Behance concept revamps Windows 10 Mobile

Windows Phone fans are passionate, as such, there's no shortage of enthusiast-made redesigns of the OS.

This latest one comes from @JobsRobson, who paid close attention some of Windows 10 Mobile's finer design flaws.

The full project makes a pass over the action center, start screen, Windows 10 Store, and even takes a look at how a popular app - Spotify - might fit into his proposed design language refinements.

The design introduces the frosted glass effect to Windows 10 Mobile. The effect was made popular in Windows 7, and found itself reintroduced into Windows 10's Start Menu and Action Centre for PCs following Windows Insider feedback.

Robson's take on Windows 10 Mobile makes better use of space available on-screen. Some of these composition issues are caused by Windows 10's universal apps, which conform to different screens based on the size available. You can test how UWAs transform to reflect different screen sizes on your PC, simply by resizing the window.

Here are some of Robson's proposed changes, be sure to check out the full project on Behance, right here.

Microsoft will no doubt iterate and polish Windows 10 Mobile's design and apps moving forward to bring it more in-line with something like the above. Major features like the inclusion of music controls directly into the Action Center might take a little longer to materialize. Interactive live tiles, for example, have been proposed for quite a while now, although Windows Insiders have yet to see Microsoft's take on the idea.

What do you think of these ideas? What aspects of Windows 10 Mobile do you think Microsoft should focus on improving first? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Behance

