BBC iPlayer now requires a TV Licence to watch your favorite shows online

Whether you watch online, on your Windows 10 Mobile phone or on your Xbox One, from today you need a TV Licence to watch content on the BBC iPlayer.

Until now there has been a loophole in the regulations that kept the online leg of BBCs broadcasting outside the need for a TV Licence, the mandatory payment for watching television that funds the BBC. That loophole said that only live TV delivered through iPlayer was subject to the rules and not on-demand content. This has now been locked down by the Beeb and the Government and if you watch, you pay.

A TV Licence costs £145.50 a year and applies to anyone who watches live TV and BBC content. Other on-demand, online only services from ITV, Channel 4 and the likes of Amazon and Netflix remain unaffected.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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