Baidu will be the default search engine in China for Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft announced a series of new partnerships with Chinese companies and government divisions, and one of them puts a new wrinkle on its Windows 10 strategy. The company says that Baidu will be the default search engine for the Microsoft Edge web browser, which is exclusive to Windows 10, in China.

Microsoft said:

"Together, we will make it easy for Baidu customers to upgrade to Windows 10 and we will deliver a custom experience for customers in China, providing local browsing and search experiences. will become the default homepage and search for the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10. Baidu's new Windows 10 distribution channel, Baidu "Windows 10 Express" will make it easy for Chinese Internet users to download an official Windows 10 experience. Additionally, Baidu will deliver Universal Windows Applications for Search, Video, Cloud and Maps for Windows 10."

Microsoft said that it remains "deeply committed to delivering Bing around the world" but also said it wanted to offer "locally relevant experiences" for Windows 10 users as well, such as the new Baidu agreement in China. Bing will continue to be the default search engine for Windows 10 itself, along with the Chinese version of Cortana. It added that 10 million devices in China have already installed Windows 10 and that it has "seen great feedback" from the select group of Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone owners who have been testing it with a preview build of Windows 10 Mobile.

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  • The last few sentences caught my eyes ;) "Xiaomi" ... Bring it on
    Update: 10 million upgrades in china is not a big number..Considering the fact that it's been only a month since W10 launch.. We will see good numbers in the coming months hopefully
  • Can you image if Xiaomi appears at the MS event?
  • I don't expect any 3rd party hardware on MS event.. It's all about Lumia,Surface,Xbox, Microsoft Band and Hololens
  • I know :/
  • They will most likely hold a seperate event all about the partners. 
  • <p>Chinese users seem very slow to upgrade generally. I&#39;ve compared numbers on StatCounter and Windows 10 (which globally is now growing at about the rate of Windows 7 at its time) is growing very slowly in China compared to the rest of the world, and even so it&#39;s at about the growth Windows 7 had there after the same time. Also, keep in mind how many PCs in China are still running XP. China is just a different world with its own rules when it comes to IT. I&#39;d say MS has nothing to worry about so far.</p>
  • When in IE?
  • Was going to open this article... Got baidu installed
  • Installed? You mean the mobile App?
  • Oh no! It happened to me as well. Baidu is the default search engine and I cannot use Cortana anymore :'( It also installed all the Baidu apps and replaced the Microsoft ones. I feel like crying
  • 10 million w10 downloads in such a big country? Maybe this number will rise with the official launch of the other segments present in Microsoft's ecosystem.
  • China isn't known for buying software...
  • Yes, in fact China and India are the 2 big countries that have a really high # of pirated software installations
  • True but w10 is free and chinese are well known for their love for free things.... say Chinese fear the west over privacy and i think these privacy concerns over w10 might have contributed Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Free only if your current Windows Os is genuine.
  • Is baidu a good search engine? Or is Bing better?
  • Baidu is the better option in China . That's why MS had to make partnership with them ( Chinese people only supports Chinese firms.. Even if it's software or hardware ) (PS: Except for iPhone :p )
  • Not actually agree with "Chinese people only supports Chinese firms. Even if it's software or hardware". We generally think the products form foreign companies are better, because of the quality and espicially the way they make us look "better". Yes, many Chinese are proud of their China-made stuffs, but that's normally not the reason they purchase them. For example,  People buy Xiaomi mainly for its lower price and good localization. Then some of them begin to support Xiaomi after they found the difference. Please don't think Chinese just as a group of people that put the oversea product down and support Chinese product for no reason. We consider most of the purchases carefully. To be honest, Baidu usually gets more useful results than Bing does, while searching something in Chinese. Than't basically why Chinese use Baidu a lot more.
  • Tbf most of the iPhones and Apple stores there are fake so still supporting China.
  • Just need to get on Bing MS and make it the go to engine for everyone. Bing is awesome in the U.S. but lacking outside from what I hear.
  • You're not wrong.
  • Not wrong at all.  I remote into computer overseas everyday and I've seen what Bing looks like there. Its like its back to the Microsoft "Live Search" days over there.
  • I think it has a lot more to do with microsoft wanting to abide by China's strict rules about what can be searched and what information can be returned from a search.
    Bing I'm sure can give the results the Chinese government likes, but a China based search company gives them a lot more control.
  • Smart way to. Prevent antitrust lawsuit
  • How can one not love china eh
  • When is the announcement coming about MS purchasing a large stake of Baidu and partnering with the Chinese government to improve localization, or whatever PR reason they come up with? ;P
  • I always took Baidu as adware or some browser hijacking software....
  • I'm ​not sure why you're trying to spread FUD...
  • That explains -  
  • Interesting, even Microsoft knows that Bing sucks outside of the US.
  • Then I want Google as the default search engine in germany. Bing sucks here. Can't use cortana for searching everything. I always have to go to and search there.
  • All you do is change the default browser to chrome. I'm still with edge and Bing. It's improving on my search. Ask Cortana
  • Baidu = stolen google code