Become fluent in American Sign Language with 75 hours of video lessons for $19.99

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Here's a brainteaser: what language is used by upwards of half a million people, but cannot be heard? The answer is American Sign Language. Knowing ASL is valuable in many situations, and the Complete 2021 American Sign Language Master Class Bundle provides 75 hours of video lessons. You can get it today for just $19.99.

If you work in healthcare or emergency services, being able to speak American Sign Language is really important. Being fluent is also helpful in education, and diving hand signals are based on ASL.

Bringing together three different levels and a bonus course, this bundle provides a brilliant ASL education. It includes 53 video lessons in total, starting with the basics and taking you through to advanced language.

Along with everyday vocabulary, you learn the alphabet and baby sign language. The training even includes those scuba hand signs. By the time you finish all 75 hours of content, you should be a fluent speaker with an extra 30 CPD credits to your name.

Order today for $19.99 to get lifetime access to the training, worth $99.

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