.1 version, which also works on Windows 10 Mobile, is still available in the Windows Store.

Thanks to Blade800 for the tip!

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John Callaham
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  • Does it actually work? I'm legitimately curious because lets say I just broke up with my girl and wanted some "fun"...
  • Yes
  • UK only but. Sign up and you will be breeding in know time
  • UK only but. Sign up and you will be breeding in know time
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  • This is a free country.
  • Full of fake profiles though
  • Good to hear that an app would be making a comeback. I am eagerly waiting for linkedin, premier league and disqus UWAs.
  • Removed then coming back. Cheeky one, no?
    Well, I have seen this a lot recently.
  • Yes it was temporary. Have you read their blogpost about Windows Phone? I recommend you to go check the article. Must read.
  • Yes, I knew. The user experience can be less disruptive if there is no gap here.
  • I agree, yet every single company seems to do this. Don't really understand why though.
  • app for a less than %1 of the marketshare phones....Who will I find with this??? No-one? lol
  • But they also have iOS and Android apps, so I'm confused here?
  • Dude don't get confused. He is just a troll
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  • probably just as well he can't get a date
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  • This should suit you well. You definitely need to get out more.....
  • It's cross platform, connects with ios and android.
  • Wow, I thought you couldn't go below zero clue... First of all, 3% of their users are Windows Mobile users... Second of all... The app spans all platforms.
  • I find the idea of using it as an experimental platform to be very interesting.
  • Me too. In fact its genius idea how we can have all apps if all developers adopt this. Bad news is I dont think they will.
  • I guess it's the good thing about a small market share. If only all devs saw it this way
  • Youre welcome :)
  • Good to hear this from the Badoo Tech Blog : "We tried lots of software like Google Docs but the main problem was that it’s hard to search files in folders among other docs you may have. We also tried Evernote but it had a serious disadvantage - you have to share each note you create. As we are the Windows Phone team, we decided to try out Microsoft OneNote. This suits our needs, and it even allows us to deep link to the exact note in native applications! So we started using a shared notebook and created really good testing documentation. We also created a special regression checklist which contains links to our brilliant shared notes. If we had a new joiner today, we would just need to give him this document and it would almost be enough for him to start testing applications properly."
  • This is why rooms was so darn awesome for collab.
  • Guinea pigs :D Anyway I used this app for some months and they really updated it a lot with all the features and bugfixing. It was a bit slow though.
  • Brings new meaning to Insiders.
  • I think it also has to do with the fact tht we are already used to beta testing n giving feedback as part of the Windows Insider program....Probably, they feel this crowd wud actually help them make better products than the crowd using Android/iOS....
  • Just like the Amazon app made a comeback.
  • Wellllll...Amazon is a web wrapper, this will hopefully be a "real" app.
  • They should add a filter showing weekly Facebook use. Set filter to zero and find true love.
  • I love this app.....especially the part where there are these beautiful women from a town about 30 minuets away from me......THAT HASN'T EXISTED FOR ABOUT 75 YEARS, other than being a dot on a map.
  • I live the fake profiles on this app, how do they propose to this?
  • The location part does seem to be off but I've got laid so many times from this app.
  • Do these developers remove their apps and then later update them, just to get mentioned twice on sites like this? It's such an annoying trend.
  • I see some trolls have got out of the basement.
  • I found my now wife on Badoo. Haven't used it for a long while and there was a lot of crap to filter through at the time.
  • Just where I'd look for loose women - on a W10M app