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Microsoft, please hire this guy!
  • Yes please. Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • While he is right about all the stuff that's wrong in the current UI, I' sorry, but his design practically makes WM identical to iOS.
  • YOU sir are 100% RIGHT. That's exactly what I thought too.
  • Yup! Even though it is beautiful, it looks too similar to iOS which we definately dont want
  • So only because feature is available in ios, we should stay with what we have ? I don't mind having some design elements similar to ios if they improve the look and usability of windows mobile :)
  • How does this look like iOS? That doesn't have tiles or an app list. Just the action centre looks a *bit* like iOS, but nothing else.
  • which YOU don't want
  • which YOU don't want
  • And Android too
  • Good artists copy , great artists steal... Or something like that... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The first thing I thought of when I saw this was Android...
  • Bingo
  • Yeah there are a lot of parts I don't like. Like the widgets in action center. If you have interactive tile there's no need. The search bar is a normal ui design pattern and makes it easier. Removing it make no sense as it does not do anything for that space. There's a bunch of small stuff that annoys me but hopefully they never happen. Overall it looks nice.
  • Yeah, the app search thing here was the least thought out thing proposed. I mean come on, complain about how much space it takes up, then do a "re-deisgn" that takes up just as much space?
  • I'm using an iPhone at the moment and I'm not sure in what way this looks like iOS. 
  • What's the difference? They already botched Windows 10 Mobile by cribbing endlessly and shamelessly from the crappy Android UI. Windows 10 Mobile is ugly trash that's harder to use than any version of Windows Phone since 2010. It's AWFUL.
  • What... Does your signature mean?
  • Yes, truly they need someone like this. I like the direction of windows 10's design, but it feels unpolished. It is surprising to me that making the os visually stunning wasn't a top priority for microsoft. It's good...but not great. This design could make it great.  
  • +1
  • May be we'll have design improvements later, in a future "major" update, just like they did with the "november update" on pc
  • +1000
  • The only problem I have with this concept is why widgets. Its basically the same as tiles. And ironically in his concept interactive tiles exist, so there's no reason for widgets. I also like this action center more.
  • That action centre is nice too but circles are reserved for people so Microsoft would never use them for action items.
  • Circles...really? And the four rows of quick action buttons is a bit annoying. I'd like to choose which ones to show, and keep it to a few.
  • Then press collapse. And they are customizable.
  • i agree 2 permanant rows is more than enough.
  • Honestly, in my opinion, the action center music controls and download progress is a better idea than the interactive tiles, speaking as a felloe developer for the Windows 10 platform. Again, just my opinion
  • +1
  • My biggest gripe with w10 right now is the music control. I can't stand always hitting a volume button to bring them up. I would love to see the controls implemented into the Action Center as presented in this mock up.
  • Why? Having them associated with the volume rocker is perfectly logical and quicker than pulling down the Action Center. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Physical buttons like the volume rocker inherently have a limited lifespan.  Personally, I prefer the idea offered here.
  • @Dojo - totally agree, this should be a top priority. Especially if the phone is in a case or on a wireless charger.
  • If you unlock the phone and music is playing, music controls are right there on the lockscreen, no need to press anything else at all.
  • They used to have it on lock screen every time music was playing and it was The best feature ever for music controls, but of course, some people didn't like it and they took it off
  • My biggest complaint right now is a non-native Cortana search. That really ticks me off honestly...
  • Agreed.
  • +2
  • No way! I'm using an Android phone now and God, I miss those Live Tiles. It is a far better UI than the damned static icons. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Naah . For me squares are fine. And I like squares more than circles in windows
  • Microsoft apply this design, please
  • Someone please tell Microsoft something to convince them to hire this guy. People like this are what we need to work on the OS
  • I agree
  • Please don't. Windows 10 doesn't need any tacky transparencies from the '00s. :D
  • And instead have a plain black screen like in MS-DOS times?
  • Make users choose like in Windows 10 if they want it transparent or solid black.
  • Black is  beautiful on oled screens, it makes the tiles float. thankfully the user can customize its background with plain black or picture and change tile opacity. by the way the "frosted" effect can already be achieved by editing the picture in photoshop. I'm not fan of "all tiles must be transparent". It makes it harder to find a specific app (when you need skype, just look for that blue tile). Again let the user choose if the tile must be transparent or not.  I don't like the design of the start screen here, I find it borring and confusing.  
  • This.
  • Yesss +1000
  • Interactive live tiles is amazing concept. It takes windows platform into next level. I like this action center but not much. It seems to be android notification bar. Background downloading every app on action center is very much needed. if u not consider background downloading. there will be no windows phones in future.
  • Interactive tiles sound great until you try to scroll your homescreen...
  • There was a leaked video from Microsoft Research that demonstrated interactive tiles. The way it worked, is by default, the tiles are not interactive, but live or static. If you wanted to make in interactive, there was a button you press right on the live tile that expanded the tile and made it interactive.
  • There will always be Windows phones in the future. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yess, hire him now!!!!
  • I know! Their current designs are not good at all compared to this guys designs. Please Microsoft! We want a great experience and free of bugs.
  • I told them that in his own article LOL!!:P
  • YES!!!
  • I'm so agreed on two of his suggestions.
    1) Accent coloured interactive notifications/notification popups with translucency.
    2) Download/Upload progress bars in action and notification centre. With true background capabilities of any and every type including peer-to-peer downloads/uploads in background functionality.
  • We don't want to be like ios or android so let the good ideas go to hell and hold in the poor design
  • Yess!! Please!!!!!
