"Bejeweled LIVE might just be the best mobile version of Bejeweled so far."

While it's always nice to hear developers sing praises of a their new software and it's not unusual to hear them boast that their latest is their greatest, we still like the overall tone we're hearing from PopCap's Andrew Stein and his thoughts on WP7.

Like the quote in the title says, Stein seems to be quite keen on Microsof'ts latest OS, noting that "...the conversion to C# went much more smoothly than we originally expected. It allowed us to add more polish..." His statements echo those of IdentityMine, who made Twitter, IMDb and Graphic.ly.

While they have not announced any more titles for WP7, PopCap does have more projects in the works, meaning we can expect more addictive gaming from them in the future.

Source: PocketGamer.biz; via Twitter (@ckindel)

Daniel Rubino

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  • i really wish they would release the first Bejeweled as well. i really love the simplicity and 8-bit tone from the music versus the more MOD scene-like sounds of the sequel. But this is pretty much a guaranteed day one purchase for me.
  • Isn't PopCap games the company responsible for collapse? Please release Collapse asap! With xbox achievos! :)