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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 graffiti locations guide

Life is Strange: Before the Storm's introductory episode had 10 optional locations where you can vandalize with graffiti and earn an achievement. Here's our guide to finding all of them.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 for Xbox One review — A dark, raw game you'll love

Deck Nine's prequel series to Life is Strange kicked off today with an introductory episode, that excels in putting the player into the shoes of a hurt, confused and angry girl whose world has crumbled around her.

Steam Spotlight: Dragon Quest Heroes II is a brilliant action-RPG take on Dragon Quest

Square-Enix's Dragon Quest is a long-running series of Japanese RPGs. Dragon Quest Heroes II takes its predecessor's combat and beefs up the role-playing elements, resulting in a stellar action-RPG and one of the best Dragon Quest games of all-time.

Get up to 75% off Square Enix-published games on the Xbox Store

Square Enix is currently holding a sale on the Xbox Store, offering up to 75% off select games for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Hitman Episode 2 review: A deadly trip to a coastal utopia

Hitman's second episode, Sapienza, is easily among the best missions in franchise history and a perfect chance to revisit the world of assassination.

Microsoft and Square Enix may be testing Xbox game streaming service in China

Microsoft may be teaming up with Square Enix to bring the popular fantasy RPG Final Fantasy XIII to China on the Xbox One. The twist is that the game may be offered via a cloud-based streaming service.

Hitman Episode 1 review: Does an episodic structure hurt the franchise?

Does the latest Hitman take a step in the right direction with its new episodic structure? We discuss the pros and cons of the latest Hitman game for the Xbox One.

This Week in Xbox: Hitman's episodic shift, Destiny 2 rumors, Black Ops 1 for backwards compat

Welcome to another weekly dose of Xbox news! This week we're looking at Square Enix's shift to episodic games, Destiny 2 reports, Black Ops 1 for backwards compatibility and more. Join the discussion for a chance to win the Resident Evil Origins Collection for Xbox One!

Game director for Rise of the Tomb Raider departs studio

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that Brian Horton, game director for Rise of the Tomb Raider, has left the studio after working on the Tomb Raider franchise for six years.

Watch us play time-traveling adventure Life is Strange

Tonight we played Life is Strange from DONTNOD Entertainment and Square-Enix. Life is Strange is a cinematic adventure game starring a teenager who can rewind time. We also gave out free copies of the game to several lucky viewers. Read on for quick game impressions, contest winners, and the full video replay in YouTube format!

Final Fantasy Type-0 Online hitting Windows and Windows Phone in 2016

More appreciation for Windows from Square Enix as it's announced that it's new Final Fantasy Online Type-0 title will be coming to Windows Phone and Windows PCs in 2016.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris announced for Xbox One and PC

In a bit of a surprise, not one but two new Tomb Raider games were announced today as part or the overall E3 2014 festivites. In addition to Rise of the Tomb Raider that's due out in late 2015, publisher Square Enix has announced Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, which will be coming to the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Rise of the Tomb Raider announced for holiday 2015

Square Enix used Microsoft's E3 2014 press event today to officially announce Rise of the Tomb Raider, the next game in the long running Tomb Raider action-adventure game series starring Lara Croft.

Xbox Live - Final Fantasy III Windows Phone Achievement Guide

When the first Final Fantasy arrived on Windows Phone, all of its Achievements were secret and thus couldn’t be viewed by players. We quickly posted a Mini-Achievement Guide to help get players on-track.

Now Final Fantasy III has appeared on Windows Phone, once again with Xbox Achievements. This time, the Achievements aren’t secret. But they do require plenty of time and effort to unlock. You just might need a guide! And wouldn’t you know it? Windows Phone Central is proud to present our latest Achievement Guide, filled with tips and resources for dedicated RPG players and Achievement hunters.

Final Fantasy III crystalizes onto Windows Phone 7 and 8

On the whole, it’s been a rough year for Xbox games on Windows Phone. Most weeks go by without new releases, and several publishers like Gameloft have stopped publishing their games as Xbox titles. And yet, a couple of new Xbox releases have turned up in the last few weeks: Temple Run 2 and Rabbids Big Bang.

