Here is the changelog for today's BBM private beta update

BlackBerry is so far doing an admirable job with their popular BBM app for Windows Phone. Although still technically an open beta, the app is markedly improved with each update. Today, that trend continues with a new build going out to users right now.

Although a changelog is not listed in the Store, BlackBerry is sending out emails with a full list of changes. Here is what they are reporting to testers.

Most common fixed issues (

  • Contacts lose their avatars
  • Toast message for invite when the app signing in
  • Country and Time does not always show up
  • Contacts / Chats / Feeds screens slow to re-appear when returning from another screen
  • Emoticons are not rendering properly
  • And many localization improvements

In addition to those fixes, the BlackBerry team is recommending people start to try out some other features in BBM, to help refine the app even more. Those tips include:

  • Change-up your testing and try something new!
  • Add a new contact in person with the barcode or using the suggested contacts feature.
  • Chat with them and share a picture.
  • If you've added a few new contacts, start a group!
  • Follow changes using the Feeds panel, and give your contacts something to view in theirs by updating your avatar (display picture)

If you encounter any problems with BBM, remember to submit the issue for them to take a look: Tap on "…" -> Settings -> about -> "report a problem."

Overall, we like where BBM is headed on Windows Phone and appreciate the attention BlackBerry is giving it. Head to the Store to get today's update and let us know below if you are enjoying BBM as a messaging alternative.

Update: This is for the still closed Beta version of the app, not the open one from last week. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks, for the tips, everyone!

QR: bbm beta

Daniel Rubino

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