  • Nope. If you people want android interface, buy a freaqin android. Windows should stay plain and simple. Windows 10 mobile already defies the windows phone unique ui. I barely feel i own a windows device. Store looks like apples, gallery the same and so on. I loved windows phone ui. I want a winfows phone ui further. No transparancy is needed.
  • He barely made any changes. The only real thing was having notifications be more actionable like music controls and background tasks ...and that's not even a ui thing its just functionality ms needs to allow.
  • +100000000000
  • Dreams stay dreams untill you act upon it
  • Yes, hire him, and fire the existing.  How has he managed to do a better job (presumably part time) than the real full-time paid people in Redmond?
  • We need this person in the windows phone department
  • I like the frost effect in action center .!! That should be a part of win10
  • How on Earth these designers actually make better designs than those real Microsoft Ui designers?? One more shame added to Microsoft's resume. Posted via my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo which isn't as much abandoned as any Windows Phone on the Windows Central App for Android
  • Creating concepts and actually implementing those concepts are two entirely different tasks. Microsoft has been working hard to basically code an entirely new mobile operating system and all the system applications that go with it, while also managing the rest of the operating system as a whole. Besides, this guy isn't doing anything original, he's taking Microsoft's design language and refining it. That's different than designing something from scratch.
  • Indeed. As a Graphic Designer since 1998 and being in the Sign Industry since 2004, I see a lot of designers make something look decently nice, yet once you actually open their file up for production or editing, you soon realise that their design is completely useless and needs to be reworked, sometimes from scratch, just to get something close to what they originally made. Why? Because they can make something look sorta pretty but have not real idea of how to make it actually functional for what they intend. A customer will ask me to design something for them based on something they grabbed from Google Images, or want something on a vehicle that wouldn't work as they expect or would simply be too expensive or time consuming. I have to explain to those customers what can and can not be done and then come up with a "Compromise" between what they want and what can be done.
  • While your statement is very true, I have to say that this guy changed most of the things in a way pretty easy to implement. The all Apps List could be tweaked like that in no more than one hour of coding (and then a few for testing and optimization). Of course the functional changes like the widgets and interactive livetiles require way more work (and I'm not even sure how you would implement actionable tiles correctly without huge hits in performance or usability). But atleast some of the changes proposed can be achieved with a reasonable amount of work and simple changes in the XAML without even needing to touch the code behind files. And I would be more than happy if MS would atleast address these in the near future.
  • What may seem like one hour of coding for a simple app can easily turn into several days of effort on an enterprise-scale codebase. You're assuming that it's a simple XAML change but it may be more involved than that and you may have to deal with legacy code, native APIs, backward compatibility and whatnot. Yes, I know that sounds crappy but it's almost a law of nature on large codebases. If anything, I think Microsoft should have delayed the launch of W10M until they had sorted out some of the more glaring bugs.
  • While your point is valid in general, MS once claimed itself (I think it was Gabe Aul) that the new Startmenu on Desktop and Phone is indeed XAML based and thus changes can be made quick (they used this sometime last year to quickly iterate the startmenu with every new Desktop Build). If this still holds true, there really shouldn't be any API calls required to increase left margin of the list and minimize the searchfield to one button.
    But yeah, if the managed to bake in some legacy code into a newly written UI this would be another story.
  • I think the key to actionable live tiles is implementing something similar to "Force Touch". I can see it working as such. Press down hard on a tile to activate the tile into actionable mode. Then the user can swipe on the tile to flip through it. If a headline comes up that they want to dive into more they simply tap the tile.
  • That would certainly be a better use of Force Touch than what Apple did.
  • LOL Then better call Gabe Aul if you can code those things in an hour.
  • I was only referring to the subtle changes in the "All Apps" list. Increased margin, new TextBlock for the title and replace the searchbox with a button triggering searchbox visibility. These are pretty much all the changes I can see. And I'd argue most of Microsofts devs are capable of implementing these changes as they are no rocket science...
  • Not everybody....i hate all transparent...a little color tiles brightens the screen a bit. Just know how to arrange your tiles and you will see your background perfectly well.
  • Send them the code that takes one hour to do, they will be grateful.
  • Rubbish. Just a bunch of excuses.
  • I can't fly because gravity pushes me back towards Earth and I don't have the necessary thrust or aerodynamics to resist gravity. "Rubbish, just a bunch of excuses."
    There's a difference between excuses and reality. Learn it.
  • Excuses? It's called reality. To sum up, yes something may look nice but you can't get your hopes up over just some renders. Making something look good isn't nearly as important as showing how you're going to make it work. If you can't make it work with the existing restrictions involved, then what you made look pretty amounts to s**t and a waste of everybody's time. Excuses? I'm the guy everybody turns to to make sure something will work and it's my job to make it work or send it back before it goes to production so that the production and installation guys don't have a conniption fit trying to handle something that doesn't work..... Usually created by some college wiz kid straight from getting his diploma or degree and thinks he or she knows everything.
  • I like the two different directions we took to get to the same point.
  • Not to criticize anyone. There is a lot of improvement in look and functionality of w10 compared to w8.1, but is that really enough. I feel these changes are good enough to try out.
  • Very true, people don't realize that creating a design is diff from implementing it, if u call this guy up as much as we want this design for Microsoft phone OS, he cannot even write a code for implementation so they are diff things but I bliv Microsoft will polish the design in the nearest feature as consumers have crave for this
  • You do realize that his work is based on Microsoft designers' work, right?