Today another Xbox Windows Phone game showed up out of the blue as something of a late Christmas present for Xbox fans: Final Fantasy III from Square-Enix. This makes the third Japanese role-playing game the publisher has released on Windows Phone, following the first Final Fantasy and Chaos Rings. Final Fantasy III runs on both Windows Phone 7 and 8, but it carries a hefty price tag… Check out our hands on video, impressions, and Store link after the break!

Chaos Rings Review: a role-playing Battle Royale on Windows Phone

Windows Phone Role-playing fans welcomed Square-Enix’s remake of the original Final Fantasy with open arms last year. At last, we had a lengthy and well-made RPG in the Xbox Windows Phone lineup. But the RPG genre has advanced dramatically since the first Final Fantasy dawned on 8-bit Nintendo consoles. The remake’s modest enhancements couldn’t prevent the game from feeling dated.

Thankfully Square-Enix did not choose the equally dated (but still good) Final Fantasy II as its next Windows Phone RPG. Instead, the publisher followed up with a port of Chaos Rings. Originally released on iOS in 2010, Chaos Rings is an original Japanese RPG (JRPG) designed exclusively for mobile devices. How does it stack up against modern RPG standards? Read on to find out!

Unlock the secrets of Chaos Rings with our Windows Phone Achievement Guide

Square-Enix’s Chaos Rings is easily the cream of the single-player Role-Playing Game crop on Windows Phone. With an intricate storyline spanning alternate dimensions and timelines and four teams of playable characters, it’s also one of the vaster and most complex games in the Xbox Windows Phone lineup.

Windows Phone Central has spent countless hours exploring Chaos Rings’ every cranny and secret, and now we’ve got an exclusive Achievement Guide to share with you. Learn which team to start with, the best equipment and skills to use, where to find the hidden bosses, and lots more – after the break!

Chaos Rings wins the battle for Windows Phone 8 compatibility

We didn’t exactly get a new Xbox Windows Phone release this week, but Windows Phone 8 gamers DO get something new to play. Square Enix’s Chaos Rings, one of the highest profile games on the incompatibility list, is finally Windows Phone 8 compatible!

The game launched only for Windows Phone 7 back in March, hugely disappointing Windows Phone 8 RPG fans. Earlier this week it started showing up in the Store on Windows Phone 8 devices, but couldn’t actually be downloaded by most users. Just an hour or so ago, several of us managed to download it at last. The game's Store web page was down all week and just came back up as well. At last!

Chaos Rings from Square Enix and Gravity Guy 2 gracing Xbox Windows Phone this week

This is GDC week, so you can count on some cool developer interviews and hands-on stories as the conference progresses. But it’s also just an exciting week for Windows Phone releases. First we had the release of Sims Medieval for Nokia devices, and now general users can look forward to two regular Xbox releases on Wednesday. We’re looking at one Windows Phone 7 game and one for Windows Phone 8. The former will also be the most expensive mobile Xbox game to date, but at least it’s a good one: Chaos Rings from Square-Enix!

Here are the game developers that Xbox Windows Phone desperately needs

Last week, Gameloft kicked off their much anticipated wave of Xbox releases for Windows Phone 8 with Asphalt 7, a game I call the best racer on the platform in our review. They’ve followed up this week with the very strong The Amazing Spider-Man and the not-so-strong and highly skippable Real Soccer 2013. With at least 9 more games coming, including first-person shooters, action games, and even an MMORPG, it’s safe to say that Gameloft will keep Windows Phone gamers pretty busy this year.

Similarly, Electronics Arts and its subsidiaries Chillingo and PopCap have produced a ton of fine mobile Xbox games as Nokia exclusives within the past few months. All of the Nokia EA games are expected to become available to general Windows Phone audiences six months after release, so they really do benefit the platform as a whole.

However large and prolific they might be, publishers Gameloft and Electronic Arts can’t keep the Xbox Windows Phone lineup afloat all by themselves. The world of smartphone gaming is vast indeed. iOS and Android thrive thanks to many game developers and publishers, both great and small. Today we continue our ‘How Microsoft can save Xbox Games for Windows Phone’ editorial series with a look at the game makers that our platform needs in order to thrive.