As a part of Electronic Arts' Gamescom 2017 press conference, the publisher has announced its flagship shooter, Battlefield 1, is getting a new competitive mode this fall. Titled "Incursions," the mode aims to tailor the existing Battlefield 1 sandbox for competitive play, while still retaining the traits that make the series unique.

Designed to add "strategic depth" to the Battlefield 1 experience, today's announcement shows a push to phase the series into the competitive gaming scene. While still in development, the mode is expected to make changes to the flow of gameplay, with 10-player matches, new scoring systems, scaled down maps and pre-defined loadouts. However, staying true to franchise roots, vehicles will still make an appearance.

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Electronic Arts is kicking off the mode's rollout through a closed alpha test, set for some time next month. This will assumedly fall around the same time as Battlefield 1's upcoming second expansion, "In the Name of the Tsar." Those interested in testing out the mode in the weeks ahead will soon be able to sign up via the official Battlefield site.