Badoo dating app for Windows 10 Mobile set to make a comeback soon

The Windows 10 Mobile version of the popular dating and social app Badoo has been removed from the Windows Store, but the company has indicated it will be coming back soon.

Over 320 million people worldwide have signed up for Badoo. It has a Windows Phone 8.1 app in the store, and it's been there for some time, but the version for Windows 10 Mobile was recently removed (via However, the Badoo Tech Twitter page has indicated to us the app will be returning to the Store.

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In related news, the Badoo Tech blog recently posted an article on how the development team is using the Windows Phone app as an "experimental platform" to test new features that can be used in the iOS and Android versions in future updates:

3% of our mobile client users are on Windows phone, but this actually represents hundreds of thousands of users, which means we have enough users to create test groups and conduct experiments. Our experiments aren't always the usual A/B tests but A/B/C/D tests as well, which is where we have four groups including the control group.It also means that if we roll out something that doesn't work, it doesn't affect the activity of the majority of our users.

Badoo added that Windows Phone doesn't have as much device or OS fragmentation as Android, nor does Microsoft allow for third-party forks.

If you still need to check out Badoo, the Windows Phone 8.1 version, which also works on Windows 10 Mobile, is still available in the Windows Store.

Thanks to Blade800 for the tip!

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John Callaham