BBC Sport

When the BBC recently launched overhauled versions of its iOS and Android news applications, many voices were heard questioning why there was no love for Windows Phone. At the time the BBC was clear about its direction with its newest mobile apps, but with the latest update there might be hope for the future.

From the BBC blog:

"Following the announcements of Windows 10 last week we will discuss with Microsoft the new cross device app opportunities that are now available."

Honestly, the BBC could do better with the apps it does offer presently on Windows Phone, but it's clear that Windows 10 opens up a whole new avenue of possibility. The simple fact is that there could be a universal app for BBC News, BBC Sport and BBC iPlayer available on not just Windows 10 phones, but tablets, desktops and the Xbox One, as well.

So, it doesn't do anything to please in the short term. But if people from the Beeb are talking to people from Microsoft, we can but hope.

Source: BBC Blog