  • Yeah, this concept is actually showing how can the polishing and refinements can be done from the current design language. No redesigning everything (except that widget) and that's a good thing. It's feasible and realistic yet showing the best they can do. Windows 10 in general needs UI and UX polish at every level. We still don't know what Microsoft Design Language really is since its a rushed design language. It feels the "design" of Windows 10 is a decision of committee and different input from Insiders and just stick everything in the wall just to please us, but still missing a point.
  • I think it's a bit like Apple's current design language. When it was introduced with iOS 7, it was criticized for being an inconsistent mess. As it has evolved, people have grown to love it. I know, Apple's marketing power makes things different, but my point is that Microsoft's new design direction is still largely unexplored, and I'm confident we'll see more consistency and polish in the future.
  • I used iOS7 at that time for my backup phone and it was polished enough except largely of its icons which some of them feels like childish or weird with some inconsistencies like the Game Center icon which is the only thing isn't flat, its got 3D bubble in it while the rest have flat design. The rest of UI are polished enough and only make more refinements and slight revisions in iOS8. As far as I remember, it was the icons that are largely criticized and ridiculed.
    The rest are largely because alot of iOS users became too comfortable on iOS6 feel and the new design is little drastic than expected and unexpectedly too monochromatic (mostly white everywhere), at the same time nothing change much in terms of UX with only few additions like Control Center and swipe gesture to go back one page. Windows currently is more like Pre-ICS Android where everything was a mess (even though they do have some sort of design language but unnamed). Not until Matias came to Google and sort the messiness of Android with Holo Design Language which to other people claimed it was inspired from Metro because of its flatness (well not really much), but that was a good thing. It means Microsoft Metro did something right that others started to get inspiration from it (or not). New Microsoft Design Language though is unfinished, maybe unexplored but its hard to say that even Microsoft themselves can't decide what to do and some aesthetic factors are bit weird. Even without talking about its aesthetic choices, the technicalities of the design in terms of polish like spacing, alignments, typography, consistencies, etc. are all over the place. It's clearly rushed and Microsoft seems lost its interest of having good design sensibilities. Its just sad that we've come from more solid and well-documented design language such as Metro/Modern and even Aero. It doesn't feel like there was a designer guiding the development at all.
  • Because this is just a mix of WP with iOS..
  • They might have designs like these in the drawing board but it's actually harder to code and implement them. Keep in mind that iOS didn't have some these features until.. what? iOS6? or iOS7? The same for Android but Android got these things a bit earlier, but those early version were extremely buggy and prone to slow downs. And Windows Mobile is basically still in the... 3rd version? Or first if you count that from WP7, they overhauled everything to make WP8 and they overhauled almost everything AGAIN to make Windows 10 mobile.
  • I'm hoping that W10 becomes all the potential that WP can be. No more starting from scratch so polish and awesomeness can shine through.
  • No.
  • ms hire him right friggin now!
  • Some nice idea, some not. NO MOAR HAMBURGER. And we don't need widgets in the Action Center. That's what the Start Screen is for. Just make notifications actionable. And WAY to much translucency. If I wanted an iPhone I'd buy one.
  • Aero glass effect was implemented in a Windows OS before iOS.
  • I'd like the option.
  • ^this
  • you do have the option
  • I definitely do not have the option. The Action Center can not be transparent in Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Agree. Live tiles with better info and interaction are ideal. I don't want candy crush reminding me to play again as a widget. I remember my time on Android as full of swiping away persistent notifications that were like widgets out of the top section of the notification shade to get to the actual ones I care about
  • You know that you configure which app is allowed to send you notifications right?
  • I agree, with live tiles who needs widgets? Its redundant and unnecessary. But everything else is stellar!
  • Eh, it's clear this is heavily based on iOS. There are some nice touches and effects, but overall I get too much of an iOS vibe when looking at the screenshots.
  • Yeah, way too much like iOS. I don't care if Windows did it first, iOS is doing it now and they have the claim.
  • This guy is obsessed with transparency. I guess everybody is now a days. :p
    Well, I think some points were very well made, like:
    *A little bigger folder name. That's all I can think of. All other points were somehow useless. Eg.
    It shouldn't be compulsory to have transparent tiles, because sometimes different colored tiles look way good. I like folder partition lines. Other apps need not blur while folder is open. Music controls were to big in the notification center, and widgets have no place while we have tiles. Then, Store buttons at bottom couldn't be consistent with the desktop version.
    Overall the given design is too iOS-ish. And dark grey color is just like from KitKat. I personally like windows 10 current design. It's quite clean and has a potential to evolve. But I'd definitely love to see updated App list and music controls in notification center.
    Regarding 'interactive' tiles, I think that giving a large tile, option to display next information on right swipe, can be a good idea. Because right swipe does nothing on Start screen. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, the polish and refinements is needed in W10M and it shows here, the issue is the aesthetic choices is too close to iOS and OS X aesthetic. Yes Windows have Aero first but its not about first, we need something that doesn't look it like it copies to one another. Well actually only the Action Center follows iOS vibe alot especially that Widget and the chrome aesthetics with translucency, the rest is pretty much a polish that W10M needs. For me Windows needs to be beautiful with the fancy translucency. Overuse of that aesthetic effects potentially makes it visually busy when not used properly. Not to mention that effect can be GPU taxing on mobile devices. We need W10M to be consistent regardless of hardware configuration, that was the beauty of WP before, even entry-level devices seems premium because the software looks and feels like from flagships. Only the raw performance makes the difference, but the experience are the same.