Battlefield 1's first night map arrives with the Nivelle Nights update on Xbox One

The first nighttime map for Dice's Battlefield 1 is now available. The map comes as part of the new Nivelle Nights update, which also brings a load of bug fixes and balance tweaks across the board.

The biggest attraction in this update is, of course, the new map. In it, the battle goes to the trenches and devastated countryside as the French and German armies battle under a moonlit sky. The map is available to Premium Pass players and anyone who owns the They Shall Not Pass expansion. Others can get a glimpse at the map through Battlefield 1's Premium Friends feature.

Other, smaller highlights of this update include a new "Best Squad" screen at the end of each match that will highlight the platoons that performed the best. Player View mode is also getting some new camera filters and depth of field settings for spectators.

For all of the smaller fixes and changes included in this update, you can check out the full patch notes at the Battlefield website.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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