Battalion 1944 will bring WW2 action to Steam Early Access on February 1

Call of Duty: WW2 is probably the most popular game to make a return to the second World War in recent months, but it's about to get some competition on Steam next month. Developer Bulkhead Interactive and publisher Square Enix Collective have announced that Battalion 1944, a first-person multiplayer shooter set in World War 2, will hit Steam Early Access on February 1. To stoke the hype, the Early Access announcer was also accompanied by the action-packed trailer below.

Ahead of the Steam Early Access launch, Bulkhead and Square Enix Collection are also getting ready to run a closed beta test from January 19 through January 21. If that piques your interest, you can sign up to participate ahead of time. According to the developers, the beta won't include an NDA, so you'll be free to stream and create content around the game.

Other than the trailer, Bulkhead and Square are fairly mum on what to expect at launch. But if World War 2 shooters are your jam, Battalion 1944 definitely looks like it's worth considering. The game will be available in Steam Early Access on February 1 for $14.99 (£11.99 / €14.99). And for more on Battalion 1944, check out our hands-on with an early alpha version of the game from last spring.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Looking forward to this. Fingers crossed I get into the closed beta.
  • Played a stupid early version of this early last year at a show. Even then, really fun. I think this one's going to be big.
  • You left out the most important part about this game from your article!! No Loot Boxes, No Perks, No Kill Streaks!!! Just pure, old-school skill like the good old days! I seriously cannot wait!
  • All of this is true. And the reason I'm going to get absolutely destroyed! #potatoaim
  • Multiplayer only shooters aren't my thing but I really hope this game does well. During the Kickstarter the developers said they would like to do a single player campaign, they just didn't think their game would be so popular and would get funded so quickly (under 3 days) and want to make sure the core multiplayer experience in this game is the best possible experience. I'm hopeful that if this game does well they'll have the money and publisher support to add a single player campaign in their next game.