Bank of America adds Mobile Check Deposit to the Windows Phone feature list

The official BoA app gets feature parity with Android and iOS

The official Bank of America app for our Windows Phone has been available for some time now over at the Marketplace. The free banking app already had a healthy list of features including the ability to pay bills, transfer funds, review balances and find ATM/branch locations.

Bank of America has recently updated the app's features.  Now you can add Mobile Check Deposit and a few more features to the banking app.

Mobile Check Deposit is that cool feature you see in television commercials where you take a picture of the check and it's deposited to your account from your smartphone. Mobile Check Deposits are subject to verification and are not available for immediate withdrawal. The restrictions make sense but the feature can come in handy when you need to make a deposit on the run.

You also have BankAmeriDealsTM that is available in limited areas that allows you to find cash back deals at local stores and restaurants when you use your Bank of America debit or credit cards.

The updated version of the Bank of America app also has Live Tile support and notifications for your Bank of America alerts. A nice feature to keep you informed of your banking activity when you're not in the app itself.

Remember to take advantage of all the Bank of America app features you need to be enrolled in their Online Banking services. You can find all those details here (opens in new tab).

The Bank of America app is free and you can find it here at the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Marketplace. Now if only Regions would follow suit...

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  • God I love BofA, they never forget about windows phone. Totally using this feature.
  • Recently BoA had TV ads promoting their app but it only listed iPhone and iPad. No mention of the Android or Windows Phone versions.
  • Im sitting at a bofa office while updating my app :D
  • Finally! Great update and save some gas :)
  • Great! I have been waiting for this feature forever.
    What is the deal with the other major banks...what are they waiting for?
  • Bofa already uses MS platform for other things. Guessing the transition is easier.
  • Props to BoA for supporting WP. Now if we could just get on board... I suspect that will come with win8.
  • Wish cap one would step up and do the same
  • Does anyone know where the chase app is .....i heard it was coming in August well August is gone.....
  • There was an article on SlashGear about it.. it's supposed to be coming with Windows Phone 8. 
    Edit: Supposed to be made available in Marketplace when Windows Phone 8 is launched, or soon thereafter. 
  • Have you guys heard anything about a capital one app for windows phone or an American savings app?
  • I downloaded the update, but it keeps getting stuck loading after I accept the terms and conditions for mobile check deposit :(
  • Same here on my Arrive :(
  • Same here
  • I had the same problem but deleting the app then reinstalling seemed to fix the issue
  • Attempting re-install now...
  • Thanks that fixed it! I feel bad for the majority of people who will have the same problem and never figure out how to fix it...I want apps like this to succeed...
  • Thanks for the suggestion...
    Un-install and re-install fixed the Terms of Use freeze.
  • Uninstalling/Reinstalling worked for me, thanks!
  • Right after agreeing with the Terms and Conditions I get stuck. Tried on 3G and WiFi. I have a Lumia 710, what phone do you have? :( Un-Reinstall trick did it for me too. This should be included on the article.
  • Yep uninstalling/reinstalling resolves the issue..
  • I updated app and can't get it work, won't accept text unless you get out of app, so I uninstalled this is too much work
  • I'll try reinstalling
  • Works fine on my HD7
  • Same thing happened on my Verizon HTC Trophy. Also after using it once my phone shut down :(
  • People still use b of a? I wouldn't give them any business if my life depended on it. They are too greedy on fees and finding ways to charge more everyday!  >:-(
  • Keep your nonsense out of here.
  • How is this non-sense? Your comment has no value. I know mine added very little as well but it has merit!
  • Name a single bank chain that is not. I have Citibank and the grass is not greener over here.
  • I agree with you, they are all experimenting with how to make more off of us with our own money, but boa seems to find cheap ways that exploit everyday situations. Example, boa having a pilot program in a few states to charge you a fee everytime you use your debit card. Obviously this didn't go well with anyone, including non boa customers, but this is just one example of how they will try to take your money through fees and think it is ok. Another is buying Countrywide Mortgage and wrongfully evicting homeowners under unlawful terms when they had perfectly good negotiations/arrangements for non payments or otherwise in place with boa or Countrywide.
    I overall say that banks can eat it and we should all manage our own money and not pay banks to "keep" our money when overall, besides the convenience of using the debit card, they are always making money off of all of us! Not just boa but they just happen to be the worst offender of them it would seem. When I leave Chase bank I will either use a credit union or just keep my money to myself in a safe and not have to pay anyone to use my own money. Next thing you know with these phone apps to deposit checks they will be charging to use ATM machines and walking in to to talk to a teller.
    In any case no disrespect meant to anyone who is a current boa customer or a future customer. I know the grass may seem greener than where you currently are, but fees and paying for simple things like checks to use your own money are not the way to live and there will always be a negative that makes the banks money that you will not like. I say keep your own money, invest in a safe and be in a happier place that doesn't include being separated from your hard earned money.
    This is just my take and we are all entitled to our opinions and choices, that's what life is about! Have a good night and I wish you all the best of luck and GO WP8!! :D
  • Worked great after reinstall. Deposited my first check. :)
  • hope wells Fargo comes up with one soooooooon
  • Can't stand bank of America but I'm glad to see them support WP though.
  • still waiting on Chase...
  • Oh man, I'm so jealous. I've been practically begging Wells Fargo to come out with something like this for WP. If WF ever starts charging me for checking like they've been threatening for the last year, I will gladly take my business over to BoA.
  • I truly have never understood this feature. If the funds are not available, and you still have to go to the bank to make the deposit, what is the benefit?
  • You don't have to go to the bank to make the deposit. Everything is done remotely and electronically.
  • \Sublime. The only drawback is that B of A imposes a resriction on the check amount -- $500.
  • There seems to be a bug with changing the date of bill pay item.  On my phone If go to bill pay and tap on a upcoming or unpaid eBills, there is a "Deliever By" date (which is set for the current date) it will allow you to change it but the app will not retain your selected new date for delievery.  Has anyone else run into this?
  • That would be a humungous issue. Have not tried it yet but now I'm scared to.